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Financial crisis for Southeastern Center for Mental Health

READ MORE: Southeastern Center for Mental Health financial crisis
Thursday, we told you that nearly 100 local mental health agencies are suffering from the trickle-down affect from the Southeastern Center for Mental Health financial crisis. For developmentally disabled clients, like Lynetta Richardson, the service cutbacks Southeastern Mental Health has had to make are effecting her in ways she never imagined. "The cut back, they stopped coming," said Richardson. Lynetta is referring to the caregivers at ACI Support that used to check in on her 4 times a week. They made sure she was taking her medication, paying her bills, and keeping up with her house. They do not come as often anymore, and she is left to fend for herself. Kim Malli, a support coordinator said, "If they don't have instructors, staff, people to remind them, and reinforce, and generalize the things that they learned, they lose them. They are going to lose all their skills if they end up sitting home all day." ACI Support specialist, Randall Evans said, "They deserve to live life just as full as we do." Other clients are feeling the repercussions as well, because for them, their caregiver was more like a friend. "I was called by LPI, and told that one-on-one worker would not be there, that she could not come out anymore. Of course that really floored me because the support I was getting was very beneficial to me,” said William J. Davis, a mental health client. About two years ago, the New Hanover County Commissioners and Southeastern Mental Health pooled $5,000,000 to put toward a new building to house mental health services. But once Southeastern's financial problems came to light, that money went back to the county. Now agencies like ACI want to see that money come back to Southeastern, to help ease some of the financial burden. County Commissioner, Nancy Pritchett said the reason she is reluctant, is because she has not seen in writing where Southeastern would use that $5 million. "I understand, I understand totally what's going on, but I will not see this as a temporary band-aid, then we haven't done anything to fix the wound," said Pritchett. New Hanover County Commissioners have asked Southeastern to make a financial plan quite some time ago. They have not received a response, which is why they are holding on to the $5 million.

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for the post from the rapper

You don't have a clue.. There are people in surrounding counties that need services. the crack head that broke into your house is more than like out of jail for the 4th or 5th time because of the system. The legal system. Not because they are trying to fit into the community pay taxes want to work want to own a home. you are talking about two different kinds of people. People remember this on elecation day. See how your locals are voting and state level. The funds shouldn't be cut from those who need it. Get involved.

Dr. Constantini

With Constantini out the door, perhaps Vicki Steele, CFO, will go next and only then will SEC have a chance of rebounding from this mess. SEC is responsible for a great deal of this crisis, regardless of how many times they deny it. Heads should have rolled there a long time ago. If Nancy Pritchett is so concerned about their financial plan why doesn't she along with the SEC Board of Directors call for resignations of those in charge and perhaps their replacements could produce an adequate plan!

Wow! If Pritchett won't throw money at it....

...things must REALLY be messed up....things must be even worse than over at WAVE, her favorite money pit. (BTW, no one "deserves" anything.)

Mr. Commonsense?

Mr. Commonsense, I mean Hitler, No response to paying big bucks to put them in a prison hun? You are a nincumpoop. You don't have answers that are'nt severely cruel or just plain old dumb, so no more discussing this to a weak guy with a character flaw(as you put it). I'm going to pretend land like you and pretend you don't exist.

Re: Mr. Commonsense?

When disagreeing with Commonsensenotc... do it with facts please. Attacking him with name calling does nothing but support the argument. It appears that he enjoys a good strong debate, just as I do. I disagree with him sometimes and agree with him sometimes too. It's called attacking the message, not the messenger. Hitler was a "National Socialist". Commonsensenotc... is a global market capitalist.

Dearest Trevor

Actually, I DID post a reply, "Been there, done that," but for some reason it hasn't posted. Let me summarize: I've already had one of your supposed mentally ill people break into my house, a meth freak. Unfortunately for him, I was home. I reject your contention that we have to pay one way or another. Make prison what prison should be and it will be a whole lot cheaper. I also have no problem helping TRULY mentally ill people without family. The problem is that you folks have expanded the definition of "mentally ill" to encompass anything you can make a buck on. Drug use, alcohol abuse, pre-surgical sex reassignment counseling...the taxpayers get stuck paying for a lot of garbage. Hopefully, the post will eventually make it, because the last section was the best part. It was all about managing your life and not making excuses for your own failures. Hope you feel better after having that little name calling hissy fit. Oh, it hurt me SOOOOO badly!

Darn, they never posted the one....

Darn, they never posted the one I responded with yesterday. I really schooled you, so they may have thought if you read it you would be so overwhelmed you would be beating down Southeastern's door yourself. I said this and that and then threw in there(boasted a little) that, as a master level experienced criminologist, I was able to determine the name calling did really hurt you. You blew it when you over emphasized "SOOOOO", you gave it away plus the fact you are old enough to know who Hitler is. Sleep tight and don't forget, you will be paying.

Master level experienced criminologist?

HAHAHAHAHA! Uh....yeah....okay....we'll get your lithium shot ready too, Senor Space Cadet.