Farmers losing thousands as milk prices drop
Farmers in Henderson County fear the worst as milk prices fall. They say a drastic drop in the price of milk could force them out of business. There's a world-wide surplus of milk right now, because fewer people are buying cheese and powdered milk. One farmer said the biggest problem farmers face is the high cost of growing corn to feed their cows. He estimates some farmers are losing about 80 to 85 thousand dollars a month because of lower milk prices.

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...and mining....and drilling for oil or natural gas.....or manufacturing any product..... Supply and demand fluctuate, which is why prices fluctuate. If these guys want a guaranteed income I'd suggest they find a lucrative career in which they can sign employment contracts, or go see a military recruiter. (This is simply the sad speech before their hands go out to the government and we hear, "Brother can you spare a dime.")
The reason less people are buying milk is because of the high prices. I missed the article from a few months ago entitled, "Consumers losing hundereds on high prices of milk." Its called supply and demand.