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Fire breaks out at a Pender elementary school

READ MORE: Fire breaks out at Pender elementary school
A fire broke out Monday morning shortly after 8:00 at a Pender County elementary school, forcing it to shut down. As a result, parents scrambled to pick up their kids after an emergency evacuation. Firefighters are still looking into what caused the fire at Malpass Corner Elementary School. In the meantime, parents are praising school officials for their quick response. Fifth grader Trent Waitley said, "We thought it was a practice drill until we started seeing cops come up, and then we knew it was for real." The fire started in a boys’ bathroom, and the entire school was evacuated within minutes. Fellow fifth grader Nick King said, "I heard a fire drill, and I was kind of concerned because we were about to go to our next class, and I thought it was just another drill, and we got outside and police cars and everything started showing up." Students were taken to Pender High School while parents were notified about the incident. "I felt like my child was safe," Malpass Corner Elementary parent Jeremy Brown said. "Actually one of the teachers called us personally and let us know what was going on, so I think they handled it real well." Another parent, James Bland, said, "They got them away from the school in case anything else would have happened, so that was great." One by one, parents, relatives and babysitters streamed into Pender High School to pick up the students. No one was injured. The bathroom, parts of the hallway and possibly the media center were all damaged by the heat and smoke. Some students say they just want their school to return to normal. While many of the parents and students said the cause was electrical, the fire marshal is still investigating and has not confirmed that information. Malpass Corner Elementary will be closed again Tuesday.

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I have graduated!

Hi.I Nesa am back with more info.I have graduated from MCE now, but back when Brianna or her mom Marsha(I can't remember which) said that we have them on a regular basis, we didn't.We had lockdown drills maybe 2-3 times, fire drills 2-4 times and tornado drills 2 last year. Not every month THE WHOLE YEAR!!


Okay,now that all this fire stuff is out of the way,I wanted to say a couple of words about the past month.I am a student and I know who set the fire.Today and yesterday,we had to go for make-up days but they said that if we did not come it would be excused.Today around 8:15 the fire alarm went off again!!!!UHHH!!Their was something going on with the heat or boiler or something like that.I just wanted to update the comments so........... THE END!!!

From a Student!!

I am also a student at malpass and the girl that left a comment is one of my friends. We were walking outside the school like a normal day... then we saw the truck that came in from a different way behind the busses.We all got scared then:-[!!They got all 507 students out of the school in under two minutes.Thank you Mr.Buchanan. A Student From Malpass Corner Elemntary!!


I am a student at MCE.When the fire alarm sounded, my friends and I thought nothing of it. We just thought it was a drill.After about 15-20 minutes of standing outside , we saw paramedics and police rushing to the school.Then 5min. later , here come 3 fire trucks and 2 more police cars. Me and my friends were crying and worried. When we left to go to PHS , there were probably about 8 fire trucks, twelve police cars and 3 paramedics. I am just really thankful that the school was not damaged too bad and that no one got hurt.:)

From a parent

Your first sentence that stated when the alarm went off you and your freinds thought nothing of it. Please, you have a long life ahead of you, don't take things for granted no matter how small. I'm glad you are alright.

Well actually when I said

Well actually when I said that I thought nothing of it,I meant that I just thought of It as a normal fire drill.I didnt smell any smoke or no signs of a fire but Its not like I dont know that I have a full life ahead of me.In July, I almost drowned in a rip current so I know not to take things for granted.

Malpass Corner Elementary evacuation

I just wanted to give praise to the school for getting the kids out so fast! The entire process of getting the students out of the school, loaded on the buses, and transported to Pender High was done quickly and efficently. From the time sirens were heard at my house to the time the students were at the high school, was less than 45 min. With having over 500 students, this time was amazing. Thanks to all the staff for taking the children and moving them to safety so quickly! Mr. Buchanan has been a great asset to this school. My daughter, Brianna, said that they practice these fire drills regularly. Thank you, Mr Buchanan, for teaching the kids to stay calm and how to handle this type of situation like a pro.