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Family believes victim shot over long time dispute

READ MORE: Family believes victim shot over long time dispute
Family members say a man walked into Harry Lee Tate's house Saturday night and put a gun to his daughter's head, asking for her father. When Tate appeared, the man shot him in the chest. Juliet Tate Newton says her brother Harry Lee Tate was murdered Saturday night by a man who walked into his unlocked house. "When he turned around he was facing this guy, standing there with a gun to his daughter's head, and he pushes the child out of the way and shoots my brother in the chest,” Juliet said. Family members believe the murder started with a dispute two years ago over a mail truck Tate sold to the man they believe killed him. They say Harry and his wife saw the man at the store over the weekend, but didn't exchange words. "This is a very small community, a close-knitted community, the family is very devastated,” Juliet said. The Tate family grew up on a farm in Willard. A street is named after Harry's great-great grandfather. The family never imagined something like this would happen here. Harry's cousin Jimmy Tate is the Chair of the Pender County Board of Commissioners. He says it's taking too long for authorities to make an arrest. "We don't want this to turn into a racial war at all but we are trying to work with law enforcement officers and make sure that an arrest is made as soon as possible." Pender County sheriff's deputies have interviewed several people but are holding off making an arrest until they are certain they have the right man. Tuesday would have been Harry Tate's 59th birthday. "His children, his wife, my mom, we had already talked about what we were going to do for his birthday just last week, and he won't be here, and it's hard, it's very hard,” Juliet said. An autopsy today confirmed Tate died from a shot to the chest. We will let you know when an arrest has been made.

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How sad

This is a sad commentary on society today. Instead of solving problems and disputes by sitting down and working it out, it is much easier to pull out a weapon and take care of it. Now a family has lost a loved one and will carry this with them the rest of their lives. May God give the comfort that you will need for the coming days. The family of the man who did this will carry that burden the rest of their lives. I hope the person that did it will turn himself in and stand up and take the consequences without using excuses to justify it.

Racial War? Why is that the

Racial War? Why is that the first thing out his mouth, that's idiotic....

think about is it

think about is it that easy to take someone's life over some simple dispute unless you don't think of them as a human being............Ask yourself in what other instances has this type of behavior happened in America?

You are correct.

I can think of several instances. The four Black men that raped and killed that pregnant White female sailor in Norfolk years ago immediately comes to mind. They obviously didn't think of her as a human being. The Blacks who beat that young rabbinical student to death in Crown Heights.....the Blacks who attacked and nearly killed that trucker in Los Angeles.....the young Black men who are shooting and killing each other every single day in America.... In other words, don't think that treating your fellow man like an animal is the exclusive purview of any single race.

How about all the lynchings

How about all the lynchings and hapless hangings that blacks suffered for over 450 years? When you start to talk about BLACK crime...Don't forget to mention the inhuman treatment that is STILL darkening black-eye to our great country.


What part of "In other words, don't think that treating your fellow man like an animal is the exclusive purview of any single race" confused you? The poster to whom I responded implied that this was a case of a White man not viewing a Black man as a human being. I presented several incidents of black people being just as uncaring and just as violent. I then summarized that no race is immune ftom inhuman conduct. Try reading the entire chain of posts before you weigh in with pointless chatter.