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Fight at UNCW over plans to cut 573 trees for new dorms

WILMINGTON (AP) -- More student housing is needed at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. But some students, faculty and university officials are vehemently opposed to plans that would cut down roughly 13 acres of longleaf pines that are part of the largest contiguous longleaf pine stand in New Hanover County. Biology professor Steve Emslie wants the project delayed to study alternative sites that would have less of an environmental impact. Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo and other administrators said a thorough search has already been done and further delay would increase costs being passed on to students. She also said the plan leaves 140 acres of on-campus forest alone. The university hopes to have the housing in time for the fall 2009 semester. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Well here is another good reason that this area lacks in good planning, UNCw cutting down an established long leaf pine stand.This lack of historical foresite is not new and plagues the area.Far as I'm concerned the students could sleep in tents, with a communal bath area.The longleaf pine is a endangered species of sorts and they are being cut down at a alarming rate, Wrightsboro school, smithcreek parkway, 17th street, good for me though: I'll charge a fee to see mine growing,at least school kids would have a live specimen to marvel at.

Cut Down Pine Trees

Whats the problem here? Pine trees are nothing more than over grown weeds. Cut 'em down! Cut all of 'em down. Don't stop progress over a couple stupid trees, PLEASE! Some people need to get a life.

Wow. yes, this person (pine

Wow. yes, this person (pine trees are just overgrown weeds???) is obviously a severely undereducated individual suffering from massive ecological ignorance. the longleaf pine forest is an endangered ecosystem which has levels of biodiversity reaching (or even exceeding) that of the equatorial rainforests. they are an ecosystem that adapted over thousands of years to periodic burnings from natural fires. once (200 years ago) spanning over 90 million square miles from southern VA to eastern TX, less than 3% of their original range remains. destruction of the forest began because of settlers exploiting every resource they could pull out of it - turpentine, lumber, naval stores, clearing space for agriculture and home sites, the list goes on and on. every last remaining patch of this ecosystem needs to be conserved. the one on UNCW campus is especially important due to the fact that it belongs to a university - an institute of higher learning which should be devoid of all such ignorance as above!! but we lack true leaders who care about our local environment, which is a very unfortunate fact to bear.

Are you serious?

You have to be kidding, because your comment was extremely ignorant. Why would you cut down a natural habitat when there could be other places to build? People that think like you (closed minded Republican developers)... and yes, I busted out the political card, are the sole reason why our environment is threatened. I have a wonderful life and don't need to get one thank you, but perhaps some people such as yourself should become educated on things happening around you and about your world outside of your house and driveway.


Instead of cutting down nature to build another dorm why not work with the apartment complexes throughout the county to arrange housing for students, provide shuttle services to those complexes whereever they may be. UNCW is overcrowded and needs to expand but I'd rather they listen to all the options before destroying more of our precious environment. Port City will not be "GREEN" if it continues to clear cut land.


nothing against college students...but the taxpayers would rather you guys stay on campus :)

Instead of spreading OUT....

....why not start spreading UP? On a small campus such as UNCW, two or three story dormitories are a luxury that can't be afforded. They need to consider high-rise dorms, ten or twelve stories. Yes, they're more expensive to build, but conserve precious space and are generally more energy efficient. They aslo need a pedestrian overpass at Randall and College.


I was told that UNCW had the largest amount of continuous land of all the UNC system schools. Can anyone verify?


True...dining hall is the center of the Universities property.

doubt it. UNC has over 900

doubt it. UNC has over 900 acres of woodland and airport (which will soon be closed down and demolished) near their current campus of almost 800 acres.