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FIRST ON 3: Former sheriff's son, three others sentenced in mortgage fraud case


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The son of former New Hanover County Sheriff Sid Causey will spend 18 months in prison for his role in a mortgage fraud scheme. Brian Causey, 37, also forfeited $250,000.

Yesterday a federal judge sentenced Causey's three co-defendants. Horace Hance Mayo III of Wrightsville Beach received four months in prison and 120 days home detention with electronic monitoring. Michael Paul Fluharty of Little River, SC, received six months behind bars. Tyrone Ford of Wilmington, received a 15-month prison sentence.

The four men pleaded guilty in August to one count of conspiring to commit wire and mail fraud. The US Attorney says the charge goes back to a 1990 land deal in Columbus County in which Causey, Mayo, Fluharty and Ford submitted false information on loan applications for low-income purchasers who did not qualify for any type of government-backed mortgage.

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Some thing stinks

They are coving up what really happened you should dig a little deeper.Why did another man get 5 years that was below him in the order of this. Why did his trial get moved because the daddy has power.They did a lot more than they are being charged for dig more you will find the truth.

His daddy doesn't have

His daddy doesn't have anymore power and certainly NONE over the Feds. How many trials get moved? Just this one? Did it get pushed past Christmas? If you don't like Brian, fine. GET OVER YOUR POLITICAL DRAMA!!!!!!! If you have such a problem with how it was handled, call the FEDS and let them know.
Something stinks alright. It's your post

Something stinks

Does any body every keep up with the news. Yes he paid $ 250.000 but they stole from people and the banks over 6 million wow what a trade it was not even his money. He was the the leader of these bank robbers and got a slap on the hand for given up all his pals what a friend I want to have. For the ones who thinks for a second that people in law-enforcement don't have any pull wake up you are living in a dream world.If any ones wants to see other post go back to the 8/13/10 post on WWAY and read for your self then lets chat.They did 150 loans only two were not foreclosed on, this crime for us non protected people would have gotten a sentence of 30 years and fined a million dollars.

dad is not in law enforcement anymore.

This isn't Boss Hog and Hazzard county. Sid WAS in law enforcement, has not been for over a year. A po-dunk Sherrif has no stroke with the feds. Explain Michael Vick get the exact same I (think) for murdering over 80 dogs, tax evation amonst numerous charges. Including previous criminal issues.
Causey was not the ring leader. Check out

part of it says:
The sentences in federal court in Wilmington are the latest chapter in a case centered around Daniel Adams Rooks, a Whiteville real estate developer, his father, employees and associates.

At least two people were ahead of BC in this. Was BC wrong, ABSOLUTELY!!!! Do I think he got a lighter sentence then expected, ABSOLUTELY! Does it have anything to do with a FORMER Sheriff and DEA agent, NO. There is such a thing as local stroke. You don't have stroke with FEDS. When they are involved, it is in their hands and their hands only. People are so caught up in whatever political affiliation Sid was with and they are the opposite party. If Sid had stroke the other guys would have gotten a longer sentence for not coperating. When Feds are involved your best bet is HONESTY. If you are telling me you would be competely honest, regardless of aquaintances (NOT FRIENDS), to save you own tail you are lying. Lying to the FEDS makes it worse, I would bet a dollar to a dime that your political preference is far different the Sids. One grown mans decisions (BC) have absolutely nothing to do with another grown man (Sid).
Causey was asked about 150 loans, of which he could not answer most questions because he didn't know anything about it. FACT, I know him and both parents

To New

I re-read the report and no where in it does it say 5 years. Five months, yes.

Yes, something DOES stink

Yes, something DOES stink about this case. A check on PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) shows that Causey's sentencing memorandum is sealed.

Re-read the article

Mr. Causey received the longest sentence

So take a shower...

Who is covering up what? If you are aware of so many wrong doings by all means bring it to the attention of the DA. Other wise let the big boys handle this.

Why dont you just tell us

Why dont you just tell us what all the "really" did so we dont have to go look it up?

People get sentenced based on many things. For someone with no criminal background (driving offenses dont count) and a crime of this nature, 18 months is a crushing sentence.

Causey is a fine citizen and a very good member of our community. I have only known him 8 years, but I have never had the slightest doubt of his good character. We are not friends. I don't understand why people say things like this without backing them up.

What has he done to piss you off? Is it something his dad did? Is this a political issue you have? Was he mean to you in high school? I'm sure you hate him and I'm fairly sure you are the same person that always posts about him using poor writing skills.

Help me understand. You can change my mind if you make a clear argument but I need more than "the daddy has power." That does not even hold water. His dad has not been the sherrif for years and got crushed in the last election. What power does he have?


You are no different that the people that defend the thugs that rob, rape and shoot people. They all come out of the woodwork to proclaim "What a great guy he was." and "He never hurt nobody." His daddy doesn't have anything to do with the fact he is a felon.

that's a GREAT comparison.

that's a GREAT comparison. Rapist and murders to a liar. Brian is guilty but don't compare murder to lying and stealing.

First all they have hidden

First all they have hidden all the facts They put off the trial so every one would not see. The other guys involed in this was sent up last year look up Stanley Williams and others. It is funny how all of a sudden Sid retired every one that knew of this crime knows the facts except the public. Look it up you will see what is realy hidden. Causey is a good guy no one said he is not but so are the others guys. He did not get the longest sentance the other guy last year got 5 years for following Causey. By the way this did not just happen this has been going on for 5 years it just takes the feds a while to give some one time to retire.Look up Dec 12 2008 same case they just choose the prolong this so every one involved had time to put things in order.Go back and read the comments you will see.

causey is a felon

Brian Causey pleaded to reduced charges. Not everything he did was what he is pleading guilty to.

Fine citizen? Defrauding banks and innocent individuals such as the UNCW student is a fine citizen? Brian and Mayo are perfect examples of why the housing industry is bankrupt.

Brian Causey is a convicted felon. There are no fine citizens that have a record of stealing money from banks. He is a bank robber. That's a fact.

Were the charges Fair?

How is it that Fluharty who had Never met or spoke to Causey, Mayo, or Ford but yet he was charged with conspiring with them received 6 months? How did Alford Rooks get probation when testimonie showed that he enabled loans to take place by making the down payments and enabling the total loss of 6 MILLION Dollars to take place.... Fluhartys over all contribution to finical loss was 1.10 the loss of the others charged. Fluharty a victim of the system and i hope that he is returned to society the same person he left. Fluharty has done more for his community then most people ever think about doing. Our Federal System is set up to look at the Maximum Damage and the Minimum personal contribution to society. I hope that in time we as a society can realize that its better for and more cost effective to look into the person just as much as the crimes they are charged with. The Cost to hold Fluharty will exceed 22,000 dollars. I guess its profitable to put people in jail when our jails are maintained and run by private corporations.

If this was a 1990 land deal

If this was a 1990 land deal and he is 37 now. He did this when he was 17??

The original CRIMINAL

The original CRIMINAL INFORMATION filed against Causey and his three co-defendants states "Beginning at a time unknown but no later than in or about January 1998, and continuing until in or about November 2002..".

The 1990 reference is most likely a mis-print.