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Terminal groin decision today

READ MORE: Many turn out for final terminal groin hearing

The deadline for a decision on terminal groins is rapidly approaching. The Coastal Resources Commission held the final public hearing on the issue last night in Sunset Beach. Today the group plans to make its final recommendations and present them to the legislature April 1.

Many beach communities have been pushing for the opportunity to use these jettylike structures they feel would help solve their erosion issues. The question is whether they would be good or bad for the environment.

We'll have more on today's meeting and any decisions the CRC makes on WWAY NewsChannel 3 start at 5 p.m.

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Terminal Groins

The question isn't whether they would be good or bad for the environment. The question is whether erosion control structures are an appropriate erosion response measure, given everything we know about the direct, secondary and cumulative long-term impacts associated with them.

From an economic perspective, spending $10 million upfront - and then another million or so every year - to extend the life of a handful of threatened structures that provide maybe a few thousand dollars in tax revenue each year just doesn't make sense.

Much more than a few thousand in revenue!

Try SEVERAL thousand in revenue for EACH home! That adds up quickly. I'm 3/10 of a mile back off the beach and pay $2300.00/year in taxes.
What doesn't make sense is people building on areas that they KNOW will erode away, even without major storms. The northern end of any barrier island on our coast is always in danger because the natural migration of our inlets is southerly. The north end of Topsail, the north end of Figger Eight, the north end of WB. They all suffer from the same problem, people with too much money and not enough sense. Add that to natural inlet migration and ...guess what?

Terminal Groin

My home USED TO BE 3/10 of a mile from the water. It's amazing how your thinking changes when it's your home in danger.

Please Please Please

Can someone please change the name of these structures. The term "terminal groin" makes me cringe every time I read it.

Thank You!!!

Thank You!!!