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UPDATE: Arrest warrants issued for partying paramedics in Brunswick County

READ MORE: Fireman's party under investigation

OAK ISLAND, NC - Oak Island police issued two warrants Friday in the investigation of an August party at the home of a firefighter, where two people allegedly administered IVs to two other people - reports the State Port Pilot.

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OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) -- Disturbing allegations tonight, about partying paramedics who may have crossed the line. The possibility of town employees administering drugs to each other has a lot of folks asking questions.

These allegations were first handled by the Town of Oak Island as a personnel matter. They were quickly cleared after an internal investigation was completed, but on September 29, Oak Island Police launched a criminal investigation.

According to a police report, a party got out of hand. The report says drugs were delivered at a party hosted by an Oak Island Fire and Rescue employee. Oak Island Town Manager Jerry Walters says that employee is Shawn Neighbors.

The report says the drug Phenergan was administered to two women through an IV at the party, which was attended by several firemen and possibly law enforcement officers. Investigators won't say which agencies those firemen and officers work for.

Neighbors lives at a house on Northeast 36th Street on Oak Island, where his neighbors say they remember a large party taking place at his home in August. We knocked on Neighbors's door, but no one answered despite the fact there were two cars in the driveway.

The town manager told WWAY today that it was determined that Oak Island employees neither gave the IV nor received the drugs at the party.

Neighbors is still an employee at Oak Island Fire and Rescue.

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Oh my...

Why do i feel that if some people here really knew the things their public servants did on their off hours, they would never call 911 again. OMG, believe it or not, cops, firefighters, medics, they're all real human beings.

IV, fluids and some drugs to keep you from puking given off the record should be the least of your concerns.

Giving meds

Well who gave the medicine to the ones that started the IV and administered it? Was it like candy being handed out to the people that was sick? The person who gave the prescribed medicine should be just as guilty as the ones that injected it. For one the medicine was not taken the way the label precribes. Just saying this is the same as the Michael Jackson saga...

If you all just knew what you were talking about

Ok for starters Phenergan as of 2009 is no longer carried on the ambulances per state protocols. SO please first get the drugs right before posting anything. Zofran is the only drug and plus its a drug for n/v its not like you can get high off of it.I mean really. First WWAY please please please get you facts staight 2nd public please think before you speak, almost all of you are so nosey and dont know what you are talking about and frankly that its going to make me need some zofran myself.


So WWAY topic header reads "warrants issued for partying paramedics" and no where else do I read that it was paramedics. I read somewhere else that they were from out of town, could have been paramedics from elsewhere, but no where does it say that. WWAY making up thier own facts to a story again?


I have some questions...Who made the complaint? Was it another Paramedic or cop? If it was, why didnt they call 911 then and there...something is not adding up here. I want to know who made the complaint and if they were sober? Lots of unanswered questions here. If the person making this complaint was a Paramedic, they need to be held accountable for "failing to act", it is clear there must of have been a "duty to act" based on what we have heard so far.


Danny Keiser the Assistant Chief of Oak Island FD is who witnessed the event and filed the complaint.

well then

So that means Assistant Chief Keiser must have been at the party as well.. So it must have been ppl he wanted removed from the the department. If he witnessed the situation he should have stepped up and stopped the actions of the others.. I mean he is the Assistant Chief..Sounds like that there is some shady business floating down the sewer system on OKI.

Danny Kiser(not Keiser) has

Danny Kiser(not Keiser) has never been the Assistant Chief of Oak Island FD. He was Assistant Chief for the Volunteers only. That title was recently removed when volunteers voted to remove their two remaining officers. One left voluntarily before the meeting.
Volunteers will now have a paid officer to provide direction where required.


WWAY, what is the outcome of the charges? Was Mr. Kiser truthful in his complaint? Let's hear from Mr. Kiser?


Ok, it is clear here that all the facts of this case is not out. Oak Island Fire and EMS staff DID NOT perform any of the acts mentioned nor was any equipment involved from Oak Island...this has been established and is in the Police report. This is a case of an Oak Island Firefighter hosting a party which apparently had some bad company. I think all should remember that there are two sides to every story and we have not heard Mr. Neighbors side...did he have knowledge such an event occured?, was in fact something administered? was a crime committed? was the reporting party sober him or herself?, is the complaint creditable?...Lots of unanswered questions here and lots of answered questions so far. I think we need to look at the complaint a little closer and identify the factual content of what happened prior to making all these assumptions. One more thing? Why did Oak Island "REOPEN' the case. Something smells fishy here, somebody is doing something dirty and trying to intentionally cause damage.

"partying paramedics"

I think the local news media should probably learn how to check facts before running a story. Shame on you for not doing your job thoroughly. I am in no way associated with this situation other than I know those involved, but I do know there are several fallacies in the above story. One, the party was not on the 13th. It was held on the 7th. Second, the initial complaint was not made until the 13th, hmmm wonder why it took them 6 days to file a complaint? Third, I am appalled that you would report in the manner you have, " controlled substances" leads the normal everyday common person to believe they were using illegal drugs. Phenergan, although a prescription medication, is in no way a drug used to get high.

I just want to point out that if these emts/firefighters and law enforcement officers did their jobs as poorly as you have done yours in the writing if this article, they would surely not have their jobs long. Also, isn't the media supposed to report news unbiased and factual? Well I sure would like to know the other side of this story, like the fact that the town of Oak Island did an investigation and found that the Neighbors were not guilty of wrong doing. Or the fact that whoever made the complaint was at this party and waited 6 days to say they had a concern with the events. I certainly could have slept better not having read what amounts to the roasting of good people because of bad judgement from your biased, half fact story!


Where did the supplies come from? Was it our tax dollars that were paying for the IVs? Mr. Neighbors should be held accountable for allowing this to happen in his home! Why is it being "swept under the rug?" His wife has Sherrif Priviledges, and she should be reprimanded also! Disgusting....they must think that they are above the law.



EMS as well as Oak Island

EMS as well as Oak Island Fire and Rescue pick up, on average at least 5, non emergent patients a week, transporting these people to the hospital in an ambulance at $400+ per ride, which isn't paid because of the deadbeats around here, hence the bulk of the bill falls on the tax payers. And you are screaming to crucify these people over an $2 bag of IV fluid, a $1 set of tubing and a $5 dollar needle? Wow.....nice priorities!

Hate to break it to you, but

Hate to break it to you, but a bag of IV fluids costs more than a few dollars, and the tubing and needle are also more expensive. The fact is that no paramedic should be administering IV Phenergan to anyone at a party. Paramedics are under a medical director, and they are not covered while not at work. If somebody did that, they would lose their job and possibly their license.


Bag of IV fluids: $4.79
IV Tubing: $5.25
IV Needle (18g): .10

Paramedics getting busted being stupid: Priceless.

I hate to break it to you, EMT

I hate to break it to you Mr. EMT, but read the story next time.
It clearly states that the EMT, firefighters and LEO's were NOT administering these fluids.
Pay attention next time, I would hope that your attention to detail shows up better in your line of work.

Reply to Comment

If YOU could read, then you would know that I was commenting on the post before mine, which was about the costs of IV supplies, which are significantly more than a few dollars. Hence, you might need more education yourself, as I merely mentioned that IF they were caught administering, not that they WERE administering. My job is fine, and I haven't had a complaint in 18 years. Learn how to read, and pay attention to yourself!!!!

The issue at hand is that a

The issue at hand is that a prescription is required to even purchase those IV supplies let alone, administer them. It's a HUGE deal if a patient is discharged or walks out of a hospital with even a port in. Therefore, if you do these types of things while not on duty, it becomes practicing medicine WITHOUT a license since EMS personnel function under an MD's license while ON DUTY.

You just DON'T DO IT. No exceptions and the news has nothing to report, period!!

paramedics party

I happen to live 2 doors down from these paramedics and its funny I dont recall them having a hugh party in August. These are very nice young men and for some reason I dont see them administrating promethazine especially the eve of their HUGH party. As i recall there were six to eight cars present and all seemed to leave their party exhibiting no signs of being ineburated or impaired. One might wonder how I know this, well I happen to be walking my dogs when several of the "party-goers" left, in fact I held a small conservation with a few of them and not one of them seemed impaired. Correct me if Im wrong but it was not too long ago that I was administring promethazine in the emergency room and a dose of 25mg would wipe an elephant out for hours and they sure were not holding a conservation....they were sleeping definitely not driving. Another question that I have is, how did they get extra vials of promethazine and where did they get it? Second question I have is the town does not have in place paramedics Oak Island depends on the county for PARAMEDIC coverage, Oak Island EMS CANNOT administer promethazine. I feel that wway needs to investigate this more and have facts in order and actually find out what the EMS personnal can do medically on Oak Island and what drugs they might house in their EMS vehicles. You might be surpraised to know what the EMS staff on Oak Island cant do. Better call for a county unit in a serious situation because I dont fell that O2 and asprin will save all. THINK ABOUT IT!!!


Were you drunk when you made this comment? Did you have a "conversation" or a "conservation" with the you neighbors, The Neighbors? I believe the party took place on August 7th. The Neighbors are always throwing parties and having random people over at their home. There were also workers from Brunswick County's 911 center there. That is where Sonya Neighbors works. They should all be fired! Would you trust them to oversee your life in a dangerous situation? You have off duty EMS workers getting drunk, 911 workers getting IVs, ....all two doors down from you. I would not even have my dog around them! THINK ABOUT IT!!!


Honestly no one knows for sure what happened and im not taking up for nobody but until you know for sure the facts i would not JUDGE anybody! I wonder how many people on this EARTH when they are not working anywhere and has a day or weekend off is drinking. Ok if people judge others because they were drinking knowing they do it theirself i don't SEE where that is right!!!! Now the IV part i dont know about nobody does!!! It seems like every little thing that is a rumor or truth people jump to conclusions without knowing for a FACT if it is really TRUE or NOT!!!!! So i would not judge on worrying about your life while they are working Because they are OFF DUTY not on the job drunk and trying to help people. If anybody saw where they were working while this happened please let me know cause i know i sure aint blind. Also if you get mad about what somebody wrote on here don't take a mistake on their spelling and try to use it just don't help matters!


These are the FACTS -

It is fact that, there was a Party held in the month of August 2010.
It is fact that, the party was held at the “Neighbors” residence.
It is fact that there were numerous people from different agencies at the party.
It is also fact that all the people at this party were OFF DUTY agents from different agencies.

Things to Remember –
OFF DUTY agents in the Emergency Services system which include Law, Fire and EMS personnel are held accountable for their actions 100% of the time morally or ethically. This is to include ON duty and OFF duty calls for service and also their personal time with their families. But the question to me is WHY are public servants ALWAYS held to 100% of the standard when they are both on and off duty?

You as Joe Blow citizen are not required to make sure that paper is stapled or the wrench is turned when you’re OFF DUTY nor are you restricted beyond the rule of the laws of what you can and cannot partake in while you’re OFF DUTY. There is nothing telling the mechanics that every time they pass a broken down vehicle they are required to stop and render aid to that distressed vehicle; there is nothing stating that every time you are walking down the street and a passerby drops an arm full of paperwork that the secretary who is also passing by must stop and assist in reacquiring said papers and organizing the unit as a whole again before she can continue on her way.

So my question remains standing: Why are you trying to hold someone accountable for;
1) Something they did not know about?
2) Something they did not administer?
3) Something they were not part of?

Oh and considering how this is about a drug that the “Paramedics administered” maybe is shown be know that the “Paramedics” are NOT Paramedics. The Paramedics that you as the media are speaking of are EMT-Intermediates. That is the highest level of action and drug administration they can perform due to NO agency in the county can perform higher than EMT-Intermediate level except:
1) Brunswick County EMS
2) Bald Head Island Public Safety
3) Leland Fire & Rescue

And this is because the above agencies are authorized by the County Medical Director and have been worked into the Brunswick County Model system. If you notice Oak Island Fire & EMS is not one of the listed agencies which means that the drug Generic Name: Promethazine (proe-METH-a-zeen and Brand Name: Phenergan, whould not be able to be obtained nor aqquired to administer on or at this said party by neither Shawn Neighbors nor his wife.

So yet again back to my question: Why are you trying to hold someone accountable for;

1) Something they did not know about?
2) Something they did not administer?
3) Something they were not part of?

So maybe YOU should THINK ABOUT IT!

yes sir

you tell em B. Hit the nail on the head there!

Shouldn't you of said, "hit

Shouldn't you of said, "hit the needle in the vein?" ..... If you people approve of this, and think this is normal, you are sick. I have been to my fair share of parties in my day, and not once has anyone broke out the IV bag and started an IV! Unbelievable!

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your two cents! I think you are no better than anyone else on here for airing someone else's dirty laundry! One might ask how you yourself became so wholesome and perfect to be able to point out the flaws in others and pass judgement. I would like to point out that the key words in your post "off duty" does not mean these people aren't perfectly capable of handling themselves in a professional manner on the job! They are people in a high stress, low paying, thankless job and above all they are human. What gives you the right to judge them for spending their down time in their own way? Walk a mike in their shoes and we shall see how your warped perception changes!


If these individuals are so "stressed" in their jobs that they resort to drinking to the point that an IV is needed, perhaps they should switch careers. As for airing dirty laundry, if you DO something, OWN IT! How do you know I haven't or I am NOT walking in their shoes? The fact of the matter is, I don't partake of anything illegal, and surely know how to control my alcohol intake. If they can make such poor judgement for thier own lives, I hate to think of how they value and handle the lives of the public. I am not judging them for spending their down time drunk, passed out with IVs in thier arms.... I am just merely saying that THIS is NOT appropriate behaviour of grown professionals. Mr. and Mrs. Neighbors had this party posted ALL over their facebook account for weeks leading to the event. They advertised that PJ would be their and a ton of alcohol. GREAT behaviours from grown professionals, huh?

If you had at one time or

If you had at one time or are currently walked in their shoes then you would know the stress of the job. It is great that you can handle yourself appropriately, bravo! Now my question is did you actually read the news articles on this issue or is this a personal vendetta? Let's review the facts as stated by our fabulous media. One- Mr and Mrs Neighbors threw a party, not an illegal activity. Two there was alcohol present at said party, again not illegal. In the above mentioned article it clearly states that neither Mr or Mrs Neighbors was on the receiving or administering end of the IV or medication. Three- there was an investigation into the initial complaint and Mr as well as Mrs Neighbors were cleared of any illegal activity. Now let's review the facts as you state them. One- there was a party, not illegal. Two- Mr and Mrs Neighbors posted about it on facebook, again not illegal. Three- they should be fired and burned at the stake because they threw a party and someone at that party got so drunk they got sick so someone else decided to try and HELP that person and gave them an iV with an anti nausea medication, yes illegal, however, not the actions of those you wish to persecute. I am left wondering how you know so much about Mr and Mrs Nighbors and why it is you have decided to start a witch hunt geared toward ruining them?


Seems as if you know alot about the party. You claim it was posted on facebook. Were you there? Lets here some more information whereas you know so much about this matter. How do you know the folks who received the IV's were even EMS folks? Do you know? Just who were they? And most of all WHO DiD the IV's. We know it was not Oak Island EMS folks. So, go ahead and keep bad mouthing the paramedics.

One simple; one not so simple, but easy nonetheless

Is the word huge (to describe something as larger than large) so difficult that so many people can't spell it? Why do so many people spell it hugh? That's a man's name, not a description of something large. Befuddling and mind-boggling at least.

On the other hand inebriated isn't too difficult; say it; spell it just like it's said: in e bri ated.

So first you write there was no party; then, you mention all the vehicles. Then you put the word party in parentheses. Was there a party or not? However, if you were going for subtle humor, sarcasm, or irony, the rest of us missed it (mostly because of the imbecilic repetition of hugh and ineburated.

Yea, six to eight cars at an address is definitely a party (where are you from?). [that's just my boys, you might say. Yes, it is; your boys at a party.]

I wonder if the conservation saved anything important: trees, whales, soil, loggerhead turtles?

BTW, a little punctuation here and there might help it all.
And what is it that we're supposed to think about with such strong emphasis at the end (no fewer than 3 exclamation points)?

Penultimately, a 25 mg tab won’t get me through 4 hours; how do those elephants do it?

And, finally, maybe 1 of 2 ideas: respond sober, or edit carefully (just like I did).