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Fire hydrant problems may have caused house to burn longer

READ MORE: Fire hydrant problems may have caused house to burn longer
We now know more about the house fire in Ogden that kept firefighters busy for hours yesterday. Fire fighters were at the home on Privateer Court in the Snug Harbor sub-division for over five hours trying to put out the blaze, but it may not have taken as long if all the equipment was working properly. New Hanover County deputy fire marshal Ray Griswold said, "The roof had heavy heat damage cause the fire went up the outside then into the attic and into void areas, into the walls, so there's a lot of structural damage to it." The damage may not have been as sever if the closest fire hydrant was working. The New Hanover County department of fire services is supposed to check the hydrants every six months, to make sure they're working. If not, it's up to the city to make the repairs. "We do know today that they were notified that there's a problem out there and they are supposed to be out there to check and find out why the hydrant didn't work," said Griswold. City officials checked out the hydrant in question, and found its water valve had been turned off. They have not been able to determine who turned it off, or when, because there have been a number of different agencies working on projects in the area. Officials say the valve is back on and working fine. The deputy fire marshal says the fire started on the back porch, but the actual cause is still under investigation. He says the fire department tries to train for every situation and have a plan B just in case the first option doesn't work.

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Hydrant problem?

Checking the valve if a fire hydrant does not seem to be working is one of the first things a firefighter is taught to check. *NOTE* Just so there is no misunderstanding...the city does provide water to that part of the county, and is responsible for repairs, but it is the county fire dept that is responsible for checking the hydrants to make sure they are working. The city fire department has nothing to do with fire hydrants in the county.

Trace the money

I sure that there is money that is put aside or there to have this fix and somebody behind a desk has made the choice to not use it. The writers are right the government is not the answer but, when they are the ones taken the money they need to used it. We need to look out for ourselves. but, the need to be fix. If you are going to have them there they should work


First, we as a society have become too dependant on the government to protect us. Local, state and federal governments do serve a purpose, but the responsibility to protect ourselves and our property lies solely on us, the citizens. When as a people look to the government to provide for our every need, we loose our freedoms. We can not point the finger at the government every time they fail us. Historically, the government is ill equipped to provide in an emergency. This situation may have been no different. However, firefighters did respond. They risked their lives. They did extinguish the fire and prevented further damage and danger. The job was done with or without a working hydrant. The fire department should be commended and thanked. Secondly, it is not the government’s fault that a fire started in this home. A working fire hydrant would not have prevented the fire. Too blame the government in this situation is irresponsible and pathetic. Instead of always looking for someone to blame we should take a moment, it the mist of a failure, and examine ourselves. What could “I” have done differently? How can “I” improve in the future? Let us all take responsibility for our actions and not depend on a government to save us.

It's not my fault......after the fact

Grill not correctly shut off, starts fire that quickly spreads to home. Due to faulty fire hydrant, homeowner sues city/county for loss of home. Drunk driver kills an innocent victim. Drunk driver sues the bar to which sold him multiple drinks. Pot hole in road. Instead of slowing down and going around. You hit the pot hole, over correct, spin out of control, pray you live, sue the DOT for pot hole in road. Robbery in progress call to 911. Cops respond. Culprit shoots at cops, wounding one in the arm. Officer fires back shoots culprit in foot. Culprit sues for negligence. RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONE'S OWN ACTIONS.....when are we going to get back to the common sense theory.


This would be yet another reason to consolidate the city and county.


I know of at least ONE homeowner that contacted a lawyer today...pucker up for another one NHC.


I personaly think that someone needs to find out why that fire hydrant was not properly working. Who is to blame? Someone needs to step up and find some answers!

fire hydrant

the hydrants in that community are the responsibility of the City of Wilmington. the City provides water to that community while the County provides the sewer service. i have a friend who works for the county who told me this last night.

I am not surprised one bit.

I am not surprised one bit. I am a firefighter and whenever we find a hydrant not working we write it up to have it fixed at least two or three times. Takes months to get someone out to fix them.

It would seem that the fire

It would seem that the fire department, if they found a non-working hydrant, would be able to re-energize it without having to find another hydrant. I don't know how they are arranged, but if each has its own separate cut off, why did the FD not have a tool or "key" to turn it on?