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FIRST ON 3: Former NHC Deputy charged with illegally accessing computer; Still employed in NHC IT Dept.


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -— Charles Graham Smith Jr., a former deputy in Wake County and New Hanover County, was arrested Monday on charges that he illegally accessed a government database.

The State Bureau of Investigation charged Smith, 31, of 3609 Tristam Place in Wilmington, with accessing government computers. He was released on a $5,000 bond.

According to the arrest warrant viewed by WRAL-TV in Raleigh, Smith "did access (a crime database) to print (state Division of Motor Vehicles) information on another for purpose of obtaining access to a nightclub."

The SBI says it opened the case at the request of the New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon on May 10.

Smith worked as a Wake County deputy from June 2003 to May 2005. He worked as a New Hanover County deputy from December 2007 until June, when he was demoted, then resigned his position amid an internal investigation.

WWAY has learned Smith transferred to New Hanover County Government to work in its IT Department. A New Hanover County spokesman said he believes as of tonight Smith is still employed.


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Innonence until proven........

First of all, we are innonence until it is proven other. Regarding the post that makes a comment about his lifestyle. Excuse me! What does that have to do with anything? I personally know Charles and have for years. He is a honest and good guy with good morals and values. We all make mistakes in life. Nobody is perfect! I just think it is awful that the media is bashing him, when they don't have the whole story. I am certain and hope justice prevails in this case. It would be a shame to destroy the reputation of search a wonderful person.

How can you award a computer

How can you award a computer job, to a guy who missued a computer priviledge ? Well, if he just simply ran his own name,or a consenting 'victim' to get info, it was just a slight violation, but no big deal. In fact, if thats the case, I feel he was delt with way too harshly.

But if he was using it to harass, or receive financal favors, thats another story.

I'd like to know more details, before casting judgement. We are all innocent until proven guilty, therefore; I have no problem with him having this job.


what amazing moron placed this guy in the IT department??? we have some seriously incompetent people running the show..

How many is this now?

Let's far under Big Ed we have had two deputies charged with DWI, two deputies beat the crap out of their spouses and now this! Mr. Smith was allowed to go hang out in the jail while a job was prepared for him in the IT Dept. That seems just a bit coincidental for comfort. Who lined up the position for Smith at the IT Dept.?

I'd also like to know who's info did Smith look up? Who did he provide it to and what night club was it used to access? There are rumors abounding about Mr. Smith's questionable lifestyle and who he associates with. I would like to know how much the Sheriff knew about and how much he allowed to go unreported.

And your point is? All

And your point is? All those individuals you mentioned were hired before Big Ed was Sheriff. When this situation took place Big Ed demoted Smith and moved him to the jail while the incident was investigated. What else could the Sheriff do at that point?


Big Ed runs for cover

This smacks of political favoritism, reeks of it in fact. Id be willing to bet a dollar to a donut that Smith has connections. Now that this is an election year we will see if this will pan out as a Albatross around good ol boy Ed's lanky neck.

Dont knock "Big Ed"

For your information, all those deputies were hired before "Big Ed" was in office... and he will not put up with bad conduct from those who are suppose to be role models.

Maybe Ed is cleaning house

Maybe Ed is cleaning house and trying a decent Department. Some of the other County Department Heads could learn a thing or two from him.

With a hug?

This is Ed's way of "cleaning house"? Giving the guy a hug and giving a cush job over in IT? How long has Ed been Chief Deputy before he was assigned the Sheriff's post by his daddy? You mean to tell me that while he was sitting in the Chief Deputy position he had nothing to do with personnel? Yeah...right! Pushing this guy over into the jail was dumb...greasing the slides for him into a position in IT after Ed called for an SBI investigation himself was even dumber! Giving the guy a hug and a pat on the butt as he headed out the door was laughable!!!