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FIRST ON 3: Former Sheriff Hewett speaks out for the first time




I am Ronald E. Hewett, Retired Sheriff of Brunswick County. I served
Brunswick County as Deputy Sheriff, Sergeant and Lieutenant from 1983 until
1994. In 1994 I was elected as the youngest Sheriff in North Carolina and
re-elected in 1998, 2002 and 2006. In 2007, my life took a dramatic turn
and I faced and lived through one of the toughest times of my life, as did
my family. It was in fact, my faith in God, my family, and “True
Friends” who brought us through these dark, dark days.

Today, I am back home with my family after a year in the Federal
Penitentiary for what District Attorney Rex Gore said was $1500.00 worth of
embezzlement and obstruction of justice with a woman named Margaret Hewett
who was supposed to be a “relative” that I was “protecting” from
prosecution. Just for the record I didn’t know Margaret Hewett, nor is
she a relative. The obvious question must be “Why did you plead
guilty”? The answer is because our soon to be Ex-District Attorney
threatened my family with imprisonment and I did the only honorable thing
to protect my family. I survived that year in “Hell” with one
steadfast goal, which was to come home alive. Thank God I did just that.
Life is now good again and needless to say Rex Gore would not survive one
week in the hell that I was thrust into at Butner Federal Penitentiary. To
those of you who thought it was a day camp and somewhere that you could
play golf and just be out of general population, think again. My roommates
were serving life sentences for double murder. Just ask my family who
visited me on every visitation and had to go through metal detectors,
checkpoints, and three rows of barbwire fencing just to be able to, hold my
hand and hug me? Once more, a misconception, the guards would not even
allow me to hold my family. I lived day to day and survived in a 8X10
block cell. However, today is a new day and Rex Gore did not get the
Superior Court Judgeship he sought, and his reign of “selective
prosecution” will soon come to an end.

Furthermore, I must also state that I read with amazement, that County
Commissioner Marty Cooke actually charged our counties citizens for a cup
of coffee on his way to Raleigh. You know, I find it very funny, that I
not only bought my own food on my way back and forth to Raleigh, but I also
bought food with money from my own pocket, to feed “then” Captain Kevin
Holden. Holden later had no problem telling by writing an affidavit that I
had asked him “What in the world I was under investigation for”? What
about a Brunswick County Deputy Sheriff that wrecked his boat and was
subsequently charged with boating while impaired in the Intracoastal
Waterway? This deputy caused negligent, physical, bodily harm to multiple
innocent people and is still a Deputy Sheriff serving Brunswick County
answering calls every day. I was accused of being impaired with no breath
or blood test and my job and livelihood were taken from me. My trusted
friend taped me and the rest is history. In retrospect, maybe I should
have stopped along the way and charged for the coffee breaks as
Commissioner Cooke did. To confirm this, maybe the press could stop by and
ask Kevin Holden how many times I bought his meals out of my own pocket. I
challenge the press to look through my credit card expenditures and compare
them to today’s expenditures. Maybe then I could be labeled a public
servant who did not charge our county for a cup of coffee and not a
“convicted felon” and a “convict”.

Today, my family and I are finally seeing the light at the end of the
tunnel. As my probation period and life in hell will soon be over, the
perpetrators of this are pulling a life sentence, because as long as they
live, the citizens of Brunswick County will see them as the ones that did
this to me and my family. Was I perfect? No! If I had to do it all again,
I would remember the words of my dear friend Mr. Raymond Bellamy who told
me at the age of 93, “Your enemy cannot hurt you, but beware of your
closest friends.” God Bless you Mr. Raymond and God Bless you Brunswick


Ronald E. Hewett
Retired Sheriff of Brunswick County

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Ronald E. Hewett

I don't understand why the media continues to post this email supposedly written by Ronald E. Hewett, former Sheriff of Brunswick County. Has the email been verified that it actually came from Mr. Hewett? Why not let this email rest? What is needed are answers to the more pressing issue of Mr. Hewett's death and the surrounding events of that day...which have not been disclosed as of yet. There indeed needs to be forthcoming and honest answers to those questions of the day Mr. Hewett died while in the custody of New Hanover County Sheriff's office employees. When will the real truth come out? In my opinion, there needs to be an independent law enforcement evaluation and investigation of all the circumstances of that day.

Ronald Hewitt is a scumbag

When I first saw the documentary a few years ago, I told my wife that this guy was an ego maniac and always knew he was a dirtbag of the worst kind, the funny thing is the egg on the faces of those who claimed he was one of "the good guys" I have been a police officer for 20 years now and there is nothing that I hate more than a scumbag policeman who arrests people for the same things that he is doing. I turned in and arrested several members of my own department including my own Chief for various crimes. I feel that officers or any law enforcement officer caught commiting a crime should get inhanced sentences and mandatory prison. Police Officers are the worst criminals of all,,not all of them but you would be suprised that about 70% of them are criminals.

ron hewett

This kind of thing goes on more in small back wood counties than people realize. Here where I live in rural Jefferson Co. Mo. Not just the sheriff but the whole damn system marchs to the beat of its own drum. Judges Prosecuters and small rural industrialized towns are the worst..

Ronald E. Hewitt

I just finished watching the documentary on Ronald E. Hewett on the Documentary Channel.

All through the program, I kept thinking that something was not right about this man. I could not quite put my finger on it, only to say that his puffed-up self-righteousness was an indicator of my suspicions.

Therefore, I was not surprised to see the post script in the documentary which said that Hewett was subsequently indicted and imprisoned for corruption.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely. There are few things so close to absolute power as a sheriff in the county of a southern state.

Perhaps Hewett was not always prone to commit acts contrary to his oath, but being re-elected term after term can lead an individual to believe that he is above the law he is empowered to enforce. This is certainly an argument for term limits. One four year term as a count sheriff is enough for any individual.

However, this man has paid for his crimes and indiscretions, and although he should never again be given an official position of public trust, he should not be dogged for the rest of his life, nor should he be hindered or harassed in his endeavors to make a living.

His letter, above, does show an inability to accept responsibility for his actions, and he should not have pleaded guilty to charges for which he believed himself innocent.

Calling Bullsh*t

OK, Ron, I like to consider myself as understanding and reasonable as the next individual but your email here is absolutely ridiculous and on par with the very immature nature of your public behavior since your election. Your only concern now seems to be in minimizing your felonies and criminalizing the reimbursement of coffee. And one other that shines in your statement is your obvious desire to be sainted because you bought some colleagues lunch. I can only ask, are you serious?

How you can lay your problems at the feet of anyone other than yourself is a measure of the kind of man you have become (or perhaps really were all along). I assume you endeavor to teach your children the importance of personal responsibility yet it is absent entirely within you. I have never seen a single statement where you take ownership of your wrongdoings and accept responsibility for your actions (Crimes really, let's just be honest). I find it wholly ironic that you would expect that the criminals you have arrested in your life to readily accept the blame for the trainwreck they had made their lives thru disregarding our laws, but you sing a "Woe is me song". It is beneath the dignity of the office you once were fit to hold.

I suggest you begin rebuilding your life by first assessing your own primary role in the "hell" you mentioned your family has gone thru due to your poor choices. To continue to insist that you were not guilty or "not much" guilty (referring to your sarcastic remark about the embezzlement being ONLY $1500) is further degradation of your name and reputation. It seems more respect would be gained for you if you would actually own your crimes and apologize rather than try to defame a man for seeking reimbursement for a cup of coffee. This is easily seen to be a mud throwing tactic meant to take eyes off of yourself. I agree it seems petty to ask for reimbursement of such a small purchase but as a financial professional, I assure it is highly legal. See the difference?

I think Brunswick county has pretty much figured you out, Ron. I assume you realize that the electorate expressed their opinion at the last election. They are the salt of the earth and fine people, but even they will draw a line at having their limited taxpayer dollars spent to mow your lawn or do personal chores for you. I mean, what gives you the right?

I realize you were the "HIGH Sheriff" and that positiom really impressed you. Perhaps if you reminded people of that less during your tenure and reminded yourself more of it, you wouldn't have become overwhelmed with the power trip and turned your homelife and that of your family into a wasteland.

It is time to mature and take responsibility. You will be the better man for it if you can find the character to do the right thing.

Resident of New Hanover County

was this email verified as being from Ron Hewett?

Curious to know if Ron verified that he sent first glance it sounds like one of those nigerian scams where a deposed leader needs help in extracting money....oh wait..its too good to be true! So, it must be him!


I think you writing a book would be a great idea. Only you would have to tell the truth the whole truth. You could call it "Ramblings of a Corrupt Sheriff" you'd be rich in no time. I'd buy it.

How pathetic?

I mean really....GET OVER IT ALL READY! I do not feel sorry for Ronald or anyone else in his family. Nobody "makes" you PLEAD GUILTY. Anyone in their right mind would only PLEAD GUILTY if they are GUILTY. If he "plead guilty to protect his family" then that just says there was something he felt like they needed to be protected from, which there was. Nobody made any of this up, anyone who was following the stories when all of this came out, heard the recordings with Ronald's voice. The evidence was there...THAT is why he PLEAD GUILTY. He needs to stop pointing fingers at the ones that "did this to him" and move on with his life. Yeah those people might have persued the issues, but they couldn't have done that without there being some issues. This pathetic attempt at clearing his name, to me, did nothing but further embarrass him and his family.

Ron- Be happy you only got a


Be happy you only got a year for your thievery from the good people of Brunswick County. You are a lying piece of crap. Get a clue and go the hell away.




Why not put the tape recordings here that came out during this whole mess? Obviously Hewett's supporters never listened to them or they would understand that Hewett is not such a great man.
"My trusted friend taped me and the rest is history." Sounds like an admission of guilt. My friends are welcome to tape me any time. I have nothing to hide.
Hewett is just as bad as too many of our young people, always trying to blame someone else. I'm sure there are others but admit to your own guilt first.

I'm surprised

I'm surprised that his trial was in Brunswick county. I don't know why his lawyers didn't push to have it moved to somewhere else in the state. With all the publicity leading up to his trial, I doubt that the court could find enough non-biased citizens to fill the jury pool.

Get over it!

Ron sheriff's who are removed from office and convicted of numerous felonies are not considered a "retired sheriff". As a convicted felon you should understand that there is a difference in a federal prosecutor and a state district attorney. Rex Gore had absolutely nothing to do with you serving a federal prison sentence. Why did you not ask for a jury trial in federal court? An innocent man would have plead not guilt and trusted his fate to a jury of his peers. Did you receive a reduced sentence for your plea in Federal Court? Of course you did! Did you get a sweat reduction of sentence in state court? Of course you did! Your state sentence ran concurrent to your federal sentence. Your family was not indicted in exchange for your guilt plea. Looks to me like Rex Gore helped you out. You know, like the rest of us, that you embezzled far in excess of $1,500 more like $150,000. The only people who got a raw deal in this matter were the Brunswick County property tax payers. Be a man and pay back the tax money you embezzled and build your new house with. If you are not guilty then rent the BCC center and answer questions from the public and media! Are you really selling used cars?

Ronnie the car salesman

I can't believe the owners of Jones Ford allows a person like Ronnie "you are my friend" Hewett to work there. I urge everyone to go to Capital Ford in Wilmington to buy their vehicles.


Have you ever thought that your son works in law enforcement? Have you ever thought what this might do to him? So shut UP! Like always you are thinking about Ronald E. Hewett. Shame on you. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, and the mistake was Brunswick County putting you in Office. Nobody wants to see you, so move away. You are a joke. We will see who is the last one standing.

See ya around chicken man. Maybe in a cage somewhere......

What happened to the

What happened to the Brunswick Co. Deputy who was going over 100 mph on the Shallotte bypass a few months ago in her new Mustang. Who were the Deputies in patrol car talking to her on the cellphone at the time of the accident. Weren't they speeding along with her. I ask you was this hushed up for a reason?

everyone of them still have

everyone of them still have there jobs!!!! This don't suprise me.And futher more I have been told one of them drives drunk all the time on there off time... If your laid off from your job need work become a brunswick County sheriff that the saying here.


I guess if I had endured what he had I might feel better if I wrote a letter but at this point it serves no purpose. As for Rex Gore and Marty Cooke well one is on his way out and hopefully Cooke will follow. Hewitt was no angel for sure but for all those involved remember what goes around comes around. And for those of you threatening about the hunting - shame on you. Just remember GOD knows everything you do. Hate will not give you a ticket to heaven.

It is about time the full

It is about time the full story has started to come out. Thank you Ron, and continue the expose'

I understand

I understand why he took a plea deal. When your looking at nearly a decade of prison time vs. a year then its hard to go to trial. Yeah, IF you win your free. However, your asking 12 brunswick county jurors to decide your fate after your names been smeared. If he lost he would have got the max time. People talk a lot of s**t until they have actually been in a position where you have to choose your fate. I hate cops but he's right.


All rats want whine with their rotten cheese?

Our Legal System.

As a former sherriff, you of all people should be aware of the fact that the only reason to plead guilty is because you are guilty. That is why the judge, prior to sentancing, asks you if you understand the charges. To come out now, giving alternate reasons for your plea and slinging mud shows weak character. You chose to plead guilty. That is both an acceptance and admission of guilt. Period. To plead guilty when you are innocent shows a lack of faith in our judicial system. What does that say to the people you arrested and helped convict? That there is no real due process? Perhaps you should look at the bigger picture before spouting off a fairly whiney and definately self serving letter in a public forum.

Are you serious?

"To plead guilty when you are innocent shows a lack of faith in our judicial system." Are you serious????? Obviously, you have not been through the judicial system. Anyone that doesn't have a lack of faith in our judicial system has been drinking the Kool-Aid!

Blah, blah,

Blah, blah, blah.

Ninety-five percent of Brunswick County are OVER YOU, Ronald. It's time for you to get over yourself now.

All the venom you and your wife spew out in public about how you were "wronged" makes you look stupid. You served, you screwed up, and everyone has moved on except you and the 5% remaining.

Sounds like you have a case

Gee Ronald from what you saying in this letter it sounds like you have a case to perhaps get a new trial? What's that you say? You pleaded guilty in state and federal court? You did what? You voluntarily resigned your Position as Sheriff? Oh well never mind


Ronnie you are a liar and a joke. You never served a year,you were on work release and in isolation from the other convicts,matter of fact you are a convict, accept it. The movie that was filmed about you should have been called Ronnie The Crook.


You know Ronald, you are all snakes in the grass. Our police and commissioners like Marty are all no good. Your a bunch of corrupt people. Your right that other officers made bad choices and yea they still work. How about the girl that ran off 17? How about Marty still on the board? If I were you I would pack my s**t and leave and try to start over again. This county does not give a crap! We can't do anything to change it. Politics watson, it sucks!





He not only has to be

He not only has to be careful about hunting while on probation, he has to be careful about hunting anytime. A convicted felon can not possess a firearm until their right to own a firearm is restored by the ATF.

Please get Help

You are claearly delusionl. As the commercial used to say, If you dont get help at Charter, Please get help somewhere.