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Finding the right workout songs

READ MORE: Finding the right workout songs
WILMINGTON -- Motivating yourself to work out isn't always easy. But it may be a bit easier if you have the right soundtrack. Laura Bay rarely goes to the gym without her i-pod. She says the right music is almost as crucial to her workout as a good pair of running shoes. "I've run two marathons, and in my first marathon I just wore out my iPod," said Bay. "It just doesn't work anymore." These days it seems almost everyone at the wilmington athletic club wears headphones. Studies have shown it actually improves results by motivating and distracting people from fatigue. Just ask fitness instructor Matthew Crambleet -- who's been teaching aerobics and weight lifting classes for years. That's what fitness is all about is finding what ties you to the music to your fitness. That keeps you moving along your path to better fitness," Crambleet said. Then there's the challenge of finding the right music that will keep you moving. Scientific studies show that the best work songs are usually more upbeat. They have a distinguishable rhythm that you can move along to and coordinate your movements. But some, like Laura Bay, prefer to run to their own beat. "Sometimes it's happy... I have different playlists for my mood," Bay said. Others, like Samuel Ramos, prefer to take it slow. "I listen mostly to jazz music, smooth jazz, water colors from XM," said Ramos. "That's for the yoga," Crambleet said. He says he prefers his music match the rhythm of his workout. Some of the more popular work out songs are hip hop tune "Push it" by Salt' n Peppa and, of course, 'Gonna fly now,' which is more commonly known as the theme from Rocky.

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When i workout, i always

When i workout, i always have my ipod too. i usally listen to Kayne west or Jay Z, but if u like rock and not hop hop, then i listen to Areosmith/ dream on. usally works good for me


Rick James.....true! I always have listened to Ministry, Motorhead, Judas Priest, anything with a non-stop trancelike beat. Enigma is good too- gets your heart going without even working out.

Need some more "upbeat" music recommendations....

I like dance music (not techno) though. I like song's that just automatically make you want to move! My favorite rock song to work out to is Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. That probably has something to do with the fact that Top Gun is my all time favorite movie! So, if you can help me break out of my shell - I'd love to hear some of your recommendations! Thanks.

Heather, love the song and

Heather, love the song and the movie...but I don't know about using it for working out. I'm not big on heavy rap music, but I do like a select number of songs from the ones I listed below

Music to listen too

That is pretty cool... to be honest I have never thought about music distracting you from fatigue. I will test but it makes sense. Also along with music, the right mindset going in makes a huge difference... try it, take just 5 mins and pump yourself up mentally.

two words: rick james four

two words: rick james four more words: "give it to me"

Who is rick james is he a

Who is rick james is he a new artist? Any good?


I'm Rick James B!t$h !! ;)

Das sometimes feel like

Das sometimes I feel like you're the only one who gets me :)

rick james

Thats because we are both Super Freaks Scally. Gotta love it. LOL

I like a mix

I usually listen to a mix....Creed, Nickleback, Staind, Live, Godsmack, etc. Something to get my heart pumping and a little intensity in my workout. I work out about 45-50min a day 4-5 days a week. Workouts can get boring and music helps liven up the hour

I usually listen to David

I usually listen to David Allan Coe or Public Enemy when I workout, sometimes Norah Jones though.


I do not work out, well not in a gym anyway we have a home gym >;) I just leave my TV on something interesting to get my mind off the pain. LOL