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Federal stimulus brings internet, HD cable to southern Columbus


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Federal stimulus money will help bring high-speed internet to an underserved part of our area. ATMC is getting a $16 million grant and loan for an all fiber network for about 4,000 homes and businesses in southern Columbus County.

The money will help ATMC provide the area with broadband internet as well as phone and high definition cable TV service. The area includes the communities of Nakina, Old Dock, Guideway, Pireway, Crusoe, Bug Hill, Antioch, Dothan and Sandy Plain.

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The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

was intended to create new jobs and stimulate the economy.

How many jobs are being created from the $16,000,000 grant?

How is this stimulating the economy?

Once service infrastructure is installed, what then? No long term economic stimulus.

So who squired this grant through to completion? Kay Hagan? Blue Dog Mike? Both?

What campaign donations have been made or promised by ATMC?

This will stimulate the economy about as much as:

$144,541 awarded Wake Forest University to study the impact of cocaine use on chimpanzees.

$284,958 awarded Wake Forest University to study yoga & its ability to control "hot flashes".

$498,176 awarded Duke University to study improved security for social networks such as Facebook.

$253,133 awarded the N C State Insect Museum for new storage and computer hardware. FYI, the museum reported 44 visitors during 2009.

$50,000 awarded to the N C Dance Theatre to develop a You Tube presence.

$266,505 awarded to Wake Forest University to develop and provide science education workshops for journalists. WWAY, have you had any participation in these workshops? How about the Star News?

The above are just the tip of the iceberg and were all funded with dollars from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. What a joke.

Why does everyone jump up and down and think these stimulus dollars are a cure all? They are not being awarded to achieve the specific goals intended -- job creation & economic stimulation.

When the Act passed, I envisioned new buildings and roads with the accompanying job creation in the thousands. I envisioned building supply manufacturers cranking up their factories with employees retruning to work. And all those employees spending their pay in their communities for groceries, clothing, and other necessities with a continuing economic stimulation.

Not happening the way these dollars are being awarded.

And remember, the money being doled out is borrowed. The US owes countries such as China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia hundreds of billions of dollars.

It's your children and mine as well as our grandchildren who will be repaying this travesty long after the sun sets in Surf City.

Ask the tough questions when Blue Dog Mike appears. Ask Kay Hagan & Bev how these projects are benefitting NC for the long term.

If changes are not made, and soon, the United States will be a beggar nation on the brink of financial ruin and default on the debt. What then, will the Saudis haul off the Statue of Liberty or the original copy of the Constitution when they don't get paid?

The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

had the dual purposes of creating jobs and stimulating the economy.

How does this project accomplish either goal?

Remember the $864,000,000 initially used to fund this Federal monster was borrowed. Our children and grandchildren will still be paying it back 20 years from now.

To whom do we look for this funding request?

Did Kay hagan promote it?

Did Blue Dog Mike promote it?

How much did either receive in campaign contributions from ATMC?

Grant money

A large portion of the grant money is indeed a waste. The grant to ATMC I feel is actually a good one. It will help Columbus County citizens, businesses, and even schools. It also makes it possible for a local company ATMC to grow and better serve all of us who use their services.
If you are curious about campaign money it is easy to check on several websites. Before someone ask --- no I nor does any member of my familly work for ATMC --- and I will not be voting for McIntyre.


please re-read my post. No where did I say this was a bad program. It certainly has more positive attributes than funding research to determine the impact of cocaine on chimpanzees or to upgrade the NC State Insect Museum.

My whole point is the grant does not achieve the 2 goals set forth for the Act.

It does not create long term jobs.

It does not stimulate the economy for the long term.

It's a short term program which will not create long term jobs or economic activity.

And its funded with money borrowed by the Feds from the Saudis, Chinese, or Japanese.

What happens when those bills come due and can not be paid? Do we wave good bye to the Statue of Liberty when they foreclose?

Follow Up

we now have a Federal jobs report confirming a net loss of 171,000 jobs in July.

All the borrowing. All the spending. Yet neither goal of the ACT -- to create long term jobs and stimulate the economy -- are being achieved.

When will people wake up and realize these "stimulus payments" are achieving nothing for the long term except massive debt which will have to be repaid.

Does this differ that much from taking your child to the fair? Your child sees a shiny bauble or cheap trinket which they buy with their allowance. Three days later it's broken. No allowance; no trinket.

The answer is Yes.

Your child is not saddled with debt from spending his allowance on some cheap trinket at the fair. He or she just has to wait for their next allowance before they can stimulate the economy.

Your child and his child are saddled with debt for years to come as a result of the frivilous government borrowing and spending. And that's topped by the billions which the State owes and must start making interest payments on this fisccal year.

If you can'nt see the difference; if you can not catch on to the financial armaggedon facing our State and Country, then keep voting for the current administrations. You'll be using a wheel barrow to carry enough money to the store to buy a loaf of bread. And that was the state of Germany just prior to the rise of Nazism. Rampant inflation; rampant unemployment. We've got the unemployment; inflation may be just around the corner. History has been known to repeat itself.

Fiscal responsibility is needed at the state and Federal levels; and it's needed now.

When the Governor speaks of job growth, remember the numbers she refers to have been state jobs created. We have a net drop in private sector jobs in the state and the country. Private sector jobs are the ones needed to stimulate the economy. But our President & Governor seem more focused on passing out trinkets and taking trips at the taxpayers' expense.