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Fifteen dollar food stamps not enough for one elderly couple

READ MORE: Fifteen dollar food stamps not enough for one elderly couple
NEW HANOVER COUNTY--Joy and Don McCormack say the cost of their medications, medical bills and a struggling ecomony forced them to apply for food stamps. They qualified, but it wasn't for the amount they were expecting. "I thought $15.00 dollars a month! oh my goodness, I thought how can you live and exist on $15.00 dollars a month." Joy McCormack says. Director of Social Services Sam Lane says the reason why the McCormack's only qualify for $15.00 dollars is because they actually make too much money. They fall in an income bracket just low enough for them to qualify for help. Because the income brackets are the same across the board in North Carolina, there's nothing he can do to adjust their food stamp rates. Lane says he does share some of the stories of struggling families with legislators in hopes positive legislation can change the rates. Until then, the McCormacks will have to continue to stretch their dollars and cents. "It's horrible and it's a shame", Joy McCormack says, "It's very difficult for us seniors." Thursday, Congress over rode President Bush veto and passed a 290 billion dollar farm bill. It includes 1 billion dollars a year for nutrition programs like food stamps. Help may be on the way for the McCormacks.

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foodstamps and retirement help

Boy, some of y'all are so cold hearted. Yes, you can save for retirement if you make enough, but what about emergencies you didn't count on? I've saved and saved and saved and worked and worked and worked. However, if you have a major illness in your family it will all go down the drain. My late husband developed a bad heart when he was in his early forties (no family history of this, not overweight, etc.). By the time he was 42, he was on a heart transplant list. He had six heart bypasses, two pacemaker/defibulators implanted, over 100 hospital stays, who knows how many doctor, specialist visits, and the combination of our health insurance premiums and co-pays for medical and prescriptions exceeded $1,000 per month. Have y'all saved enough to cover that? Please don't judge people until you've been there. Personally I don't think anyone should have to do without food or proper medical treatment in the USA.

Life's not fair

While I understand your plight, I see no constitutional justification for "everyone chipping in" to help you or the couple in this story. The government is NEVER going to be able to make life fair for anyone, but the government can certainly bankrupt itself by trying. Every dollar we dedicate to bailing people out of life's messes is a dollar less that should be going to pay back our crippling national debt or rebuild our failing infrastructure. If you reach retirement age and don't have enough to live comfortably on (as two-thirds of Americans find out every year) then the solution is quite simple: Keep working.

Everybody wanted change so

Everybody wanted change so they elected the Democrats to the house. Now they have change and it is not for the better. Gas is at all time high, food is going out of sight and to much more to mention. You think it is bad now, just wait and see what happens if a Democrat is elected President.

gas prices was already out

gas prices was already out of sight as well as food prices, yes we needed a change and we got it thank the Lord, but you can not put all the blame on the democrats or the republicans. the blame should be on us all, we have turned our backs on the Creator, God Almighty, some people are afraid of calling on the neme of Jesus and turned their backs on Him. Wake up America repent of your sins, turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, He is our only Hope.

1 million $$

Uncle Sam will see to it you'll not keep all of that $1 million or so you will have saved up.Also your social security amount will be affected by your income.As to the $15 dollar a month food stamps,a big joke.Might as well told them they don't qualify for squat because basically that's what their getting.

You got that right!

Stand by if the Democrats gain control of the White House and achieve a super-majority in the Senate. They plan on going after the Roth IRA. Their plan is to simply reneg on the promise made by the United States Government when the Roth IRA was authorized by Congress. If they have their way, withdrawals will be taxed. According to a source within the DNC, the only thing they haven't yet decided upon is whether to tax only gains (easier to pass), or just go ahead and tax everything, which would effectively mean that you would be paying taxes on money that was already taxed. As we see with the Estate Tax, however, Democrats have no reservations at all about taxing the same dollar twice. So how stupid do you have to be to vote for a person who has already told you that they're going to raise your taxes?

actually, if you put the

actually, if you put the money in 401k after taxes, the government can't touch it unless you pull it out early.

The government can't touch it?

You had better take a closer look at the laws covering your 401k. Unless you have a Roth 401k (paid with after-tax contributions, fairly new, and very rare) your 401k is taxed as normal income when you start drawing on it. A conventional 401k is tax DEFERRED, not tax exempt. The government lets you forget about taxes now, knowing that you will have to pay them later.

One other note about your 401k

While after-tax contributions made to a conventional 401k won't be taxed again, all of the gain on that money is taxed. That will likely prove to be more than half of your account by the time you retire.


Things change.

Retirement Savings

In response to Wilm Man, I agree that there are lots of people who abuse the system; however, not everyone is as fortunate as he obviously is in having been able to save enough in his various accounts to be able to be a "millionaire" in his retirement years.

retirement savings

Isn't all that it is cracked up to be, Some companies don't offer it. And when you live pay to pay check you can't save anything. Don't be so easy to jump and say save save save. If you don't have it to save than can't.

I don't care if you make $100 a month.... save $10. Your company doesn't have to have a retirement plan - ever heard of an IRA? So what exactly is YOUR retirement plan? Depend upon the government to feed you? Should they raise taxes on those who DID plan, who DID live responsibly, who DID save and invest, to take care of you? I find it truly amazing - people moaning about living paycheck to paycheck and not having a dime to save, but they have a cell phone, they have cable TV, they have a computer with ISP, they have a car and lots of CDs.....

Way to say it!!!!

What is said is how my family has saved for better cars and a little extra money in the pocket. Gotta figure, if you got paid every two weeks and just put away the $10, at the end of the year that's $260. That's more than you would have had should you not have saved it. If they would revamp the Welfare system and make WORKFIRST just that WORK, many people would not be getting a paid way of life. work first then get rewards such as food, car, healthcare. But in our Welfare system its reap benefits and don't worry about working, you'll just get more benefits. I know someone who has lived their 50 odd years of life thus far on the system. Are they capable of holding down a job, yes for they sit with elderly and get paid under the table. It's what I call THE DEPENDENT HELPING THE DEPENDENT. This very same person owns a brand new vehicle that pulls a nice 30' travel trailer that gets parked each summer in a RV park for summer getaways. A home away from home.

people abuse this

You know, I feel for people who really need these, but its those who don't and abuse it that screw it up for everyone. And I'm talking about the people week after week I stand behind in line at certain grocery store, who buys food with food stamps, then pulls out wads of cash to pay for the alcohol in their buggy. I even saw someone put up baby food in order to get potato chips.


if people whom really dont need foodstamps quit abusing the system and get a job then our elderly will be able to get help.

to guest 1234

i know dats right!!!!!!!!

Why didn't the elderly "help" themselves?

A lifetime of financial mismanagement does not make you a deserving ward of the state simply because you have reached your twilight years. Check the statistics on retirement savings among Americans - it's shocking, and we cannot afford to bail out those who don't prepare.

It's the government's job to feed us?

What's horrible and a shame is that so many people reach retirement age with absolutely no savings, or totally inadequate savings. Life is what *YOU* make it!

I agree

I completely agree....if I retire at the age of 65 I will have close to $1 mil saved up. I started a retirement account when I first started working (Roth IRA) and have that account plus a 401k. There is no reason why a person doesn't save up money for retirement


You are dead on with that one. Its not hard to save for retirement. I have been doing it since i WAS 16, AND NOW i'M THIRTY. Retirement is looking good in the next 10-15 years. For those who said they live pay check to paycheck I still saved a good bit while I was in college. Its called a 401k, and its taken out before taxes so your bottom line may only drop $20.

food stamps

i kinda disagree with wilmman some ,cause not everyone has jobs that have 401k or retirement plans,now a days it just about takes everything we make to pay our house payments ,car payment ,insurance,power an so on so yes it is harder for some people to save money for retirement..but i do agree with the other post where they said if people would stop abusing the system an get jobs it would be a lot easier on people that really need the help.

It's not that hard to save

While in college, I started eating PB&J sandwiches for lunch and had pasta for supper (which usually lasted 2 days). I also ate romain (sp?) noodles for lunch. I didn't go out drinking every weekend or go out to eat every other day. It's called living responsibly, which it appears most people these days aren't willing to do. My first couple of jobs I had when in college didn't offer retirement accounts either. I got my first retirement account through the bank. I started out saving like others did, I put $10 a paycheck in my retirement. When I got a raise I put $15 a paycheck in. I understand living paycheck to paycheck, but if you have a job that offers a 401k plan, the money taken out pre taxes will not affect your take home pay very much at all. I know have two retirement accounts, a 401k and a Roth IRA, with most of it going to the Roth (won't be taxed on my earnings). It can be done if people want to do it...they just might have to make a few sacrifices, which they usually won't do.

C'mon now

"If I save, I won't be able to get my weave done, or my nails, or buy my $200.00 pumps, or get gas in my Escalade, and you know I gotta take a day off to go see my daycare worker" or you can insert food stamp lady or housing guy. I worked in an environment that this was a normal conversation. I was eating rice and beans while those on social services were eating steak and lobster, literally. I use to get so angery because I was a single mother working so hard not to be like them. I could hold two jobs when I needed to. These old folks can't. I don't mind sharing with them, just not with people working the system. Hey here's a tip from the girls at work: Even if you are married, and your huband does live with you, heck even if he has a job....tell them folks that he skipped town and you don't know where he is and they won't include his income and you'll get more food stamps. It's not like they are going to check.

15 dollars a month. 6

15 dollars a month. 6 loaves of bread and a pound of butter. what more do u need according to the government?? " Let them eat cake" said the future beheaded lady.