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Federal stimulus money helps add to WPD staff

There was some good news Tuesday for the Wilmington Police Department. The WPD is getting 2 million dollars in federal stimulus money to hire more officers. Chief Ralph Evangelous and Mayor Bill Saffo held a joint news conference Tuesday at City Hall. With the grant money, Wilmington PD will be hiring 13 additional officers. This will put the department at full staff for the first time since last summer. “These positions will replace the positions that we lost due to the economic downturn during this last budget cycle,” said Chief Evangelous. “It will also allow us to replace some positions that we have for long term military status.” Chief Evangelous said his department did not layoff anyone during the economic crunch; several officers were simply not replaced. WPD should be back at full staff sometime early next year. With today's announcement, the City of Wilmington has received five million dollars worth of stimulus money from the federal government.

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What happens later

So what happens in three years when the grant money expires. We the city have to raise taxes to generate the addional money needed to retain the positions?

After 3 years

Hopefully all this "stimulizing" will turn the economy around and by then things will be getting back to normal. The 13 officers that the money is funding will bring the WPD back to full strength for the first time since summer 2008. All positions are calculated in the budget - even ones that are currently vacant - until this year, when any vacant, non-essential positions in the city were eliminated in budget cuts. In other words, we taxpayers had always been paying for them.

Stimulus for now police officers

So the city is getting $2,000,000 to hire 13 new police officers. That might be enough money to pay their salaries for 3 years. Who is going to foot the bill when the 2 million is spent?

Chief Evangelous

What exactly does "long term military status" mean? Why would our police chief be referencing anything to do with "military"?? Just one of too many to list concerns as an everyday citizen seeing a police state coming soon to a town like ours.

long term military status

It could refer to officers who were in the Reserves but have since been recalled to Active Duty. Their jobs are protected while they are serving in the war.

military status

The term Military status refers to the men and women called to serve our country in the military. Many in law enforcement have a military background and because of that the government has called them to come serve, they have no real choice. The departments become short handed because they are entitled to get their jobs back when they return. You might want to go one size up on that tin foil hat youre wearing, seems to be tight.


I think he was refering to WPD Officers that have been called back into the military.

Let me fill you in on long military status

Long military status means that some of the brave men and women on the WPD are actually also military reservists and have gone to fight for our country. WPD won't replace them because they are guaranteed to have their job when they return from war.

officers on deployment

It means some officers that are members of the NC guard or other reserve status are away on active duty deployment.

long term military status

It sounds like he is talking about the numerous vacancies created by officers that are in the military reserve and have been called up to active duty.