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FIRST ON 3: Oak Island's "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans arrested for marijuana possession


OAK ISLAND, NC (THE DAILY MAIL) - Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is seen here in a police mugshot after getting charged with breaking and entering and drugs possession.

The 19-year-old reality star, who will appear in the new MTV show when it premieres next week, was arrested along with her boyfriend Kieffer Delp, 20.

Police swooped on Evans and Delp in their home town of Oak Island on October 15 after they allegedly broke into a vacant property.


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janelle is a lost cause the

janelle is a lost cause the crack head mom the selfish person the sad thing is only she can stop it. AND SHE KNOWS IT.....

the whole family

It is wrong that janelle would rather go out than take care of the boy but it is also wrong that her mother instigated her. Like the internet thing it wouldn't have gotten that bad if she wouldn't have unplugged the internet. That doesn't make what she did right but the baby needs a different safe home and janelle and her mother needs help. Anger management, family counseling, drug counseling. Etc.

I so agree. I think the

I so agree. I think the baby would be better off ina completelydiiferent home! it is so sad. Both Janelle and her mother need help and fast!

Stupid teenager

Nothing but a dumb tramp. They need to take away this child and give it to someone outside this disgusting family. One thing you have to remember is that her mother, made her what she is. This girl should be sterilized.

My daughter goes to school

My daughter goes to school out of state and the first time "Jenelle" was on MTV for the reality show - my daughter was embarrassed that Brunswick county was depicted in such a poor light with Jenelle being the beacon of that light. UGH. Anyway - why does MTV glorify teen pregnancy - my 20 year old son seems to think that this program will increase teen pregnancy instead of decrease. Anyway.........I pray for Jenelle, her young child and mother. They all need serious help and family counseling!

These Girls

Ive seen her on MTV as well maybe she is the new Amber from season 1. Yes she was very disrespectful and bratty. Someone needs to teach them a lesson.


It's a sad state of affairs. Maybe she'll grow up and learn what's really important in life SOMEDAY!!!

Mom was suing for custody

I really hope her mom is still pursuing custody..when she did the first 16 and pregnant, she was so disrespectful to her mom..she wouldnt be living under my roof acting like an a..she would have to go..

In the continued article it

In the continued article it says that she signed over custody to her mother on June 10th.


Why do these channels (MTV etc.) glorify these white trash people?? No wonder the rest of the world thinks we are all toothless illiterate morons.

Totally agree!

They put this trash on because people watch it! If no one watches, it will go away! STOP rewarding these horrible people and making role models out of them for the kids!
So-called "reality" TV is anything but. The producers encourage outrageous behavior to get the ratings. TURN IT OFF!


I agree with you. What does this say about the mind set of those who tune in to watch this mess and call it entertainment. Maybe, we all need to take a look at ourselves and do some soul searching. What is it that entices us to watch this, when there is no good in it? The producers of these shows don't care about the well being of our children. They only care about the money they make, at their expense. We need to turn this off and send a message to the producers that this type of show is not acceptable.


Don't forget TLC.


What does TLC have to do with it, genius?


Some show called Sarah Palin's Alaska,not to mention Kate and her bunch.I didn't think I had to spell it out for you,I figured everyone would know who I was referring to (Sarah,in case you still don't have a clue).