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Field house, redistricting on New Hanover County School Board meeting agenda

READ MORE: Field house, redistricting on New Hanover County School Board meeting agenda
The school board members will ultimately decide the fate of one of New Hanover County's oldest buildings, one with historic and sentimental value. It is the Jap Davis Field House. It was recently condemned by New Hanover County. As a result, football players have to use mobile units for their locker room and team meetings. Most everyone associated with the high school wants a renovation, but assistant superintendent Bill Hance told the standing room only crowd that the school board will not make a decision until a full investigation into the building's structure is finished. Hance does not want to renovate the building if it can't sustain the renovation. Chris Furr, New Hanover principal said, “It's been two years of frustration trying to get things done here and I think Mr. Hance did a good job trying to explain the options. If the board approves the budget transfer then we'll have the funds to move forward with some additional investigations." New Hanover High football player Brandon young said, "I was a little bit disappointed. I was hoping we'd have a solution by now. This is kind of distracting with all the deciding or not deciding of what we can do." Meanwhile, middle school redistricting was also a hot topic of discussion at the meeting. Options 1 and 2 were both eliminated Tuesday night, leaving options 3, 4 and 5 as residents of Echo Farms continue to sweat it out. The Echo Farms contingent supports option 5 which would take Williston Middle School out of their equation for their children. "Option 5 is the most feasible. It moves the least amount of students and it accomplishes pretty much everything the school board is in favor of concerning neighborhood schools," said John Hirchak, Echo Farms resident. Middle school redistricting for the 2010-2011 school year will be on the agenda for the next school board meeting September 1st. When a detailed engineering report is finished on the field house, the school board will likely call a special meeting later this month.

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Get the LOTTO money to fix this and where are the people that are against TITAN where is boseman get her to write a bill about it. and then Obama can settle it all over a beer. Then we will fly Clinton to bring it all home Can you think of the hazards in this building, paint, asbestos. Hire somebody to clean or rebuild this place. THINK people the answers are right there


lotto money?? If you've followed the news, you know both former Governor Easley and her Majesty Bev I have both transferred funds to other uses in failed attempts to balance the budget. You get what you vote for.


13% goes to rebuild schools and 70% goes back to the lotto for prizes the rest is misc. there is money

You'd better

check your math. Even the media broke it down on this very site. Go back a few months. A portion of the money is supposed to go into a reserve fund for just such purposes as this one. That is the fund the 2 Governors have been raiding. The rest is very tightly gaurded and the statutes regulate where the money can be used. Nice theory you propose. Maybe you could share it with the Governor. Sadly, the budget shortfalls for schools are suffering due to the manner in which the statues prescribe the money must and can only be used.