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Obama declared winner in NC

For the first time in more than 3 decades, North Carolina is a blue state. Thursday, President-Elect Barack Obama added 15 electoral votes to his margin of victory. The Associated Press declared Obama the winner after canvassing the state's counties to determine the number of outstanding provisional ballots. That survey found there are not enough remaining ballots for John McCain to close his 13,000 plus vote deficit. Missouri is now the only state that is still too close to call. The last democratic presidential candidate to win North Carolina was Jimmy Carter in 1976.

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The blatant hatred and ignorance on this forum does not surprise me at all. I am a proud African-American who loves my country and what it ONCE stood for. ONE NATION UNDER GOD!! That's all I'll say about that. African-Americans have voted for a white candidate for many decades now to represent us. What is the complaint people??? That we have not chosen to elect a candidate for "change" and "unity" who happens to be biracial? It's not b/c of the color of his skin.. but b/c of the content of his character, as MLK put it best. Have you even been following this election?? Obama's campaign was about US, the people. Mccain's campaign was about division. I'm all for UNITY!! Peace Sis Cass

According to CNN, 95% of

According to CNN, 95% of black voters voted for Obama. With that high of a number you can't tell me a large portion of blacks didn't vote for Obama just because he was black. I'm not saying he won't do a good job, but saying he didn't get votes because of his skin color is being naive

No, Obama is not about

No, Obama is not about "unity", he was chosen because he'll make the poison easier to swallow. The blind devotion that his worshipers exhibit is frightening.


Heck I am white as snow and I was crying at his speech Tuesday night. I WAS PROUD of us all for once, I would say I even felt patriotic which is a first for me. I did not think I would see this in my lifetime and I am glad I did. We live in a colorful world and white men are not the only ones who can run it. (obviously, look at Bush he is a blithering idiot). Peace to you as well.

Complaint about blacks voting for Obama

The majority of blacks did not vote for Obama because he was black, it was because he was the best candidate. Blacks voted in large numbers for Bill Clinton, so how does your theory apply to that. Listen, if Clarence Thomas ran for President, he would not get the majority of the black vote. I am tired of this black vote,white vote, asian vote, latin vote, youth vote, senior vote, female vote, gay vote, poor vote, rural vote and any other voting division. I feel that we are all Americans and that we should vote for the person that we feel will do the best job. We are all part of the human family and we need to stop the hate.

People are ignorant

People here are ignorant. They only believe what other people say, and rarely do any research of their own. Obama is the best politician we have right now, with the brightest future, and the most commanding presence. He commands respect and has that *it* factor. He has succeeded at everything he has ever done, and is extremely bright. And North Carolina is an extremely smart state, with very educated residents. They elected the best possible candidate for this job, plain and simple!

Hey, I'd like to see the

Hey, I'd like to see the research you did on Obama's "it factor," because it sounds like your hormones did the research for you.

Proud of NC.....I am glad

Proud of NC.....I am glad you HAVE TO work! Let's hope everyone uses you as a role model in that respect! The rest of your thoughts....well let's not! Cuba voted for change in 1959.....look where they are now!


I am ashamed of my state. SHAMEFUL!!!!!

we are ashamed of you...

Go ahead.. pack up and leave! Please! What are you ashamed of? Ashamed that we did not pick a possible VP who didn't even know Africa was a continent? Ashamed that we did not pick a candidate who does NOT support woman rights. The list could go on.. but I just don't have enough time for this.. I have to WORK!

You better get working. How

You better get working. How else will Obama "spread the wealth around?"

spread the wealth

He's going to tax people that make over 250,000 year. Do you? I could use it!

Sure you could use it...

...but so could the guy making over $250k and it is, after all, **HIS** money - not yours. You did nothing to earn any of it. How do you possibly have a claim to one cent of it? How can any true American believe that it's okay to beat one citizen over the head with punitive tax rates and then give that money to someone else? Does the government give him more, that he has to pay more to live here? What happened to equal protection under law? What happened to a nation founded on all men being equal, with no special favors? Trust me, HE isn't the one sucking the coffers dry. Those who are most inept at life management, those who have no individual responsibility, those who are totally devoid of accountability should reap the benefits of his labor? Perhaps you now understand why that man despises you.

He's also

going to be taxing the owner of the local Subway sandwich shop franchise. Watch that $5 sub go to $6.50 from the taxes. He's also going to tax the owner of the local McDonald's franchise. Say goodbye to the Value Menu. Same goes for the other fast food restaurants as they wrestle with the new "small business" taxes which are coming. Regardless of your income, those taxes will affect the price of every consumer good bought and sold. Do you honestly think on January 21st, the rich will become poor and the poor will become rich? Wake Up. When it reaches the point that the local business owner can no longer stay in business due to the taxes, watch the business close as the employees join the unemployment line. You know not what you are saying. Spread the wealth. Good thought. The wise, who have assets, are meeting with their financial advisers right now to plan for this and reduce the amount of wealth available for spreading So for those of you who think a new financial day is coming; and those without will have and those with will have not. Guess again.

Hey, he told the good people

Hey, he told the good people of Illinois that he would cut taxes for their middle class. Guess what? He raised taxes. You can look that one up. It's public record. I guess you pay more attention to what people say, not what they do. BTW, I don't make anywhere near $250K. That's why it will really hurt when Obama lets the Bush tax cuts lapse. Just like it hurt when all of those who voted for Obama also voted to raise my property taxes $150 to pay for the CFCC Bond. Thanks y'all.


Then get a job and if you already have one get a better one, but quit waiting for hand-outs.

It started at

It started at $250,000....then he said $200,000....and 2 weeks ago Biden said $150,000. Before long the only ones not getting taxed will be the ones not working. They will be the ungreatful recipients of my tax dollars.

My God

Biden was not establishing policy but was making an example and used that figure as an estimate not gospel. Listen for yourself and don't rely on the republican mouth pieces for your talking points.


don't you get a calculator, paper, and pencil. Add up the numbers. Why don't you go back and listen to what President-Elect Obama has said since Tuesday. He is already changing positions. Get ready for the $8 Happy Meal when small businesses begin getting taxed. Watch the Dollar Store and Family Dollar as they become the Ten Dollar Store and the Family Ten Dollar. Rest assured those with assets or income are looking at ways to protect what they have worked hard for. Watch investment advisers roll out new tax deferred investment programs. Those who think the hard working Americans are going to roll over and play dead while they are financially raped and pillaged should think twice.

Why are you ashamed because

Why are you ashamed because NC elected a Democrat or because NC elected a mutli-racial human being?

I can't speak for the above

I can't speak for the above poster, but I will say that I am ashamed of this country as well. Not because they voted for a biracial man, but because they voted for a Communist.


He is not a communist. That is so ridiculous.

Why do you call him a Communist?

I think you need to look up Communism before you start calling folks a Communist. There is nothing in his history that supports that claim. How about you doing something to pull this country together instead of being a divisive person.FYI Liddy was a terrorist and he is not only a right wing radio host, but he is a friend of McCain's. Does the previous statement make McCain a terrorist?Of course not.I hope you can see how silly it is to blame someone for the acts of another.

G Gordon Liddy

may well be a right wing radio host; he may well be a friend of Senator McCain's. One thing he is not is a terrorist. He has never been accused of or convicetd of terrorist acts. He did some political misdeeds during the Nixon administration. Nothing he ever did was viewed as a terrorist act. Before you start spouting off on history, you might take your own advice and read some history.

And you should look up his

And you should look up his background before you vote. He has ties six ways to Sunday to communist activists, including his mom and dad. Not to mention Bill Ayres and Frank Marshall Davis. Or that his platform involves wealth redistribution, "thought crime" enforcement, and for people to be forced to serve in "community service". How about the his idea to "simplify" your taxes by using information collected about every thing you do from banks, utilities etc. That's just the tip of the iceberg. No point in getting too deep in this, logic and facts have no place in the mind of the average Obama devotee. Please do some research before you respond. Obama is only going to lead us into our cells....

nc for the dems

uh, because of his terrorist ties? That would be my guess. And a legit concern.

look taco

Look Dude-he is not a terrorist anymore than any of us here are. He has a Muslim sounding name and nothing more than that. So relax we are not going to be the next Iraq, Osama will not get citizenship into our country and terrorists will not run amuck.

Yes we did!

It took us a few years! There was enough of us college educated northerners who stood along side our African American brothers and sisters to turn this state around. Welcome to the Obama Nation NC!!

Well, Thank you for moving

Well, Thank you for moving down here with the people that had low taxes and less crime and a lower cost of living. We just couldn't get along without humble college educated northerners.

Indeed, how ironic!

"The last democratic presidential candidate to win North Carolina was Jimmy Carter in 1976." Will we see the same result four years from now that we saw in 1980? We can only hope....