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FIRST ON 3: Dummy in tree creates racial tension in Wilmington neighborhood


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- An attempt to scare off unwanted intruders has some Downtown Wilmington residents concerned about racial tensions. A black mannequin hanging by a rope at a property on Marstellar Street near 16th Street offended some neighbors.

Residents say it was on a limb inside the tree, but when it was seen hanging by a rope, it seemed to have racial implications.

"Racial prejudice, it's right here at home," neighbor Sheila Powell said. "A lot of people think it's being hidden, but it's not, and being this close to an African-American neighborhood, I think it speaks for itself."

The man who rents that property says it was never intended to be racist. The mannequin was in the tree as a security measure. He says in the last few days, some kids were seen using it as a punching bag. It's now been removed.

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If race was not an issue, a

If race was not an issue, a mannequin of any color hanging in a yard would probably go unnoticed.


In spite of the intended purpose, I'm sure there are very few, and those would be the very young, who would look at this and not think of an ugly period in our history. Only the ignorant wouldn't raise an eyebrow at this regardless of their own opinion on whether it is right or wrong.


Soooo, according to you the few that wouldn't think of it are the very young.... like what? 3 or 4 years old? Why the He** do you think of that ugly period. It was so long ago and there is racism from EVERY ethnicity towards others, including Black toward White. Unless you are like 60 or older then you dont really know much about it except what you have read about. Im 28 years old and White, I read about it, didnt live it. However, I know about it, and I dont like racism. I do see some people living up to stereotypes such as toothless hicks and sagging pants to their knees thugs. I cant stand that crap. But I have black friends. If people need someone to hate, hate the Taliban. Leave the other shi* in the past and let it go. It happened and there is always going to be racism on some level from everybody but for black people, the general belief is stemming from way back in the day when it didnt have jack to do with most people 55 or younger alive today. Thats like hispanics bitc**ng about the Mexican-American War. Blacks or hispanics hating whites though, we dont have anything like that to fall back on. I think too many people are just ridin that shi* out as long as possible because of Americas past.

Stop teaching racism to kids

If the adults never taught the kids what racism was, it would be gone in one generation. Kids are born with a blank mind and we program them to believe things. Children of all colors get together and play sports and never think of racist things until adults put it in their head.
"That coach didn't play you because you're black"
"That teacher failed you because you are black"

There is trash to be found in all races, but when segregation ended, blacks and minorities were suppose to be brought up to the same level and playing ground as whites. The opposite has happened. Many of the minorities did not progress and many of the whites went down. It should not be viewed as a white/black logic, but as a fact that our nation as a whole is suffering. We have people who are having illegitimate children just to get a check. These children suffer and most time wind up uneducated and a thug because they do not grow up in a home with a supportive family. They look for the easy way out. I do not believe that we should continue to pay taxes and support such. Let the strong survive and the others fade out and change this culture from where it is headed. I agree with what the official said in SC. It is like feeding wild dogs. They just keep multiplying and coming back with more.


Who cares who it offended. There are bigger problems in the world than this.

Guess it it had been a white

Guess it it had been a white mannequin it would have been acceptable.

REALLY!!!! Any excuse to

REALLY!!!! Any excuse to play the race card! If u don't like don't look at it.

not a race card, reality!

Strange Fruit
Southern trees bear strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black body swinging in the Southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.
Pastoral scene of the gallant South,
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,
Scent of magnolia sweet and fresh,
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh!
Here is fruit for the crows to pluck,
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck,
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop,
Here is a strange and bitter crop.

Race card, YES!

It's almost funny how rediculous you all sound after all these years. We all get it. Keep playing the race card on rediculous things and you WILL lose your credibility. Keep that in mind. It's already happening...

Race Card

Now I am not now, nor have I ever been a racist pig. I cant stand it. However I see both sides. It may not have been intended as a black hanging... ok... just take it down then. Think about it forst Hick/trash. You don't do things like that. Now, keep in mind I am not a racist. I just hate the retards who live up to the stereotypes! On the other side of it, SHUT UP! Just because a "black neighborhood" happened to be nearby, imagine that in Wilmington.... You beleive cuz your Great, great, great,g,g,g,g,g, dead a*s grandma, that you never knew or even cared about, happened to be a slave or something you think you should be given a da*n Mercedes or society owes you something. Nobody owes you s**t. Most blacks dont like white people either, and I bet you there are more racist blacks than there are whites anymore.

re race

Yes I am an African American male who can say that race does play a role in my every day life. American many want to seem jaded that racism is gone but it is far from that. Until you live as and African American or some other minority you don’t know how it feels. On 20/20 every Fri. night there is a show that has done video studies on this issue. If you want the race card to go away you need to do your best to not see a man or women as color but as what they are human

Race card

In whose eyes are we losing credibility? Yours? With a statement like," you all", we as a race could care less what you think. The only difference these days and time is there are plenty of US that feel the same way about YOU. Figure that out!

Race Card continued.... for Gods sake..

Heres the thing. I am white, but I also have some black friends. I cant stand the gun toting, toothless ignorant trailor trash white people who make us look bad. I also cant stand the ebonics slurring gangstas walkin around with a 9mm sideways with their pants to their ankles and tighty whiteys showing thinkin they're this shiznizwizit. There are good people of which color doesn't matter and the stereotypes make us look bad. I apologize to all for my previous posting. The mannequin should not have been put up, and that dumba** should've thought about stuff like that prior. Idiot. I just see the race card pulled to often like they owe certain people something, but yes it is out still out there and even on both sides or comin from both directions. I am so against discrimination because of color that I even hate the term African-American. If you were born in the US then you are American of African descent. To be honest, I am a Soldier, US Army SGT, and I have fought next to good men and women of almost every ethnicity in Iraq myself. I would proudly fight next to and die for my battle buddy next to me for our Country, rights, and the families we do it for. Whites, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, it doesn't matter because in the US Army we're all Green. America was built on diversity no matter the way by which it came. The United States is the only country in the world that has diversity like we do. China is, guess what, all chinese with dark hair, etc. This was straight retarded and the dude should've thought about the repurcussions. We need to stop the stupid sh** people. Trust me, Im sometimes a harsh MF and not a bleeding heart by any means but were talkin about our own people, different color but same Nationality, same Race, Human. If we were to ever get invaded by another country like Russia or China, guess what...... There would be Rednecks with Shotguns, and Thugs with Glocks in the streets fuckin some shi* up son.... God Bless the USA and treat each other right....


Well Sir, I understand exactly what you are saying. And I agree on everything except one point. If you haven't yet noticed, take a look around.... White people ARE becoming a Minority. Look up the statistics, polls, and surveys. There are just as many Black and Hispanic Americans, including illegal "minorities" in North Carolina and the US as White Americans. Im in the military and I was stationed in El Paso TX, Fort Bliss. My Wife couldnt find an entry level job to build her resume anywhere there because she did not speak Spanish! So yeah, we know how you feel to a certain extent. This isn't the 50's so you know what Im saying. I think the past needs to be left alone as everyone IS equal now, and some people need to stop doing plain stupid sh*t like the mannequin incident.