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Fire safety advice

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The sound of a smoke detector is not so pleasant to the ear, but it's a sound that could save you seconds when escaping a fire. It could even save your life. "All situations, they can be different but in a normal working fire, per say, the smoke detectors gonna sense the smoke prior, it's gonna give you what we call an early warning device, give you those extra seconds to get up and get out," says Batallion Chief Herman Born, of Wilmington Fire Department. The fire at Cypress Point killed one, injured others, and raised safety concerns. The detectors in the units didn't have a battery backup. The fire department says even if they did, they were not wired to work solely off of batteries and that's why tenants should be prepared. "Two's better than one but having a battery back-up, minimally, would be the cheapest," said Born. The fire department says it would be good for renters and home-owners to make some changes. "We haven't researched it right now but I believe it wouldn't be too expensive depending on the type of construction to have the electrical hard-wire as we call it with battery back-up systems installed within a residence or apartment building," said Born. Chief Born says it might have made a crucial difference in those critical early morning hours at Cypress Point Apartments. "It's hard to say given the circumstance but I'd like to think again the smoke detectors are early warning devices and have gone off," said Born. "All things being said if people were sleeping than I think it could have made a difference."

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Cypress Pointe

While any loss of human life is tragic, suing is only prologing the agony of the family, and does nothing for the victim.

Accidents happens that is just part of life.

- Cypress Point Fire - PREVENTION IS THE KEY

Every apartment should have a working smoke detector. However, the real answer to fire safety in these multiple dwellings is an appropriate building code. In this case, it was not the wind, not the cigarette, or the spark that caused this fire. The existing Building Code is defective. Example, wooden deck, flamable vinyl siding, substandard fire exits, and inappropriate fire stopping to the cockloft is the reason why this fire got to the point where you had a fatality and other injured people. If this is left unchecked, again, under the right conditions: high wind, etc., any amount of proper operating amount of smoke detectors will not safe the lives of the people in the complex. What needs to be done is to evacuate all tenants immediately until the proper fire safety steps are taken. For example, fire retarded exits, and I emphasize, not one exits but several exits from the upper floors. Replace vinyl siding with fire retardant siding and appropriate fire stopping to protect the cockloft from fire extension. I'm certain that there are other things I've missed. Respectfully yours, J.R.

It is a sad thing when

It is a sad thing when anyone loses their life, especially accidentally. But to those who want to sue the apartment owners, bear in mind that a careless smoker caused this to happen. Most of the blame lies with him or her.


you have to remember the TIMES we are living in..NOTHING is EVER YOUR FAULT! It's ALWAYS someone elses fault! I mean...the resident just couldn't be BURDENED to buy a 10 dollar smoke alarm...silly American!


You should be ashammed of yourself, and if you're not American, go back the hell where you came from, and quit stealing from the USA!!! The one is SILLY is you, for saying what you said...."the resident just couldn't be BURDENED to buy a 10 dollar smoke alarm...silly American!", there was a smoke alarm in the apartment, and if you would have cleaned the wax off of your eyeballs, you would have read that!! The problem was it "had no battery back up power"


..well OK...she couldn't be BURDENED with CHECKING it once a month like normal people do..sorry bout that.

AND YES..I am American...spent 20 years in the US Military...I am just tired of the..."It's not MY fault's" in this country...TAKE SOME DANG RESPONSIBILITY, otherwise...raise the red flag and learn the Chinese national anthem!

lol as well

I just wanted you to realize that, she was not at blame for the fire, and yes Americans are spoiled as we all are, including yourself. We have a tendency to forget and over look many tasks, as we are NOT perfect. As far as "Its not my fault"...being an excuse..."Well, once again we do live in America, and that's a freedom thing". "It's not my fault Obama is in Office, and we have been at War for stupid reasons"...."Its not my fault that the government took out religion in schools"...As far as taking responsibilities are concerned...."The citizens should stand up, and take back our Country"....The way it used to be....Civil War 2!!


If you knew the facts you would of know it worked until the fire crawled up the side of the building into the attic and burned the wiring.So even if she checked it before she went to bed it still wouldn't have worked.

Oh yes

What??? Take responsibility for my own life?? No way, I want the government to be my nanny. Not.

Fire Safety

Another thought: if this fire was truly caused by "improperly discarded smoking material on the outside of the building" - wouldn't it behoove the fire department or the police to investigate WHO discarded it? Sounds like involuntary manslaughter to me.....

Fire Safety Advice

All good advice; however, this does not get that apartment building itself off the hook. As part of the lease, they should provide a safe environment and part of that includes a working smoke detector in every dwelling. I hope the families of these poor victims get a good attorney and sue the pants off the owner of that building and/or the management company. Make sure you find out which company is providing liability coverage for the apartment complex, and what constitutes malfeasance, misfeasance and negligence. Hopefully another tragedy like this can be averted.

"It is a sad thing when

"It is a sad thing when anyone loses their life, especially accidentally. But to those who want to sue the apartment owners, bear in mind that a careless smoker caused this to happen. Most of the blame lies with him or her." Exactly. The person responsible for this fire is the one who light the cigarette and did not put it out properly. Quit Smoking!

And, reasonably, a 23 year

And, reasonably, a 23 year old should know not to leave a burning cigarette on a wooden porch. It was a terrible accident. I don't think the property owner is at fault.

Kind of makes ya' wander?

No one ever reads anymore.....or listens to what is actually happening. Gets your facts straight before you post....Rory was 23 years old, (THAT PART IS CORRECT), Was she awake at the time of the fire? NO!!! She was asleep!! The cigarette did not come from her....It is not all the property owners fault, but as a must be up to date and current with all of the appliances, smoke detectors, etc...Smoke detector with no battery backup power, is not up to date. SO "YES", that is the property owners fault. Outing the cigarette is not...


what you are saying is that..since you live on someone ELSE'S shouldn't have to have ANY self responsibility to protect your own life? Interesting indeed...