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FIRST ON 3: Year ends and begins with more fighting downtown



WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE / FRIDAY 12/31) - Case#: 2010-048456

Time: 3:00 a.m. (one hour after bar closing) – Friday morning

Location: 2nd and Market Streets

Offense: Disorderly conduct by fighting

Summary: WPD officers responded to the area of 2nd and Market Streets for a large fight in progress. Approximately 20 people were fighting, with as many as 30 others standing around. Officers initially used OC spray to disperse the crowd, but the man who ultimately was arrested (Xavier Jamar Hall, d.o.b. 9-20-1992, of Wilmington) continued to kick a person on the ground. A WPD officer tried to take Hall into custody, but Hall fled. After a short foot pursuit he was caught and detained. Hall posted $1000 secure bond and was released.


WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) / SATURDAY 1/1) - WPD officers working in the downtown area Friday night reported large crowds throughout the evening. (Additional WPD officers, including three mounted units, were assigned to work in the area for New Year’s Eve). Numerous fights broke out around bar closing time (2:00 a.m.) near 2nd and Market Streets, as well as the 00 (unit blocks) of N. and S. Front Street. Officers reported that the area was clear by about 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Case#: 2011-000010

Time: 12:20 a.m. – Saturday

Location: 00 (unit block) Market Street

Offense: ADW – assault with a deadly weapon

Summary: Jamie Marie DiMille, d.o.b. 4-28-1987, of Jacksonville, NC, was arrested for breaking a beer bottle over the head of a bouncer at the Liquid Room. The victim was treated at the scene by EMS and the suspect was taken into custody. Dimille was released after posting $1,000 secure bond.

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Mark My Words

Mark my words on this. This Xavier Jamar Hall will one day be a murderer, if not one already. Continuing to kick a person when they're already down on the ground shows no regard for human life. It's just a matter of time.

Mark my words!

He might be a murderer but why not comment on the female what is she going to be in a matter of time??? Why just focus on him? You don't think busting a bottle on a head is no regard for human life? I know the real reason! Good day!


That's right, put them under a small bond so they can go and cause an affray to the public another day.

Downtown Wilmington, Bars,

Downtown Wilmington,
Bars, bars, and more bars.
When drunken youngsters aren't puking on the street,
They're fighting.

Downtown Wilmington,
Where alcohol rules,
Bar owners and workers don't care if their customers
Fight, kill each other, drive drunk.

Oh, no. No,no,no!
They're in it for the money, the money, the money.
Their loud, trashy bars have ruined downtown,
But, hey! Money's the game down here!

Civilized behavior and aesthetics can go to hell!

Anyway, I'm moving from my loft in downtown to a more civilized location in Forest Hills. Can't wait to get away from this downtown party-'til-you-puke Hell Hole!

I hate to say it but if you

I hate to say it but if you live in an area of the city where there is anyone who is under the age of 25 in your neighborhood then you are going to be bothered by drunks load parties fireworks all hours of the night and violence. I hope it works out for you. It is a constant battle in my neighborhood because of 2-3 houses. If people want to have a party fine don't park in the street and make it impassible, don't throw beer cans in people's yards, and move it inside after 11. It just seems that respect is no longer a value.


I will never understand why the city's powers that be allows these punk kids and thugs to take over downtown Wilmington. It just is more than I can comprehend that this behavior goes on and on and nothing is done to stop it. Build a mega sized building out in the country and turn them loose out there. No one seems to care about preserving the dignity of downtown Wilmington. It's a disgrace.