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Family and friends shed light on past tragedy

READ MORE: Family and friends shed light on past tragedy
It has been a year since the death of 18-year-old Peyton Strickland, and for family and friends, a year hasn't been enough time to heal. Nick Kane went to high school with Strickland, and he says it's been a long year ever since he lost his friend. "It's very sad you know, not an hour goes by that you don't think about him, probably sometimes minutes, definitely not a day." To make sure his memory lives on, those who were close to Strickland gathered for a candlelight vigil on the Cape Fear Community College campus Saturday night, where he was a student. Strickland's Aunt, Amy Read says the vigil is a time to remember who Peyton was, not the way he died. "He was always on the go, and he was just a great kid." Peyton was tragically shot and killed in December 2006 after Sheriff's Deputies attempted to serve an arrest warrant for his alleged involvement in a robbery. The Deputy who shot him, Chris Long was later cleared of manslaughter charges by a grand jury, but many feel justice has not been served. Amy Read says she will never have closure after losing her nephew. She can only look for continued support from loved ones. "Knowing that the year that I just lived I didn't live it alone, all these people lived it with similar feelings, and reactions, and incidences, as I've had." With only memories to share and candles to burn, friends and family will continue to search for peace and remember the one they loved.

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Innocent victim?

It is my understanding that Strickland was going to be charged with Strong Arm Robbery which is a felony and crime of violence. The media likes to refer to it as "the theft of a video game" which makes it sound similiar to a shoplifting. That way, they can keep the public excited and create news.



I stated that it was the

I stated that it was the sheriff's dept, and we don't know if this kid was guilty or not he never had the chance to try his case in a court of law, remember " innocent until proven guilty"

The D A

Ben David dropped the ball in this case. Politically it was a catch 22 for him, does he prosecute the murder of an innocent victim, or does he side with the sheriffs dept who he works hand and hand with daily? Like any good politician he passed the buck onto the state attorney. A tragic case on all sides and a black spot on Wilmington law enforcement.

It truely is a tragic case

It truely is a tragic case for all involved and a "catch 22" because no one wins. Law enforcement over reacted to the situation, but they were not at his door by random chosing. Everyone seems forget that law enforcement did not start this problem, they were in the line of duty. They just extremely over reacted. Three people started the problem the night they chose to mug and steal. One person paid with his life. That is tragic, but something brought on by his own decisions, no one else.