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Family says human-like figure outside hospital room kept daughter alive

In Charlotte, even doctors and nurses say they have never quite seen anything like the image captured by a security camera showing a white, human-like figure outside the Presbyterian hospital room of 14-year-old Chelsea Banton. In September, her mother Colleen said she was with a relative in a waiting room coming to terms with possibly removing Chelsea from life support, when her sister summoned her to look at a bright light in the form of an angel standing outside Chelsea's room. About an hour later doctors and nurses told Colleen, Chelsea's vital signs were better than they had been since she came in for treatment for pneumonia. Colleen said she has little doubt that an angel intervened and made it possible for her daughter to remain alive to celebrate her 15th birthday this Thursday, Christmas Day.

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real reason for the season is JESUS CHRIST!

this is so amazing!! i dont know how people cant say that there is no heaven. god is god and,i believe that things happen for a reason,whose to say that this didnt happen for the fact that,maybe he wanted us to remember that he is the reason for the season! sometimes people get caught up in the worldly things and forget the REAL reason of christmas and not xmas...God himself is the main reason for the season

comes down to this

I saw more on this case and you have the following verified facts a.) multiple people reported seeing the Angel for more then a few days b.) there were three healing in that area. The pneumonia case, a fractured skull and a cancer case. C.) There was no light source in the area that could have produced that image. It couldn't have been a hallucination as it was caught on film Something odd happened and I can never prove it was an angel we still remain with an unknown source of light and we healings that defy medical science. Some dogmatic materialist will snicker but that is all they can do, they really have no counter explanation besides a highly unlikely coincidence...


Happy Birthday Chelsea!!!! In regards to lalaland, i will pray for you and your soul, so you will come to understand that GOD and angels do exist! I feel sorry for people like this, instead of bashing him, pray for him instead and hope God will intervene to keep him out of HELL. and keep believing that hell doesn't exist. I know different.

God's presence

Well, you know what, even Darwin is convinced now. This is belated but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSEA !!! Let's all pray for the non-believers.

Yes, it was one of the

Yes, it was one of the Luminous Ones, they leave no shadow only light.

That was the Hand of God

Our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ works in mysterious ways that we do not understand.People say, "When I get to heaven I want to ask God this and this!" Why, I ask? You are with him in heaven, why does it matter then? The hand of God on the wall demonstrates God's power, he sits on the throne, he is ALIVE, he is in control and I pray you know him. HE IS COMING BACK. The bible is NOT a history book, it IS THE HOLY WORD OF GOD, read, study it and you will see his glorious works in your life and I pray you come to know him as your Lord and Saviour. I was supposed to be dead in 1978 when I was 22, I am now 53. Yes, there are many things that have happended in my life that hurt and I don't understand, however, WE MUST PRAISE HIM THROUGH THE GOOD TIMES AS WELL AS THE DIFFICULT AND TRUST HIM. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSEA!!!!!!!!

This is just a God given

This is just a God given blessing! God bless you & your family. God has a purpose for your daughter & I wish you nothing but the best!


What a truly AMAZING story and sight is all I can say!!!! Happy Birthday Chelsea! You can be glad to know you truly do have a guardian angel on your side.....Loved this story!

I think this story is

I think this story is amazing. No matter what ANYONE believes in or does not believe in, the picture does show something. If you can not say something nice don't say anything at all.....

a mircale

This is so amazing! God bless her family. and May I say that it was not zeuse (Greek god, fake) or a UFO or snata. It was an angel from heaven sent by God to heal her. I hope her life is wonderful and that she never forgets this miracale. God bless her, Merry christmas to her, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :-) God bless, Lizzie

His Angels are all around

Chelsea, you must be a very special young lady with a very special plan from Heavenly Father. To have visual proof of what true Christians have believed for years is a very special event. Happy Birthday and perhaps no coincidence that you share our Saviour's birthday also :)


Happy Birthday Chelsea! God bless you & your family & never stop believing that God does work miracles!

People will believe

People will believe anything.


That image gives me chills bc I do belive in miracles.

Thats a blessing and God is

Thats a blessing and God is good all the time and always on time! Happy Birthday!

No it was.....

SANTA !! Cant you see him??? File this "story" under National Inquirer. ho ho ho

Yes you can file this story

Yes you can file this story under the National Inquirer with the title saying, "Proof that there really is a GOD!" This little girl is a miracle and God's precious child!

Angel at the Door


Maybe it was a visitor from

Maybe it was a visitor from a UFO.

angels amongst us


happy brithday

happy birthday chelsea i pray for you and same for my family apparently you are needed in this world for a far gretter purpose than i can imagine i hope and pray that you shall see many more birthdays and may god be with

Oh My Gosh!!!!

I read this and i am so happy for you and i never saw an angel before so i thought that it was awesome that there was one outside of your room and that one helped you. Also Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. God Bless you Chelsea.

Chelsea's angel

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!! You must be a very special person with a very special purpose in life. Prayers!! Lots of love and happiness, Katherine Brooks, Shelby, NC

Zeus loves us all!

That must have been Apollo, god of light and sun, medicine and healing.

as much chance

Had as much of a chance to be Apollo, Zeus, Neptune, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy...... such weak minds at work here. There is no such thing people.

to lalaland,

What color is your room in hell there buddy? You need to turn your life around before it is too late.


I feel quite sure I have higher moral rules/values than most of you sheep flogging me on here. If getting into your "afterlife" is based on life performance I will be there with bells on. There is no hell.

That's the whole point,

That's the whole point, there's only one Way to get to heaven lest any man should boast of his own good works. You can't get there from where you are - no matter how "good" you are.

What matters..

I would rather die, believing that there is a heaven and find out that there isn't, then to die believing there is no heaven and to find out that there is. What is truly amazing, I used to think like this guy. Have seen the light and I now know there is Jesus and he is the son of God. Fellows, all we have to do is pray that this week mind will, himself, someday see the light. He is a poor soul indeed! There was a light in the darkness, and the Darkness shall not EVER overcome it!

Thank you, thank you, thank

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I sat here and read several messages in which Christians were arguing in a very un-Christian manner. Arguing with someone will never win them over to your opinions with anything! My thoughts are exactly what you said, I would much rather live my life believing and die to find out there isn't anything there, than the opposite! Believing does no harm. The teachings of God and religion in general do no harm at all when they are actually followed. We are taught not to judge. If I were to say that the Bible (which is what I believe in) had one theme throughout, that theme would be one word...LOVE! Love God, love your neighbor, and then love yourself. Notice self is last. What are we trying to accomplish by arguing with people whose opinions are different than our own? Chewing them out is never going to make them think anything positive of Christians or our religion. Love, love, love! That's what God is, and that is what we should be acting on! No, we can't prove our God exists, at least not in the sense that we can prove that a ten dollar bill exists. We have our faith in our religion like they have faith in science. While I have heard several lessons on how science and religion line up, beligerantly beating someone up for their lack of faith in our God is no way to make them believe he exists! We have to love and pray for people! That is the only answer.