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FIRST ON 3: Candidate for State House has two DWI's on record


WILMINGTON (WWAY) - J. Michael Hutson, Republican candidate for 18th District Seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives, has two DWI convictions on his record.

The first was in 1993. The second in 2003. He was also found guilty of taking game fish without a hook and line in 2001.

For both DWI offenses, Hutson served a day in jail and paid fines and court costs.

Hutson is also the owner of J, Michael's Philly Deli in Wilmington.

The Star News endorsed Hutson as the Republican candidate Wednesday.

We talked with him this afternoon to confirm the convictions. He told us that he would now issue a news release to all local media. Once we get that, we'll post it.

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Thank You Mr. Hutson, I know you will work for the people

Hutson is good man and like many have had to learn some things the hard way. I will take a man who has been down that bumpy road we call life that candidate Mr. Hutson has traveled than one who has had his way paved for him.

Life experiences are sometimes the best way to measure a man. He has overcome many obstacles in his life and for someone to pull up old history like this is nothing more than attempt in smearing his name.

I will be voting for him. Thank You for bringing this to my attention. This shows that Mr. Hutson is a man of great character and someone who has overcome life's problems.

As far as being real about this, someone who drinks 1 1/2 beers will be over the legal limits.

Ask yourself, and be honsest. Have I ever driven a motor vehichle after drinking one or more adult beverages?

Law is the Law

He said last night that he was just over the legal limit.. It doesn't matter how far over you were you blew and the law is the law .. End of story..


Stuff happens... we all move on with life and try to do the best with what we have.

His DWI's have no bearing on how he will do in office,

Typical smear peice by a gutless columnist.

Non Story

If the implication is this is a character issue then say so. I believe being a Lawyer is more of a character issue than being a hard working businessman. It only diverts from the real story which is ineffective leaders n our county. I like the fact he was not a life long politician and has no further ambition than to do the right thing. Other candidates can't make the same pledge as convincingly. Sleazy trick to announce these facts just prior to the primary. They have been known all along. Star News yellow journalism is does not become This will deter other who have made mistakes and learned from them to serve their community.

So What

Is that the best you can do WWAY? I'd like to hear more substance from the man. This is something the media has the power to "pick and choose". I do know that he runs a fine well managed chain that I certainly will do business with, again and again.

Candidate's Charges

I feel like that since Mr. Hutson has a paid his fines & served the required amount of jail time he should be able to run for the office. My personal views on this matter is that their are representives that are in office today that has not been cought and are not onnest. Name me a candidate that doesn't have a record of some sort.