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Few teen drivers cited under state law that bans cell phone use

WILMINGTON (AP) -- A state law went into effect last year that bans drivers younger than 18 from talking on cell phones, but court officials say only 51 teenagers have been ticketed and only 23 convicted. The law allows teenagers to drive while talking to their parents or law enforcement, but officers say its difficult if not impossible to estimate the age of young drivers. Officers also say it's hard to determine and prove whether teenagers are talking to their parents. Some argue that just having a law and visible police enforcement is a good deterrent, but others say parents should be the primary enforcers. Violators can receive a $25 fine and have six months added to their graduated license requirements. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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It's a joke

The law is a joke. There is no way LEO can determine the age of someone driving a vehicle. Let someone over the age get pulled over for talking on the phone and watch the lawsuits file in. Not only that, how is an officer supposed to know who you are talking to? All the driver has to do is say they were talking to their parents. An officer can't demand the phone on the side of the road for proof. I agree that something needs to be done. But this law is just a waste

What if the driver is under

What if the driver is under 18, and an illegal alien? That's another one for the books!