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Family reunited with missing three-legged dog

A Scott's Hill family that has been desperately searching for its dog for weeks was reunited with her today. The Wirsen's said a neighbor saw a woman take Lulu from their front yard two weeks ago. The woman who took the dog called the Pender County sheriff's office after seeing the missing dog's picture. A detective returned Lulu to her family this evening. Lulu was not wearing a collar with identification and the woman told detectives she thought Lulu's flea collar was on too tight. The family is just happy to have part of the family back. Christine Wirsen, Lulu’s owner said, "It's awesome, we've been so worried about her and just every day my mind is just constantly thinking about her, my son's been asking about her and it's just been tough. We are definitely excited and happy and I think she's a little overwhelmed right now." Since the woman who took Lulu called detectives to turn the dog in, she will not face charges.

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For: "Great Outcome!!!"

Your "rules" are valid, however someone should NEVER just take a dog from the front of someone's home without knocking on the door and finding out who she belongs to (dogs do tend to get out of fenced in back yards once in awhile...), and never keep a dog for 2 weeks without making any attempts to return her, until they see her picture on the news!!! If the women who stole Lulu had not seen the picture on the news and was afraid she was going to be arrested she would have kept Lulu for her pet. dog, cats, any pets for that matter are like your children, they are part of your family, you don't just take them and not try to return them ASAP.

Lulu, my baby...

i am the owner of Lulu, and i just want to let everyone know to please be very careful with your pets. through this experience i have learn that what happen to my family is not uncommon. their unfortunately are a lot of people out there that will just take cats and dogs for unjustified reasons. if you are one of those people PLEASE, if you find a pet you may think is a stray do whatever you can to find the owner, knock on doors, go back to the neighborhood and look for fliers posted, call the human society and animal control, even the police department- take some measures to locate the pets owner, don't just assume it is a stray dog or cat and keep the pet as your own!


Hey there, I'm the guy at Harris Teeter you asked to hang the flyer up. I so glad you found Lulu! Very happy for you. We have 4 and can only imagine how worried you must have been!

Great outcome!!!

Nothing less than a great story here! Everybody wins and is happy. I'm sure the lady that picked Lulu up was only trying to help, otherwise she would have never returned her. Noticing how emotional Christine, Lulu's owner was on the news this morning, I know she is glad to have her pup back home. PLEASE though, I hope she and her family learn some lessons here. (1) Keep a collar with a valid ID tag, preferably a seed implant for identification through a vet. (2) Don't allow your pet to roam without supervision, a leash, or a fenced yard. That's just plain common sense and responsibility! The dog could've been hit by a car or picked up by animal control or...stolen by someone that wouldn't have given her back. It is obvious here that nobody was watching her and that is neglect. There is a leash law in New Hanover county

Lulu the Three Leged Dog

If the lady that took Lulu thought that the flee collar was on to tight, then why didn't she just unloosen it, instead of taking the dog. That would have been the simple thing to do.