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Filmmaker explores violence in Wilmington

READ MORE: Filmmaker explores violence in Wilmington
Wilmington filmmaker and rap artist Nakia Hamilton hates hearing the same old stories -- news reports that someone else from his community is dead and another is behind bars. "In the black community we have a problem where we do things that cause a problem, then when that problem happens we mourn and try and change our lives, but then a month later we're back to doing the same things," Hamilton said. One particular story from December, 2002 struck a nerve. Hamilton's friend and fellow musician Roncin Sanders was murdered by Demond Wells -- also known as hip hop radio DJ Kysheem. Hamilton explores the incident in his latest film "Gone but not Forgotten," which premiered tonight at Union Missionary Baptist Church at 6pm in Wilmington. "As far as Kysheem I was like, that just didn't sound like him," Hamilton said, reflecting on the incident. "And Ronson, he's not the kind of guy someone would do that to. You just wonder like what really happened." In the film, Hamilton interviews Sanders' parents, Wilmington District Attorney John David and DJ Kysheem to help put the tragic incident in perspective. He says Kysheem and Ronson had a heated argument and Kysheem took it too far. "(Kysheem) basically explained, you know what made him pull the trigger and he said the day that it happened it's like his whole world stopped," said Hamilton. Hamilton says the film denounces violence and encourages viewers to take up religion, which he says helped him stay out of trouble. "I hope this documentary encourages so and so not to kill so and so, not just so they can live to see another day but to buy people just enough time to get they soul right with god," said Hamilton. "Gone but not Forgotten" is the first of a five-part series that examines violence in our area.

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Gone but not Forgotten

LuvLife Entertainment.....God Bless you for your mission, purpose, and motivation. I was there to view the documentary and I was truly touched. As I explained to Mr. Hamilton and Mr. McDuffie, this story really emulates my own personal experiences with my family. Something has to be done about this epedimic and it has to start with us. In order to even begin searching for the solution, we have to address the problem. When darkness comes, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. We have to stay studied and prayed up to be able to take the proactive approach and let our lights shine in order to set the needed examples and influences. God bless you guys for everything......Tonio'

Gone but not forgotten

I must say I didn’t expect to see the fairness and the dedication to detail that was shown. These guys Nakia, Rochon and Chris really did an excellent job! These three African American young men really need the support of our community. From my understanding they did this out of their pockets. Every time we turn on the news we hear about how blacks killing blacks but no one talk about how these guys are trying to make a change for the good. We give monies to all kind of programs some don’t do half of what these guys have done. The church was over packed with street drug dealers, single mothers, children, thugs, preachers, teachers, masons, eastern stars, judges, lawyers and all types’ ethnic backgrounds. I have never seen that amount of people and to be so diverse. I feel we should help them financially. This is what our community is in need of unity then we can take our community back!

Nakia is doing an excellent

Nakia is doing an excellent job with bringing the issues to light and not being afraid to speak about the violence that occurred and continues to occur in the Port City. His documentary is profound and I commend him for encouraging folks to seek religion in place of violence and bloodshed, it is only God who can keep us from falling and when we seek Him all things align and fall into place.

This one hits too close to home

Know all involved including the film maker on this story and to those who don't know this looked like just another black on black crime. All involved were not actually bad guys/thugs a tragic situation that actually has a lot more involved than meets the eye.

Violence in Wilmington

I think this is sgreat what you are doing Nakia. God Bless You. It needs to be addressed and I wish you all the best. I see too much of it on the news and all. Have lived here since 2004 and the killings etc. just saddens me, really. Thank you for you !