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FIRST ON 3: Finalists for New Hanover Co. Superintendent job announced


WILMINGTON (WWAY) - New Hanover County Schools announced this afternoon the three finalists for the superintendent job.

They include:

Dr. Donna Hargens / Interim Superintendent for Wake County Schools

Dr. Rick Holliday / Assistant Superintendent for New Hanover County Schools

Dr. Tim Markley / Superintendent for Catawba County Schools


The New Hanover County Board of Education IS pleased to announce the three excellent finalists for the superintendent position. All three are currently working in North Carolina School systems. The finalists are Dr. Donna Hargens, Interim Superintendent, Wake County Schools; Dr. James "Rick" Holiday, Assistant Superintendent, New Hanover County Schools, and Dr. Tim Markley, Superintendent, Catawba County Schools.

Dr. Donna Hargens is currently serving as interim superintendent of the Wake County, North Carolina schools, a position she has held since March. She joined Wake County in 1989. From 2006 until her appointment as interim superintendent, Dr. Hargens was the district's Chief Academic Officer. She has also served the district as an assistant principal, principal and assistant superintendent. Prior to her tenure in Wake County, Dr. Hargens spent eight years as a teacher in Wisconsin. She holds a bachelor's degree from Marquette University a Masters degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Management and Policy from Seton Hall UniverSity.

Dr. James "Rick" Holliday has spent 28 years working with the New Hanover County School System. He is currently serving as Assistant Superintendent for Student Support Services, a position he assumed in 2007. Prior to becoming assistant superintendent, Dr. Holliday served the district as a teacher and coach, assistant principal, principal, and executive director of instructional services. He holds a bachelor of science from East Carolina University, a Masters in Educational Administration from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Tim Markley has been superintendent of the Catawba County, North Carolina schools since 2005. Dr. Markley spent the first 11 years of his Career as a teacher, assistant principal and principal in Cumberland County, North Carolina. He served as superintendent of the White Mountains Regional School District in New Hampshire for two years before returning to North Carolina to assume his current position. Dr. Markley received a bachelor of arts from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, a Masters in School Administration from Fayetteville State University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Holliday will be interViewed on July 21, followed by Dr. Markley on July 22 and Dr. Hargens on July 26. Following each interview, the board will host a communIty "Meet and Greet" to give members of the community ao opportunity to meet the finalist. A separate event will be held for each finalist. The community "Meet and Greets" will be held on July 21,22 and 26 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room ofthe Dale K. Spencer Building, 1802 South 15th Street, Wilmington. The public is invited and encouraged to attend all three events. light refreshments will be served.

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rick holliday

what an outstanding choice
look what he done in the past..
nothing but a bully to students
how much will he do as the superintendent
one example,
remember the student he would not let graduate with his class,
because the student held himself responsible to his job, attending to youngsters in a ymca after school program

I would say

New Hanover County has once again screwed themselves. They had good candidates withdraw from their pool of selections by making the potential candidates public information. No one in their right mind wants their current employer to know they are looking for another job. Should they not get the job they are seeking it would not be good circumstances for them with their current employer.

Nepotism alive and well in superintendent's race

Rick Holliday is an arrogant, publicity-hound of a religious zealot and automatically has a conflict of interest via the fact that his wife already has a plum principal's assignment (surprise!) in New Hanover County. All of which undoubtedly make him a shoe-in.


I've known Holliday for many years...unfortunately. The man is a jacka**. He treated his students like crap and I doubt he would be any different now. One of the most unpleasant people I've ever met

He sounds like

He sounds like a real gem. If what is being said about him is true, then WWAY needs to jump all over the issue like they did with the Bladen County Sheriff and the Brunswick County ADA. If there is anything to the allegations, then they should get in there and bring the issues to light.

Also, if he is what y'all say he is, and he is in the top three, I am really glad my girls are no longer in the New Hanover County school system.

Better Look closely

at the Wake County based candidate. They have had a major broohaha over busing children to achieve "educational equality". That has been very recent and led to the departure of the former Superintendant when the School Board would not go along with his costly plan to bus inncer city children to the burbs and suburban based shildren into the city. Check the files at the N&O, Civitas, or WRAL for details.

Better Look closely at other choices

The Wake Co candidate is listed as the interim superintendant, therefore she may have had nothing to do with the redistricting issues in that county. Agree that, depending on her background, this should be a consideration, however.

More to the point, the BOA is looking within at Dr. Holliday, which should concern the parents of NHC, based on our recent experiences with redistricting, his involvement with site selection for the newest schools (Castle Hayne/Holly Shelter), etc. Not a good choice for our children IMHO.

We do it here

If you look at the map for Myrtle Grove Middle School you will see a chunk of downtown is bussed to Monkey Junction while students in that area are bussed downtown. Williston is a school downtown that is much closer for those living in that area. It is just the same as Brown VS Board of Education. Students are not allowed to attend the school closest to their home.

From WikipediA:
"Brown's daughter Linda, a third grader, had to walk six blocks to her school bus stop to ride to Monroe Elementary, her segregated black school one mile (1.6 km) away, while Sumner Elementary, a white school, was seven blocks from her house."

And now we do the same thing by bussing students past a school to send them to another one in hopes of reaching some sort of fairy land equality. The old saying of "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink" comes to mind. You can take students and put them in another school but you can't make them care or learn.

excellent point guesty

I completely agree and wish more people realized the backlash of what they have chosen for kids. Funny, no one involved seems particulary thrilled about switching districts with each other. My arguement was, do those parents of the kids who live next to Williston really want to bus them to Monkey Junction? If so, then the school is not good enough, and that would mean obviously the plan wont work.

school superintendant

As a New Hanover County substitute teacher for the last six years I can tell you this school system is a mess! The kids are unbelievably disrespectful, and disruptive The reason they are that way is BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT, AND DO!!! The "good" kids get hung out to dry if they misbehave in any way, but let a "frequent flyer" get sent to the office and they get a slap on the wrist and sent back to class. The school administration needs to lay down the law, and stick to their guns and they need to be supported by the Board of Ed and the administration. The kids that feel it is their right to disrupt the class on a regular basis need to be sent somewhere else...after all "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." If they don't want to drink, send them somewhere else!
It is time for some new blood in the school system! I hope that whoever gets the Superintendant position will "walk tall and carry a big stick!!"