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Final school redistricting meeting held Tuesday

With just one redistricting option left on the table, Tuesday night's New Hanover school board hearing would have been a low key affair, but it was not. A number of parents were upset that the board prematurely voted down the other options that aimed at increasing diversity across the county's elementary schools. One mother said she was bused as a child growing up in Wilmington and feels she's more well-rounded and better educated because of it. "If it takes my child getting bused to get a better education than what she'd get in the inner city because the school district is not giving the school the money it needs to keep going, then bus my child," said Yolanda Clark. She was not alone in that view. The board took no action but will have plenty to ponder in its next meeting.

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Proudwoman, you're kidding right?

OK, do you know anything about Barack Obama other then he's black? I really fail to see how Obama being in the white house is going to increase your childs intelligence or drive to learn or your parenting skills and involvement in their education. Have you read his plan? He focuses on 0-4 education, non-english speaking education and affordable college. I haven't seen anywhere he states that he's going to resource in to inner city schools just because he's black (by the way-his kids, go to private schools.)I understand that parents in low income areas sometimes have to work several jobs to provide for their families, etc and I applaud the ones who do, but would good is all of that if you aren't teaching children fundamental values and behavior? Stop blaming everyone else and teach your kids to stop screwing around in class and do their homework. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! It doesn't matter if there is a rich white guy or rich black guy as president, the accountablity starts at home. It doesn't matter how much money you pour into the institution, kids either want to be there and learn or they don't; they are either supported and encouraged to take education seriously and held accoutnable for or they're not, which is why a large portion of the children who are bused to the "good schools" don't do ANY BETTER there then the did at the "bad schools" And by the way- um America isn't based on "spreading the wealth" it's about the opportunity for the wealth, but you can't just sit around and expect it to be handed to you. So you see, Obama isn't the answer to educating children. You are. I am. The children themselves are. We all are the answer.

Your castles will crumble

I read all the posts about your childern deserving a good education but you people do not care about her childern or mine or anyones elses eccept your own. Your day is ending and when president Obama takes office we will see a new America where the least shall be first. You think its all about spreading the wealth and you don't like that but you will see that a new day is dawning in America, its not only about spreading the wealth its about no one having a better advantage over someone else. Your childern will have nothing more than mine and they will go to school together and learn together and maybe some day greedy people like you will be extint. All the little piggies cry wewewe all the way home when a BLACK man sit in the WHITE house.

What an ignorant post!

From your post it looks like you need to go to school and pay attention this time. maybe you could finish. Isn't it about time that you people of the inner city start paying attention to your own kids, your neighborhoods and your neighborhood schools. Be pro-active with your kids, your neighborhoods and your neighborhood schools because that is what makes them successfull not more money and more busing.

Busing is wrong....period

Why do you think people move to better neighborhoods? So, they and their childern do not have to be around the slummy areas. Why is the heck do you think we would allow them to be shipped from nice places to scummy ones?? If the BOE does not do it right and keep the neighborhood schools together, we need to put them out (every single one of them) at the next election. This country has a thing called "rule by consent." What they need to do is get the police in there to clean out the trash and then better teachers will migrate to the bad schools. As far as test scores are concerned, you can only do so much. You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear.


RIGHT? "If it takes my child getting bused to get a better education than what she'd get in the inner city because the school district is not giving the school the money it needs to keep going, then bus my child," SO, its OK for someone ELSES child to be left behind because of busing when your child gets bussed to a better school? Lets fix the PROBLEM instead of hiding the problem.

I agree

I completely agree. If the schools are so bad in certain areas of the county that they have to be bussed to a better school for a better education, why then are my kids turned around and bussed to their bad school. Are we willing to give up education for more diversity. We need to fix the schools, not just bus the kids. The problem is the kids and families that are in the underachieving school are the real underachievers, not the teachers or enough money. The parents need to get involved in their kids schooling and reinforce what they learn there. I work with a lot of these families and the parents can not tell me who there kids teachers are, what grades they are making, if they have any homework and if they are suspended it's the teachers fault not there child. If we can't fix that then the school where they are bussed to will start to fail as well.


First of all Everything that was saided was not printed. I am a parent that is involved in my kids learning and because I live in the city and in a neighborhood that is not in the outer city limits, does not mean my child deserves any less of the chance for a good education or that I care less for child and their well being. Lets be real this is only going to lead to segergation AGAIN. Most of the people of color lives in the neighborhoods that are failing and BECAUSE we LIVE HERE AND YOUR CHILD DONT, they should have the better schools. BUS ALL the kids Let them meet kids of all races The parents keep saying the kids will hurt from all the moves KIDS CAN ADAPT to ANYTHING its the parents that are having the problems. IF my child is bussed then so should yours!

How long is too long?

My children were bussed to Snipes then redistricted to Freeman until Murrayville was built. From my home there were 3 elementary closer than Snipes and Freeman. My boys rode the bus for over an hour to and an hour from school **GASP** "This would never happen in Wilmington". Not a bother for me but try comforting a 1st grader after he wet his pants on the bus because his classroom teacher told him to hold it until he got home. Kids shouldn't have to adapt to anything. Parents and the schools should provide what is best for the children. It is not my fault that you live in the inner city and it is not the fault of any child. You want a better education for your child, go take Education Classes at CFCC and go get a job in the school. Bussing will not make you or your child more intelligent.


of all you still don't get it. You are for PUNISHING other children and setting THEM up to fail where they were succeeding. IF you truly want your child to do well...there is only ONE way to do it...its called ACCOUNTABILITY! I know that word is a curse word in todays society. The BOE needs to hold the failing schools ACCOUNTABLE for their scores. If you want to stand hand in hand with me to ensure EVERY SCHOOL gets the funding and attention it needs and that EVERY SCHOOL EXCEEDS NC standards...I WILL MARCH RIGHT DOWN THERE WITH YOU. However, if you want to punish my child because I worked three jobs to put MYSELF through college and busted my arse to get to where I am today....I will VEHEMENTLY OPPOSE YOU! There is ONLY ONE ANSWER TO THIS...every school NEEDS different resources and they should get those resources...PERIOD. The answer isn't to move kids around to get a MEDIAN score so we all look good...the answer is for EVERY SCHOOL in NHC to exceed the NC average! WASTING money on gas to bus children only STEALS from money that could be used to actually TEACH! ME for BOE next election!

This needs to be "saided"

You cannot social engineer your way out of reality. Much to the chagrin of liberal, activist judges, the schools that serve more affluent neighborhoods will ALWAYS be better than schools in the inner city. * Parents are more involved * Parents pay more in property taxes * Parents have more political influence * Many of the best teachers will not accept a position in the inner city for fear of being robbed, raped, or murdered. Those crimes may be rare, but the daily frustration of kids whose parents didn't teach to read or write, who don't get up and get on the bus when mom doesn't make them, and who don't do homework because mom doesn't care, never ends. The children attending that more affluent school have a RIGHT to be at that school. Their parents' tax dollars built that school. They should not be sent to a school of lesser quality just to open seats for inner city children. Nine out of ten of the inner city children bussed to the more affluent school will do no better because of that lack of parental involvement, which will likely get worse when the school is further away. Indeed, they may find that the curriculum is too challenging and too intimidating, and totally lose interest in education... ...or do we now slow down the curriculum and teach to the slowest student at the formerly great school? We do nothing but weaken the species by hobbling the fast gazelles to slow them down. Survival of the fittest is a universal law that impacts every single facet of life to include education. The children in the better schools (and they are represented by ALL races) should not be short-changed in some Sesame Street social engineering experiment that packs them off to the inner city. If you are truly interested in your child's education, move to a better neighborhood that is served by better schools. Don't "dumb-down" the kids from Landfall or North Chase and expect them to share your misery. No one should be bussed ANYWHERE unless it's a school overflow situation, and then they should be sent to the next closest school.


Hey everyone...look...and Obama supporter! Where to begin? If you believe your child deserves a better education, deserves to go to a better school - do what most people do - move to an area where the schooling is up to your qualifications. If for some reason you can't (maybe financial reasons) - better yourself so that you can. When I was younger I knew I wanted to go to college to get a better education. Why? Not only to better myself and give myself better opportunities, but also to give my children/family better opportunities as well. Why should I push myself, get that high paying job, buy that nice house in a nice neighborhood - just so you can whine that you aren't making enough money or your kid doesn't have the same opportunities. Guess what? That's life. It's time you put on your grown-up pants and accept that as a fact of life. We all aren't given the same opportunities in life. You can either sit around and complain about it and expect the handouts, or you can work to make your situation better. I highly doubt anyone is forcing you to live where you live. Go out and get that second job and move to a better neighborhood.


I agree with "Kidding." I have to add that the problem with the schools are not the teachers but the students. 90% of the "sub-par" students are not being successful because of "sub-par" parenting. Education does not begin or end at the school. If the student's environment does not care then why should the child.