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FCC holds town hall meeting to discuss the DTV switch

This Saturday, we'll be 100 days out from the digital switch in the Wilmington area. Tuesday, members of the FCC held a town hall meeting in the Port City to further explain what the switch means and answer questions. FCC chairman Kevin Martin was among the speakers. Presenters explained the consumer education plan for our market's five counties, the converter box coupon program and discussed hurricane season and public safety. Martin said the key right now is education. "We're trying to participate at every kind of community event -- booths, fairs, festivals, everything that's going on. We're also going to be having television and radio PSA's that we'll begin running and we're also going to be participating with town hall meetings throughout all the counties that are affected so we're just beginning that process. We're going to be here all summer trying to make sure everyone understands what's coming up." Several people asked questions about what will happen during severe weather. Speakers encouraged people to buy digital battery-operated televisions and discussed contingencies.

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Big Switch

The politicians in Washington must think people in Wilmington are complete idiots and they would be right. Six long months we have been bombarded with information about the switch and days away people still haven't figured it out. If you use rabbit ears, you know those funny looking things that hmm look like rabbit ears on top of your tv or an outside antenna then you and ONLY you need a digital box if you have a standard tv. If you have an HDTV plasma or LCD tv that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars don't worry your covered. This new fangled high tech device hooks up just like a cable box or vcr. Attach the antenna to the box, attach the box to the tv, turn it on and setup the device. If channels don't work move the antenna or better yet go buy a newer better powered antenna. What is so hard about that?

I miss my channel 3 news because of digital tv

I have recently hooked up my new digital tv box and I can not get channel 3. I usually watch channel 3 for my news because they include all counties not just talk about wilmington all the time. With the digital box I can not get channel 3. The box says there is no signal for channel 3 abc. Channel 3 is loosing a viewer because of digital tv. If digital tv is going to be like cable 15 days out of the month it doesnt work I am not going to be a happy person. I am going to unhook it and use my antena anyway and see if it will still work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess this will put Grandma

Guess this will put Grandma and Grandpa that live way out in the country "TV-less" for watching the news and farmers produce reports...not to say this will put the rabbit ear business/companies out in the cold. Not everyone wants or has cable hook-up. Maybe WWAY should touch on these areas (if they can afford the gas to get there) and see how the residents in these effected areas of our nations heartlands feel :-)

At some point...

Technology must move on. I'll bet the next comment will be about fixed incomes..... I am buying Grandma a new set so she won't have to worry about it. So now I get to hear that some can't afford it for their Grandma.... It could go on and on and back to my point.. technology must move on. It may not work out for the best for some but for the larger need it will.

Question on change over

I have just basic cable - no box - just plain ole basic cable. Do I or don't I need a converter box?

No, you don't need a

No, you don't need a converter box.