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Festival Latino expected to draw hundreds

Hundreds are expected to gather at Hugh MacRae Park Saturday for the ninth annual Festival Latino. Right now organizers are setting up for the event that promises to expose Wilmington to some Latin flavor. The festival is a time to bring all cultures together, not just Latino. And it's all for the sake of having a little fun. The Latino population is one of the fastest growing populations in the south east. The mission of the festival this weekend is to bridge a gap between cultures by giving people a day to learn a little about each other. It celebrates people of all backgrounds and all colors, all under one title: Latino. "You want to say Latino because Latino encompasses everybody from latin america, not necessarily the language." The event is sponsored by Amigos International, a local outreach organization for the Latin community, and it's grown considerably since being introduced in Wilmington years ago. Event director Lucy Vasquez said, "I think it means a sense of belonging a sense of acceptance, and I think that's what happened when we first started festival Latino in 1998, it broke down a lot of barriers, I think it gave them that sense they like us, we belong, it's great." There's something for everyone at the festival...including great food, music, and dancing. Festival goers can pick up on a little bit off culture and a lot of fun. "I'm just expecting a really good time, great weather, and have people here enjoying a different, very different culture." The festival begins at 11 a.m. Saturday and will last till 6 p.m. at Hugh MacRae Park in Wilmington.

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Yes its true many people

Yes its true many people are illegal but white people need to understand there ARE childen teens adults that have gone through racism there whole lives and its not fair!!! im only 14 annd ive been called many many racist names. truthfully whites need to back off they have no idea what we go through on a day to day basis. JUST B/C WERE HISPANIC/LATINO DOES NOT MEAN WERE ILLEGAL!!! stupid white people are so conceded selfish and racist

This sounds more like a

This sounds more like a racial issue? Why do you assume that all Hispanics are illegal? I would also like to know why people look down on us. We aren't the only people that come here illegally. Asians come here illegally and people from the U.S. came from other countries also. The only people who are right to be here are Native Americans. America is a country of immigrants. Blacks, whites, Hispanics and Asians all came from other countries. Americans are spoiled. We're so used to getting everything that when some poor, hard workers come along, they get jealous.

I don't understand

Coming from a family with the mixture of white/latin. I dont' understand the selfish nonunderstanding people who live in the united states. No, it is very true that many of them here are illegal & some do abuse the system and things here offerd in the united states, but let me make it clear that NOT all are like that. But yet they are all put in the same boat, and are all pointed out for the same thing. It's not only hispanics who drink, drive, no insurance, no medical coverage, and abuse the system.. Look at the americans who do the same thing. It's not a matter of them being hispanic as, it's the matter that people look on them because they were not born here and tax payers feel like they support them. This is also very misunderstood you pay your money on more than just a imigrant, but it's never a subject shouted out, unlike RACIAL issues. Last but not least let me say that if half of the american people would be family people and would do the work that us AMERICAN people have these hispanics doing then we would be better people. You would never see a american person doing what a hispanice does. And let me not forget, when a american person has that hispanic working do you honestly think they don't know that they are ILLEGAL and have no ss#? but any amount of money you can stick in your pocket ILLEGALLY is better on you. So you tell me why hispanics are looked down on so hard?

VERY TRUE! I see the

VERY TRUE! I see the AMERICAN SIDE not working and living for free.

One word:


Unfortunately there are some people who will always hate things they don't understand or are different from them. Many people were raised to hate. If you put toddlers of various races in a room with a bunch of toys, they will all play together regardless of what color the other child's skin is.

You are right that there are bad apples on both sides of the fence.

"If you put toddlers of

"If you put toddlers of various races in a room with a bunch of toys, they will all play together regardless of what color the other child's skin is."

too bad it's not the same with their parents.

Sounds like a lot of fun

Looking forward to the music food. Can everbody go? I mean, will the law be a problem around the park? I've got several family members that are new here and we would all like to go.

Latino Festival

Thank you for having this festival and opening it to ALL to attend! My son and I are not Latino however I am raising him to be open to many different cultures, and we will be honored to be at your festival!

Why are we asking?

Why are they concerned? Illegal or general law breakers. Normal law abiding citizens are not afraid of the law. Thats Me!

why are they concerened

BECAUSE 99.9 percent of you are illegal. You can say your law abiding but I ask how many names do you have? Do you pay taxes? How many children do you claim? Go back where you came from. We don't go to Mexico and take all you benifits away. We don't screw with your system like you people do here. We just have some STUPID people that work in places they should not here and you all get away with it. Two words GO HOME!

Are you native american? If

Are you native american? If not then look in the mirror. White is not priveledged right.
Irish girl by heritage and grateful to be here.

um... I'm El Salvadorian and

um... I'm El Salvadorian and i don't think u understand the point of comments u say something to be nice or sow your opinion NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE and to tell u the truth white people make me mad saying ALL people that are not white need to go back where they came from and i really don't appreciate how your small brain works and i was born here but my father wasn't but my family has gone through so much that most white people would never have to go through because your all so privileged and probably don't have to work hard and yes I'm not Mexican but I'm pretty close and saying go home is so offensive and u know whites weren't the first on this land it was African Americans now i hope u realize that when u offend someone it hurts..... and I'm only 14 and i feel that way it partially b/c of u people and how RACIST you are

The first americans.... are you serious....

Hmm... actually the first Americans were neither Europeans nor Africans. I believe, wait I know that Native Americans (people indigenous to America) were the first Americans. To me it is very sad that our tax dollars go to public schools and the children there cannot even learn which race is native to this land. A 14 year old kid, wait a 6 year old kid should know that Native American were living in American thousands of years before Europeans and Africans came to America.

Illegal immigrants have NO

Illegal immigrants have NO rights in the United States of America . It is NOT our job to feed, clothe, educate, provide medical care. They abuse the welfare system and make up a large part of the drunk driving accidents that happen every day. All without car insurance to cover the victims and their families. They come with no education and expect the United States tax payers to help them out. This is, of course, because they don't want to help reform their own countries

I work for low income

I work for low income housing and majority are Americans that have SS card and ARE legal and are on Medicare BUT DO NOT WORK AND ARE LIVING FOR FREE. FREE OUT OF YOUR POCKET AND MINE! Latinos work for little or for nothing but work to feed their family but some not all can live for FREE because their is not background check on them because THEY have no SS card. What's the point of SS card?

You are a hateful person. I

You are a hateful person. I wish you would go somewhere else. Like, to a country that isn't about diversity and tolerance. Try Russia. You would fit in nicely.

The previous person was right

Your are selfish and dangerous because you don't see it.

Why are they concerned?

Why are they concerned? Illegal or general law breakers. Normal law abiding citizens are not afraid of the law.

This post was about

This post was about promoting a good family-oriented festival that can bring two or more segments of our community together. I recognize the problems associated with illegal immigrants, but this is not the forum to discuss them.