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Feds plan meeting on rash of pelican killings


NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, NC (AP) -- A federal agency is investigating the killings of dozens of pelicans along the North Carolina coast.

Stacy Shelton, a spokeswoman for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, says the agency began its investigation last year, after a similar but smaller rash of pelican deaths.

Since November, volunteers and investigators have found about 150 deliberately killed birds, mostly in North Topsail Beach. The recent deaths have prompted the agency to renew its investigation.

Shelton says the wildlife service will hold a meeting with other agencies investigating the killings in early January.

Birds have been slashed, bludgeoned and even shot. Harming the animals is a violation of state and federal law.

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pelican killings

We were in TopSail N Carolina for first time vacationing and the
highlight of my trip besides the beautiful beaches were seeing these
amazingly beautiful and graceful birds fly in their small family
formations. Gorgeous creatures. God protect them.

They're closing in.... sick bas***ds.

I believe the fine is $500 per bird, but can be increased due to certain circumstances. In 2009 Exxon Mobil paid nearly $7000 per bird for negligently allowing bird to die by not screening off waste-water pits at natural gas wells. A man who was trying to kill coyotes but negligently poisoned three hawks and three turkey vultures in Kentucky was fined $5000.

Here's hoping that they find the people responsible for murdering these pelicans and fine them to the point of being totally destitute. A few years in prison would be in order as well.

There is absolutely NO justification for this behavior - NONE!

killing of beautiful pelicans

We were vacationing for the first time in TopSail and stayed of course in beACH house. It was beautiful but the most remarkable part of the
vacation was being astounded by these beautiful and graceful birds that
often flew right above us in group formation of course. I couldnot
get over their grace and uniqueness as they flew. My daughter told me
they were Pelicans as I gasped every time I saw them because of their
majesty. The penalties for killing animals should be the same for people; I'm sorry. If you are sick enuf to kill and torture animals
punishment should be swift and as severe as the cruelty these people
doll out so indiscriminately.

Finally taken seriously!

Glad to hear that the Feds are taking this seriously. The psychopath(s) brutalizing these poor animals needs to be prosecuted and locked up.


This is so disturbing. What kind of cruel person(s)are hurting these magnificent birds ? They are so graceful in flight. We had at least one that would come to our boat when we would be loading bait on the Easy Does It in Southport, N.C. years ago looking for a freebie and it was so gentle, like the one(s) that visit Kure Beach in the summer. They can be pesky at times, yes, but they do not desereve to be slaughtered ! This is my $.02 worth plus interest.