Firefighters try new training

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Wilmington Fire Department teamed up with the state Fire Marshal's Office to test a pilot training program for firefighter safety survival.

Firefighters practiced situations in which they could get trapped inside a building or house. They were blind-folded and crawled through sets designed to look like hallways and rooms. They used props, collapsed floors and rooves and crawled through debris.

Firefighters say practice like today's is a crucial part of training.

"It's something that has to be worked on all the time," Capt. Greg Fix said, "so if you don't ever practice it, to try and do it at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning in a smoked out building or high heat conditions it's very hard."

The training ends Friday.

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I have been out there to see the props and the personnel, the class was put on by New Hanover County Fire and Wilmington FD. NHC from what I understand paid for and built the new props, they received no credit in this article. Keep up the good work NHCFR, your are the best kept secret in NHC, one day you will get your dues.

Good job WFD! The Wilmington Fire Department is once again leading the way and setting standards for others to follow. Good Job.

Actually this was a joint venture between NHCFR and WFD, not a stand alone operation. NHCFR also purchased and built all the new props seen on tv. There are 3 NHCFR and 3 WFD instructors. Just the facts. Most of the training involving Swift Water Rescue, USAR, and Rapid Intervention Team training have been initiated by NHCFR.

Actually it was not mentioned that this was a joint venture between NHC Fire Rescue and wilmington fd. NHC provided all the new props and funding. Great job to both.