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Fatal motorcycle accident near Cape Fear Community College

A Cape Fear Community College student is dead after being involved in an accident on his motorcycle this afternoon. It happened at Front Street and Hanover Street, right near Cape Fear Community College’s downtown campus. Witnesses say the motorcyclist was speeding through the intersection. There is no word on the condition of the driver of the SUV the bike collided with.

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With a Broken Heart

I am SPC Christopher Austin Belk's Mother. It was an honor to be his Mother for almost nineteen years. He was becoming a fine young man that would make any parent proud. Although my heart is broken, I know this was an accident with more than one contributing factor. Christopher's Memorial website is located at His family and friends welcome any comforting words, stories or memories from all who choose to share. It is my prayer that we all understand there were two victims in this tragic accident and that we keep the families of both in our thoughts and prayers. The pain I feel today will never overpower the priveledge of being his Mother. I will cherish each and every memory along with the sweet look of laughter on my Son's face... forever. Until I can hold you once more, I know you are wrapped in the arms of our Lord. With gratitude, The proud Mother of a Fine Son, Brother, Friend and True American Patriot

How about this.. why dont

How about this.. why dont yall all shut up and stop debating all of it, none of yall even know what happened you were on the bike so shut up. Only God and Chris knows what happened and Gods in control not you and you no right to even say what you "think" happened why..or anything else. How about this stop thinkin about the accident stop thinkin about yourself and stop think about the whos at fault. How about PRAY for the families that were in the accident and pray for strength and peace for them. Put yourself in their shoes what if it was your son, friend, brother, nefew, boyfriend. Just as if you were in the SUV, thinka bout how they feel..Anger? Guilt? shocked? Hurt? what..i haveno idea just pray for them all. There is power in prayer. This world today doesnt believe in that, a very small portion.

Guesty, I can't believe I am

Guesty, I can't believe I am getting involved in this debate. We all know driving too fast can result in fatal accidents. We all know that drivers don't always see other drivers (on motorcycles or in cars). Evidently you haven't read all of the comments because several have referred to the speed of the motorcycle. The article in the paper does not quote any law enforcement officer stating the speed in which the motorcycle was traveling. Nor does it state the driver of the SUV was at fault. Yes,speed was probably a factor. WE should all drive the speed limit. It is posted for a reason. We should all watch more closely when we are driving near "blind spots". The accident was just that...a terrible accident. One life was lost. Another life will always be filled with the memory of that day. Nobody plannned it. It just happened. If saying "drive the speed limit" is all it will take to end vehicle accidents, here it goes..."Drive the posted limits on the speed limits signs". To the family and friends of Chris, we are sorry for your loss and pain. To the driver and his family...we are sorry you were a part of a tragic accident. Now let's not discuss speed vs the SUV anymore. Let's begin the process of healing. If it helps one to heal by discussing fond memories and posting them on this site...type away!

one sided page

This is such a one sided page. If your post has anything to do witht the speed he was going, WWAY won't post it. If you want to speak of how wonderful he was, no problem. How about both sides WWAY?? How about letting others know that speed kills?

we love and miss you chris.

we love and miss you chris. We all know you are in a better pleace. Sorry this had to happen to you. you were such a great friend to everyone. The funeral could not have been better yesterday... we are thinking and praying for your family and your wonderful girlfriend lara. we will take good care of her. And to the rude ppl saying he shouldnt have been speeding... i have not been to where the wreck was but i am sure it was just a freak wreck on both parties.... JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!!! when it comes to blaming ppl. it is not going to bring our GREAT FRIEND back. let the cops and all of them make the judgment... dont put your opinion in it... its not needed at this time WE LOVE YOU C.BELK!

It has been five days since

It has been five days since the accident. We have seen the tears of sadness in our daughter's eyes and then watched as they fell down her cheeks. We have heard the sound of sorrow in her voice as she speaks. We have also heard laughter as she shares stories about the times she spent with a friend. When a loved one passes rely on the good memories to get you through. To his family, Lara, friends, and his "rommies", Chris will keep you laughing when you remember the fun you had. (To his messy roomie, Always remember, he liked things clean. He washed dishes, took out the trash, and vacuumed YOUR floor...keep up the work he started.)

To All Involved: I will

To All Involved: I will never forget my walk to class that day. It sucks when reality checks itself in this way. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and suffering of both victims in this accident. Chris, and the X-Terra driver. I don't know either of them personally but I dot know the situation. I have been in it before, and it is the last place that anyone wants to be. My thoughts, love and prayers go out to the friends and family of both victims. Though it my not seem like it now, The Lord always shines a light at the end of any tunnel.Though, Chris will never be forgotten delaing with this tragedy will get easier for some and harder for others. But what is important is that all of us as a community, including strangers, friends, and family, keep this tragedy in our thoughts and prayers. No one should die in vein. God bless both families, I wish you the warmest, and will continue to keep you in my own thoughts and prayers. God Bless, I'm truly sorry for your losses and suffering...

Who cares how fast he was

Who cares how fast he was going? Nothing is going to bring Chris back no matter who or what we put the blame on. I cannot believe that people would be so inconsiderate to blame it on Chris and his speed...Chris was a wonderful boy one of my closest friends and didn't deserve to die whether he was speeding or not.

Christopher was the brother

Christopher was the brother of my 2 best friends. I knew him as a friend, a soilder, and my friends brother. He was loved by everyone who met him and was kind and gracious to everyone. The shock of his death is overwhelming and is tragic. He will be missed by all and his family and friends are in my prayers forever! ~Kristen C.~ Christopher Autin Belk R.I.P.

Dear Hiatts and Belks, Naomi

Dear Hiatts and Belks, Naomi and I (Emma) are bestfriends of one of the sisters of this greatly loved man. These two families loved him so much along with his friends! I barely know him at all, but I do know that he was a great brother to all of his siblings and they did and will always love him, just like them to him. He will be greatly missed just like how he is greatly loved. God is watching over the family and friends of Christopher Austin Belk. Just remember family, that Christopher is never too far away, he is always with you in your heart and watching over you with God by his side. R.I.P. Chris Belk. We love you!! -Emma and Naomi

Im sorry but i think it is

Im sorry but i think it is really disrespectful and rude how people are commenting this page. If you know Chris Belk, reading these comments are very hurtful. If you werent holding a radar gun, dont say how fast he was going, and if you werent there then there is no need to assume what happend. I would like to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the Belk Family and friends.GOD BLESS

Chris Belk

I only know Chris through my son, I have met him on numerous occsions for the past 2 years. He lives in the same complex with my son and was at his apt. as though he lived there too. So was his sister. And just a few weeks ago, my other sons and I went to visit our UNCW brother and I couldn't find a parking place and Chris came out and said, " Here, Mrs...., I'll move my bike and you can park in my space". He always came up and hugged me whenever I visited. Also the last visit, just about 3 weeks ago, he had his little brother visiting for about a week. And the 2 of them were hanging out at my son's Apt. then too. I thought to myself, "What a trustworthy young man Chris must be for his parents to let his little brother come and stay for that long in a college environment". I've met his sister Lauren many times as well, and they both have been dear friends to my son and my son's roommate who is also like a son to me, we've known him since Kindegarten. My son lost his father 15 yrs. ago and a cousin 3 yrs. ago. and I worry how he will deal with yet another death of a loved one. My son had called his other siblings and told them about Chris' death, but he didn't let them tell me 'till he got home today on his way to Charlotte to be with Chris' sister Lauren. I had been worried about my son all week and had just decided that I would email, text and call him several times a day. Today was the first day he responded. Even though I thought something was wrong, I would have never guessed this. I guess he knew I would drive down there had I known. Please don't say stupid, hurtful things about Chris' driving or the young man who hit him. These kids have families who are hurting, judging and trying to second guess what happened won't bring Chris back. We should all concentrate on prayers for CHris' family, he has siblings, parents and extended family who are walking into a changed life. THeir lives will never be the same. The funeral is the easy part. EVERYBODY is there... the hardest part is ahead of them. All of my boys had met Chris, I have 5, and they all thought the world of him. Please just pray for his poor family, that the tender mercies of the Lord will be there for them as they walk through this difficult time ahead. I am deeply, deeply saddened about the entire situation and very concerned for my son and his 2 roommates as well. Pleassae just pray for all those that will be affected by this rippling affect of Chris' death, especially his family. May God's loving, tender mercies be with them.

you should not b saying stuff about whos fault it is

Rlly guys my frann is his lil sis no one cares whos fault it is it is just that we help the family 4 the loss and that he is a great guy and very very popular and is a great friend

This is horrible.

Let me start by saying that my heart goes out to the parents, of the young man that was riding the motorcycle. This article doesn't give enough information for anyone to make an accusation on who's fault it was. Witnesses say they heard the motorcycle go from first gear to third gear then wind the bike out to the rev limit, on a GSXr 750 that's about 90mph. The motorcycle accelerated across the bridge up to a crest in the road. He couldn't see what was on the other side, neither could the driver of the SUV. From the crest of the hill to where the crash occured, there would be a split second for either driver to react. The bike shouldn't of been doing 90mph in a 25mph, especially accelerating to the crest of a hill, but everyone has sped before. I feel horrible for the family of the young man driving the bike. The driver of the suv is a good friend of mine, and he is torn up about this, so please don't leave comments giving blame to either parties.

I hate that this happened,

I hate that this happened, but we all need to be more cautious in our everyday driving. Too many lives are lost due to people not paying close enough attention.


i didn't know Chris personally but i know his sister. She and Chris are still in all of my thoughts and prayers. B. if you are reading this please know that we will try and win the game on Saturday for you, your brother, and your family. - Maggie <33333333333333333333

God, I just want to thank

God, I just want to thank you for being the God that you are. You are truly soverign and are completley in control at all times. Even though I and many others don't know why this happened I pray that this loss would bring you glory and praise. I know that this is not out of your comprehension but that you know why this happened and that you work in all things to bring you glory and praise. It is not for us as creation to question the You, the creator. I just want to pray for the family of Chris and pray that they would seek peace in You alone God. That they would know that peace does not come from this world but from You. I pray that eyes would be opened to the fact that this world is not our home! We are here for a short time. God, I pray that You would not let this loss become this family's identity but that You would strengthen them and grow them through this. That their identity would be found in Christ. Please forgive me for the poor example of Christ that I was while in school with Chris. I truly hope that he put his faith in Christ. Thank you for this day and the opportunity to live for you. It's in the name of Jesus Christ that I pray, Amen.

You got it my child...

You got it my child...


I didn't know Chris personally. I knew him from seeing him at school and riding. I witnessed the accident and helped the cops with understanding what happened and to anyone that has anything to say about how kids riding motorcycles are always trying to go fast is just crazy. Also saying that just because you may have seen someone riding like a lunatic doesn't mean that he was that way. YES he was going fast and this happened. But in his defense I have a car that can pick up speeds just like his bike can and that could have easily been me and not him. and then what would you say, that all college kids drive dumb? Instead of saying crap about people just keep it at we are sorry that this happened and hope that Chris's family is hanging in there.


I live on highway 211. There is a stretch of straight road, then a blind curve that goes through a intersection. At least 3 times a week motorcycles come by my house flying, and I do mean flying. That nobody has hit them is a miracle, or maybe its all the praying I do for the person on the bike because sooner or later it's going to be tragic. Slow down, there's no need to rush to the cemetary. My brother made that trip when he was only 24. You never get over it. My heart felt prayers goes out to everyone involved.

Chris Belk

God Bless the family and friends of Chris Belk and help them through this tragedy, we will be praying for you. We are sorry for your loss.

Here's an idea

We all need to be more conscious of other drivers - motorcycle, car, truck, whatever. You get the respect you give - it goes both ways. Motorcycles are hard to see and extremely vulnerable. They need to have a strobe light on front and back. It may not be as cool, but it will improve safety dramatically. It's going to be law sooner or later so set a precedent and do it now. We'll have nothing but respect for your conscious effort to help us see you better. And we all need to slow down and be more considerate of other people. That old lady is probably somebody's grandmother - treat her as you would your own. We're in the South people - DRIVE WITH MANNERS! By the way, to say there are as many bikes out there as cars is just ignorant.

Good Guy Gone

Instead of arguing about who is at fault in this instance, we need to sit back and realize that a good guy lost his life yesterday. At this point it doesn't matter who's fault it was, because it is not going to bring a great guy back. He was young and didn't deserve to die, but arguing about how fast motorcycles drive is not going to solve the situation at hand. No matter who's fault it was, life has been changed for many people. Please pray for Chris's family and friends as this is a hard time for everyone. Also be with the driver of the other car, as no matter if it was his fault or not, he has to live with what happened. So quit blaming people and just let it be.. A great guy is gone. RIP Chris Belk You will be missed.

No matter what happen. Chris

No matter what happen. Chris is in a better place. and theres not anything anyone can do to change what happen. But just know that chris belk was a great guy! He will be truly missed,and so many people loved him.


I pray that God will welcome the young man into his kingdom and that he will be free from all hurt and pain, We do not know why things happen or when all we can do is pray i can't blame anyone even if i was there cause judging is not up to us, I pray for the family who have lost a terrific young man and i hope that they find peace after all this is done as well as justice. GodBless You. (I know what hurt feels like my brother shot himself at 19 years old,)

Horrible Accident

I was outside when this accident happended and then walked over to the corner in front of the accident, I think instead of all of us trying to find a blame and trying to say all these things about motorcycles and how people drive just pray for the family and friends of this poor young man that has lost his life. Also pray for the poor boy that he ran into because whether or not it was "his fault or not" he is going to have to live with this the rest of his life.

Motorcycle Crash

I ride a motorcycle but not in Wilmington, however before I started driving I rode with my husband and a car pulled out in front of us and I went over on top of my husband. I do not know nor does a lot of people know you are making bad comments about motorcycles know the circumstances of this crash unless they were there. So let us keep negative thoughts out when such a tragedy happens let's just remember the family and let them grieve in PEACE.

Be careful

Another life gone forever because someone didn't take the time to watch what he/she was doing! We as drivers need to be more diligent when we are driving, especially when it involves motorcycles. In my own experience, I have noticed that the speed of a motorcyle can be deceiving when they are coming at you. Motorcyclists need to be careful when they drive also. I have seen them weaving in and out of traffic and going faster than they should. I live in Brunswick County and just this week, a motorcyclist passed me on a blind curve, swerved in front of me, and then ran the stop sign at the end of my road. His actions could have resulted in tragedy, since the road we were on is very dangerous to begin with. We all need to share the road and just use pure common sense and drive sensibly! To the family of the young man, my heart goes out to you. You have sustained a loss that will change your lives forever. The person that hit him has changed his/her life forever also and must deal with this tragedy. God bless all of you!

Christopher was so proud of

Christopher was so proud of his new bike, please be careful all of you out there that drive a bike and those who don't should have an extra eye looking out! He was a beloved brother, son, friend, and courageous soldier set to be deployed in december. He will forever be remembered and loved dearly. xoxo I love you christopher austin belk!<3