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Family starts petition to bring justice to drug dealer

A few months ago, a Wilmington woman lost her brother to drugs. Now, she wants the person responsible for supplying him with the illegal narcotics to pay. The family is gathering right now to sign a petition, in hopes of making it easier to convict a drug dealer of murder. Current law states that someone who sells or contributes to a drug overdose death, could face second degree murder, but assistant DA Tom Old said that's hard to do as finding proof that a certain person sold the drugs is extremely difficult. Nicholas Murray died at his apartment at The Pines of Wilmington on October 3rd. His mother got a call from one of his friends saying he had taken prescription drugs. The family believes the dealer who sold Murray the prescription drugs that lead to his death is still out there on the streets. Because Murray also may have contributed to his own death, it's hard to prosecute the dealer.

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If you want to charge

If you want to charge someone with murder for selling drugs like prescription drugs why does it stop with the one who sold it and not continue to the company who made it?

Product Liability

to all the negative posts, all Crystal is trying to do is pave the way so we can hold drug dealers civilly responsible for the product they are selling. Just like the tobacco companies and yes even the bars that serve alcohol are being sued, but the bottom line is drug dealers are the lowest piece of garbage on the face of the earth.

You are 100% wrong

Read the story. They want the dealer criminally charged with murder. The drug dealer can be held civily responsible and sued right now under existing law, just as bars and tobacco companies can be sued. Crystal wants criminal charges for homicide filed, and THAT is as nutty as charging the tobacco companies or the ABC Store with murder.

did anybody other than

did anybody other than myself catch in a previous article that his girlfriend died the same night and she was prescribed opiates-pain killers and were Also found in him after the toxocology reports were done???? I thought this was interesting personally.

Does this mean we can go

Does this mean we can go after bar owners and ABC establishments when someone is killed for drinking and driving???

"The family is gathering

"The family is gathering right now to sign a petition, in hopes of making it easier to convict a drug dealer of murder." What better place to do this than a bar that serves aclohol, of which probably more than 1/2 the people are on some type of drugs and under the influence. And most will leave that bar after signing a petition to stop drug dealers and drive after being intoxicated.


First of all don't most places that you go, to have dinner, have a bar/ alcohol menu? Capt'n Bills isn't a bar to my knowledge- why don't you check out the web sie- It's a family establishment! On that note- doesn't Chuck E. Cheese serve alcohol? Hmmm.... Why are people so cruel these days? I mean no one is personally attcking you and I think it's sad that a few of you have taken it upon yourself to attack a family that has plainly given blame where blame is due. In not one single clip (that I have seen) has it stated that his sister is blaming anyone. Nor do I think anyone is in denial. Like someone said before- he is dead, what gratification do you get out of slandering what may or may not have happend? Suicide? That was just uncalled for- don't you think? Just my opinion but don't you think certain comments are better left unsaid?

Drug sales follow the laws of supply and demand

A supply does not create a demand. The demand has to be there first. Nicholas Murray was an adult, responsible for his own actions. He said, "Please provide this product," and a seller obliged. The law may catch the seller and put him behind bars. If your case is strong enough, you can always take it to the civil courts and sue the seller... ...but the law, as it currently stands, is correct. Nicholas Murray was at least 50% responsible for his own death, perhaps even 100%. (e.g., if someone sells you four seconols but you opt to down them with a pint of Vodka, who is to blame when your lungs and heart stop functioning?) Let me offer you another perspective: If I drink a quart of Wild Turkey and die of alcohol poisoning, should the ABC Store or the salesman be prosecuted for murder?


Couldn't it just as easily be said that your brother COMMITED SUICIDE? I mean...most people with even HALF of a brain know what the end result of heavy/repeated or even a SINGLE drug use could or will be...DEATH...the drug dealer didn't commit any more of a crime than your brother that used it....BOTH ARE criminals...I know it makes you feel good inside to blame SOMEONE ELSE...but....your brother and people like him are the ONLY reason drug dealers chance getting caught and have jobs....back to your denial...

Guest7969, to your point, I

Guest7969, to your point, I would just say that her brother received his "punishment". The guy is dead. Now it's time for the drug dealer to pay the piper. Not even doctors can assist with suicide without facing the proper charges. Why on earth would a drug dealer get off any lighter?

Still a criminal act

Are you kidding me? You are just kidding right? So if I take your argument to its obvious conclusion, I can invite your 12 year old daughter over to my house and if she asks for it I can serve her Jaeger shots all night, and when she dies of a alcohol poisoning I will not be held responsible??. Are you out of your mind? Alcohol becomes an illegal drug once it is used illegally. No different than methadone, oxycontin, vicodin, Etc. Giving a prescription drug not prescribed to the person taking it is against the law. So is giving someone Heroin. So is giving liquor to a minor. (Unless prescribed by a physician) They are all offenses under the law. When is Law Enforcement going to start enforcing it?


But now you have just invited a MINOR and contributed to their delinquency....that puts this in a WHOLE new area of the ballpark. We aren't talking about alcohol here though are lets get back on TOPIC...we are talking about a DRUG USER AND A DRUG DEALER...If I take a drug not prescribed to me...that is a CHOICE I made and makes me a criminal...PERIOD...BOTH the person who purchased it and the person who sold it...that's the law.

I assume you must either be

I assume you must either be on drugs or a dealer? You are obviously the one with have half a brain otherwise why would you write something so ignorant? What did that accomplish? Back to the true meaning here- I don't view this as a blame game, maybe you have a reason to defend the "dealers" and there actions. Don't see why anyone would though? I think this is about change and not blame. Maybe everyone views this differently than I but overall I think it is time for a change in laws that hold people more accountable for their actions in general.


I'M APPALLED AT BOTH USERS AND DEALERS. If I had my way...if you are caught ONE SINGLE TIME using or selling you get thrown in prison for LIFE...if I had my way every time a person got caught DWI or DUI they would loose their vehicle for LIFE...If I had my way..I would round up the LOT OF THEM both users and dealers, bury their feet in concrete, go out out to the Mariana Trench and TOSS THEM ALL OVER BOARD! Does that show you where I stand on this? I am not in here making EXCUSES for this guys sister is. HE decided to use far as I am concerned...he committed suicide.

why is this so hard to understand???

If you take drugs you may die, if you drink to much you may die, Yada, Yada. THAT IS NOT THE POINT HERE!!!!! Simply put, if you die of an overdose in New Hanover County, your death will not be investigated. The dealer who gave you the drugs will not be charged, the dealer who injected you with the drugs will not be charged. He will get no punishment WHATSOEVER!!! SO The drug dealer who is partially responsible for a death gets away free. This does not happen in Alamance County, this does not happen anywhere else in North Carolina EXCEPT WHERE WE LIVE. SO you may ask, why are drug dealers so unafraid of New Hanover County LAw Enforcement? Because they are not prosecuted!!!! Come on People, use your heads. No one is saying the people who have drug issues are free from some culpability here. But let's have Law Enforcement make at least a half hearted attempt to find the person that sold them the bad drugs!!!


"die of an overdose in New Hanover County, your death will not be investigated." YOU SAID IT...why is the drug dealer being charged in a death for an...OVERDOSE...sure, he sold it..but that individual BOUGHT IT...and INJECTED it, swallowed it, etc...its NOT A MURDER DUDE! Why should my tax dollars be WASTED on someone who basically committed suicide? I think they would be better spent investigating things where people didn't kill themselves. Had the drug dealer held the guy down and injected him against his will...FINE the drug dealer is responsible...but in this case ONE-HUNDRED percent of the blame is on the idiot who took the drug to begin with. DON'T of today..THE MESSIAH has come, no more war, no more famine, we will all live in peace, get what we want, never have to work and never die! That is the mentality of the individuals that think a drug dealer should somehow be responsible for some guy taking a drug and dying. SURE the drug dealer deserves to die as well...and most likely his time WILL come...but it REALLY that hard to understand that BOTH parties when drugs are involved will ultimately get what they just gets it earlier than the other.