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Federal government approves illegal immigrant crackdown

Federal officials today announced a new crackdown on illegal immigrants. The double-barreled effort includes hitting companies harder in their bottom line when they hire illegals. And it means bringing border security into the 21st century. The fight against illegal immigration is going hi-tech. It's a 28-mile "virtual fence" that will utilize radar and surveillance cameras along the country's south west border. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff said, "We have made a commitment to the American people to get the job done and we're going to live up to that commitment. Chertoff, along with Attorney General Michael Mukasey, announced final approval of the fence this morning. The system includes unmanned surveillance towers, equipped with cameras powerful enough to tell whether people are carrying backpacks that may contain weapons or drugs. Mukasey said, "We are trying to raise the costs of coming here illegally, especially for those who come here illegally to commit additional crimes." Chertoff said the fence is already working. On February 13 an officer in Tucson notified federal agents after spotting a group of about 100 people gathered at the border. Soon after the border patrol caught 38 of the 100 people who tried to cross illegally. The others went back into Mexico. Chertoff said, "I have spoken directly to the border patrol agents who are involved in operating that system over the last few months and who have seen it produce actual results." The project hasn't been without controversy. The government paid Boeing $15 million before determining that there were glitches in the test project. And there have been complaints from individual landowners. Chertoff said, "For an individual land owner to say, 'I don't care. I just want to make sure my view of the river is unobstructed,' is not an acceptable answer." As part of the fight against illegal immigration, the government will raise, by 25 percent, fines against employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

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Illegals in NC

There is no fence around our state, so I hope the US fence with all its technology will stem the tide. Undocumented, non-citizens should not be a part of our population, unless there is some legal or security benefit I do not see. The cost of schools, health care, welfare, and law enforcement for illegal residents is finally hitting home, or I should say the wallet. These "services" should be DENIED illegal residents. That should be the FIRST stop for state enforcement against illegals.These government agencies are equipped to do background checks, and are being paid to do just that. Cut the outrageous hand outs first. Putting all the burden on employers, especially those who do not the actual status of their employees is a cope out for government agencies.