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FIRST ON 3: McIntyre votes YES to repeal healthcare; One of only four Democrats


By Shane D'Aprile
The Hill

Just four House Democrats voted "yes" Friday on a procedural vote to move ahead with consideration of a measure to repeal the healthcare law - reports The

Democratic Reps. Dan Boren (Okla.), Larry Kissell (N.C.), Mike McIntyre (N.C.) and Mike Ross (Ark.) all voted in favor of the rule governing debate on the bill. Of the four, Kissell is the only one who has said he will not vote "yes" on repeal.

Kissell told The Hill earlier this week that although he was glad the new GOP majority was bringing the measure to the floor, he did not intend to vote in favor of it next week.

"Get it on the floor, let everybody vote, and then let's focus on the economy and get people back to work, because that's what the American people want us to do," Kissell said Wednesday.


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This "BLUE DOG" democrat

This "BLUE DOG" democrat frequently votes with the GOP. As for the vote to repeal the healthcare even though this is a procedural vote, there is no reason to think that he would not vote for repeal as he voted against the bill in the first place.

Thank God

Thank God

As a Democrat Voter, I am ashamed of McIntyre's "legionance"

Trust, you wont be getting my vote next might as well go ahead and switch parties..wonder if he will be on this conservative bandwagon because of the recent shooting of Rep Gifford? Dont try to come back to the democrat party now since the conservatives are facing backlash behind Palin and all Conservative rheortic views and statements..

By the way....

I am pretty sure he can get by without your vote. Do you recall when Reagan was shot? I don't remember anyone saying it was the dems that were at fault. I think they just called him INSANE!!! If hate speach causes people to act like fools then I guess we would have all taken up arms when Obama called the Republicans "The Enemy" Now I would call that rheortic, maybe a bit of hate. But I am sure you forgot that. You see some of us have enough sense to put the blame where it belongs, on the shooter.

Can you really be that ignorant?

Why would the consevative be facing any backlash? What in the hell does the shooting in AZ have to do with the GOP or any other party? Are you trying to tell us that the democrat party does not partake in the same such rheortic? Please don't be such hypocrite. I guess the shooting was a result of Palins mind control? Wow how low is it to blame this on a politcal party? He was a nut job, hell kinda like you.

Rheotic politics has led to subliminal messages for weak mental

Palin's crosshair map was an irresponsible act on her behalf..When she first put the map up, she caught backlash from the media of what it actually use sublimenal tactics as "dont retreat but reload" is poor judgement on her behalf..we have weak minded individuals who are not seeking mental care because of cut backs from Bush legislative..and to actually post a facebook video from her yesterday to state she had nothing to do with the shooter is beyond comprehensible..hello, you put up a gunshot map targeting democrat districts and even listed Representative's names and addresses..Gifford's office was vandalized AFTER she put up that map and yet she refuse to take it down..if she was innocent in all of this, then why did she immediately take map down from her facebook page..guilty dog will bark..she should be a person of interest as far as I am concerned....

How convenient to forget that the shooter....

...had "problems" with the Congresswoman for two years before Palin's map....or that crosshairs have been used for decades by BOTH sides.

You'd better check your approved left-wing crackpot script again, too. According to you pinkos, it was REAGAN who cut the mental health budgets, allowing the psychos to roam free - not Bush.

Of course, no one has ever been able to explain how any president closes STATE nuthouses.

We came unarmed [this time]

Tree of liberty...
2nd Amendment solutions...
Armed at rallies...
Are these things ringing any bells?
Governor Reagan cut California's budgets 10%, across the board, and you'd better believe that mental hospitals get matching federal funding, that a President may or may not sign off on.

That leaves forty-nine other states

Was this some kind of conspiracy by all fifty governors to liberate the nuts, or did Reagan have a Svengali-like power over them??

Thankfully, I was alive in the Sixties and Seventies, and know full well that neither governors nor presidents were to blame for the growth of free-roaming mental cases. It was the industry itself that pressed for letting them live their lives in the community. The whole plan was to release the non-dangerous ones and establish a full range of community support structures to help the "slightly cracked." Of course, they failed to mention that it would be ridiculously expensive to take care of wide-ranging whackos by employing the tens of thousands of soc and psych majors who didn't want to sell lawn mowers at Sears or tend bar.

That's why we're now up to our eyeballs with dydfunctional, homeless bums and people who can't face any of life's normal adversities without weeping and having an emotional collapse. The mental health "professionals" pushed to have them de-institutionalized.

So I'd say, let's restore funding to all those hospitals and start warehousing them again. It will be far cheaper in the short and long term.

Catch Your Breath

he did not vote to repeal Obamacare. He voted on a review and consideration of a measure to repeal Obamacare. He was one of 4 Democrats who so voted.

A betting man would guess he will vote to repeal. Why you ask?

He knows the Senate Republicans do not have the number of votes to match a House initiative. And he knows Obama can likely veto a measure to repeal; and there are not a sufficient number of Republican votes to over rule his veto.

So Catch Your Breath; he's still a Democrat.

What a I guess

What a I guess the congressman supports pre-existing condition discrimination, putting 32 million americans back on the uninsured rolls, and adding to billions to the deficit.

Anyone with a brain....

..understands that insurance companies should not be FORCED to insure people who already have a severe health problem....and you won't be adding billions to the deficit if you get nanny government OUT of healthcare and let people fend for themselves.

Ask a specific question...on the specific issue at hand!

Hundreds called Mike McIntyre's office on Friday and were told "he is not sure how he will vote on repeal". This vote you reported on was a procedural vote to move the Repeal Bill to the floor...your headline is more than misleading. You need to ask, as citizens did: "will you vote to repeal Obama care next week as you promised during the campaign season?".

He better

He better

Just a bit of a correction to set my hed straight.

He'd bettter as in he had better; don't you think?

Minor Correction...

Don't you mean "Just a bit of a correction to set my HEAD straight"? Don't you think?

Why doesn't McIntyre just

Why doesn't McIntyre just admit it and change his affiliation to Republican??? He has voted against his party on nearly all important legislation since Pres. Obama took office.

Simple answer

Look at the Western Counties in his district. Half of the residents can't read, but they can recognize the letters D and R, and will never vote for an R.

If you study his voting record you'll see that he consistently votes as a fiscal conservative EXCEPT when it comes to issues such as minimum wage, unemployment extensions, TANF, Lumbee recognition, etc.

He actually has a hard job, because he has to walk the tighrope strung between the conservative Eastern half and the deadbeat moochers of the Western half.