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Final forum for NHC Schools Superintendent candidates

READ MORE: Final forum for NHC Schools Superintendent candidates

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The final candidate for New Hanover County Schools Superintendent spoke to the community. Dr. Donna Hargens started her career in education as a Spanish and English teacher in Wisconsin. In North Carolina Hargens was principal of Cary and Green Hope high schools, and now holds the position of Interim Superintendent in Wake County.

Hargens went to college at Marquette University, received her Masters from UNC Chapel Hill, and earned her Doctor of Education degree from Seton Hall University.

"It looks to me like they are a community that is willing to roll up their sleeves and help," said Hargens. "That is a good thing. So it is a pleasure to meet them and to hear from them."

Hargens says the school needs to open its nationwide search to attract a diverse set of teachers, and that busing students is a government issue that needs to stay out of educational settings. The Board of Education will choose the new superintendent Wednesday.

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"Roll up their sleeves"

HA...they are willing to roll up their sleeves and moan and complain about every decision and free service that the school system provides. Help...not so much from what i've seen

Her education is definitely

Her education is definitely of a higher quality than the other two candidates, but that whole re-segregation thing makes her questionable. Were we, the parents of these students, given a choice, ours would be Tim Markley, hands-down.

The third candidate is just a joke, but unfortunately an inside one.

three seems like a charm

Not sure that was very appropriate to call someone a joke, given all that she has achieved. She has worked in Wake Co. and in school systems that are very demanding and if my memory serves has a much better record than our district. If she has the experience that proves successful why would we not welcome that after what has been going on here. As far as bussing, kids should not be bussed any further than necessary. To say that the kids next to Williston cannot go there, because the school doesnt cut it, but then you swap them with the kids in the Myrtle Grove district....come on, for any reason that should not happen. The education should take presidence all day long over politics. Segregation is not something caused by bus routes in my opinion. I think the county should adopt or offer more year round school schedules, where children benefit from the momentum of learning and have seasonal breaks rather than one long break. Could really improve grades, our numbers, morale, etc..that is a proven fact. This county cannot offer anything beyond year round elementary (which one of those principals was just named no. 1 in NC), we are too far behind in some areas. We need someone with strong credentials and someone who knows what works. Everyone needs to research so that we have knowledge, ulitmately the board picks, and hopefully that goes better than some other matters for this county.

Please re-read my post; I

Please re-read my post; I named two candidates (including this lady) and referred to the third as "an inside joke". Holliday is the insider; the inside joke.


Yes, thank you, actually I did mis-understand that. I was keeping it relative in the order in which they appeared in open forums, she was the third, so that is how I processed that incorrectly. My sincere aplogies. I am 100% opposed to Rick Holiday based on what I have learned. Hopefully we will end up with someone who can really make a good difference.

I may be wrong, but I think

I may be wrong, but I think the previous comment about the "inside joke" was referring to Rick Holliday, who is the candidate from within the system. If that's what they meant, I completey agree. I personally think Dr. Markley is the best choice, but think that Dr. Hargens would also be good. Either of them are better than Dr. Holliday.