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Fire consolidation questions remain


NEW HANOVER COUNTY,NC (WWAY) -- Commissioners will vote to consolidate fire services throughout New Hanover County. County Manager Bruce Shell says the merger would help cut down on response time, lower insurance rates, and provide firefighters with better training. The merger also means volunteers would have to join county fire services. But some volunteers say they still have no idea what their role will be.

"A lot of volunteers are still unsure of what their positions will be with the county Fire," says Chief David Raines. "They've put out some preliminary things, but nothing is set in stone as to what the role of the volunteers or the officers will play in the new system."

Commissioners say the merger won't cost taxpayers more money, but residents and volunteers are skeptical.

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Better training?

How in the world can the claim better training even come into play. Almost all of the volunteer and some paid firefighters are taught most of their classes through CFCC Fire Training This 10 million dollar facility uses the very instructors that train the WFD and NHCFR students. Do you really think those instructors teach better just because they are teaching for the county or city.

Get real!

Just look at the picture

Just look at the picture above. A volunteer station has spent xx number of dollars on a hummer that does not benefit the taxpayers at all. Why don't you dig deeper into the volunteer budgets and see just what the money is being spent for. If they were doing it for the citizens they would have a different outlook.

A politician's lips are

A politician's lips are moving... let's guess, lying again??

The county is going to have to pay Federal Point volunteers $250,000 reported right here in another article... the county "manager" has the audacity to say that this was in the budget, therefore it will not cost the taxpayers anything more.

Out with the stinking lot of them. November won't get here fast enough for me.

What people fail to

What people fail to recognize is the operating expenses of these stations will be lowered dramatically. The county already funds these stations, most of which operate at twice the budget of the average county station. The citizens will not see a change in protection other than the lower insurance ratings.
As for the volunteers, they have the opportunity to continue to volunteer with the county fire service. The only difference for volunteers is they will be required to report to the station instead of the scene of an incident. This has been in the works for years and has worked for the residents in Ogden very well.

County firefighters merger

I'm skeptical about the statement that it won't cost taxpayers more money. It always costs taxpayers more money especially when we hear that it won't. Look what happened when they merged city/county water & sewer. My sewer bill in the last 2yrs has gone up over 40% & will definitely go up again especially when Ogden is forced into annexation & I'm forced to pay thousands of dollars to hook up to water. I'm unemployed, living alone, receiving $776/mo. actively searching for work, paying my bills on time every mo. & have cut back on everything even food. No I don't have a computer-I'm at the library.

Fire Consolidation/Merger

I find it hard to believe, since consolidation/merging of city coumty services have been voted down many many times, the county commissioners are ignoring what the voters want and are now merging departments one at a time. First it was the CFPUA fiasco, what good did it do to merge the two systems? It just made everyone's water bill skyrocket. This was done without a public vote of the people.
Now it's the fire stations, which many people are against. If you don't think it will be more expensive, you are dreaming.
This too is being done without a vote of the public, because the commissioners know it probably would not pass.
Why not add it to the ballot in November

They never will

Even jason thompson's big water head knows if it were put on a ballot it wouldn't pass. Just like city council didn't put the convention center up for a vote because it would not have passed. Politicians will try to force through as much as they can with as little public input as possible.