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FIRST ON 3: Former Sheriff Hewett speaks out for the first time




I am Ronald E. Hewett, Retired Sheriff of Brunswick County. I served
Brunswick County as Deputy Sheriff, Sergeant and Lieutenant from 1983 until
1994. In 1994 I was elected as the youngest Sheriff in North Carolina and
re-elected in 1998, 2002 and 2006. In 2007, my life took a dramatic turn
and I faced and lived through one of the toughest times of my life, as did
my family. It was in fact, my faith in God, my family, and “True
Friends” who brought us through these dark, dark days.

Today, I am back home with my family after a year in the Federal
Penitentiary for what District Attorney Rex Gore said was $1500.00 worth of
embezzlement and obstruction of justice with a woman named Margaret Hewett
who was supposed to be a “relative” that I was “protecting” from
prosecution. Just for the record I didn’t know Margaret Hewett, nor is
she a relative. The obvious question must be “Why did you plead
guilty”? The answer is because our soon to be Ex-District Attorney
threatened my family with imprisonment and I did the only honorable thing
to protect my family. I survived that year in “Hell” with one
steadfast goal, which was to come home alive. Thank God I did just that.
Life is now good again and needless to say Rex Gore would not survive one
week in the hell that I was thrust into at Butner Federal Penitentiary. To
those of you who thought it was a day camp and somewhere that you could
play golf and just be out of general population, think again. My roommates
were serving life sentences for double murder. Just ask my family who
visited me on every visitation and had to go through metal detectors,
checkpoints, and three rows of barbwire fencing just to be able to, hold my
hand and hug me? Once more, a misconception, the guards would not even
allow me to hold my family. I lived day to day and survived in a 8X10
block cell. However, today is a new day and Rex Gore did not get the
Superior Court Judgeship he sought, and his reign of “selective
prosecution” will soon come to an end.

Furthermore, I must also state that I read with amazement, that County
Commissioner Marty Cooke actually charged our counties citizens for a cup
of coffee on his way to Raleigh. You know, I find it very funny, that I
not only bought my own food on my way back and forth to Raleigh, but I also
bought food with money from my own pocket, to feed “then” Captain Kevin
Holden. Holden later had no problem telling by writing an affidavit that I
had asked him “What in the world I was under investigation for”? What
about a Brunswick County Deputy Sheriff that wrecked his boat and was
subsequently charged with boating while impaired in the Intracoastal
Waterway? This deputy caused negligent, physical, bodily harm to multiple
innocent people and is still a Deputy Sheriff serving Brunswick County
answering calls every day. I was accused of being impaired with no breath
or blood test and my job and livelihood were taken from me. My trusted
friend taped me and the rest is history. In retrospect, maybe I should
have stopped along the way and charged for the coffee breaks as
Commissioner Cooke did. To confirm this, maybe the press could stop by and
ask Kevin Holden how many times I bought his meals out of my own pocket. I
challenge the press to look through my credit card expenditures and compare
them to today’s expenditures. Maybe then I could be labeled a public
servant who did not charge our county for a cup of coffee and not a
“convicted felon” and a “convict”.

Today, my family and I are finally seeing the light at the end of the
tunnel. As my probation period and life in hell will soon be over, the
perpetrators of this are pulling a life sentence, because as long as they
live, the citizens of Brunswick County will see them as the ones that did
this to me and my family. Was I perfect? No! If I had to do it all again,
I would remember the words of my dear friend Mr. Raymond Bellamy who told
me at the age of 93, “Your enemy cannot hurt you, but beware of your
closest friends.” God Bless you Mr. Raymond and God Bless you Brunswick


Ronald E. Hewett
Retired Sheriff of Brunswick County

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Sit Down and Shut Up!

You're now out of the spotlight, Ronnie! Let me know which grocery store you're working in so you can bag my groceries and Sheriff Ingram's. I think he prefers plastic. I, too prefer plastic. You deserve more time in a 8x10 cell, in fact, the individuals you sent to prison should have been your room mates. I wish I was your probation officer. I will have you picking up trash on the side of the road!!

Sounds like a "cop out"

I am sure many people feel this way about the justice system you were such an instrumental part of creating to railroad people. You had a chance to change it while in a position of power but it worked for your advantage. You got caught , admit it , move on. Mr Hewitt this just sounds like every other perp who can't accept responsibility.

Chocolaty delicious

Mr. Hewett,
You are coo-coo for cocoa puffs!!!!!!!!!! It is truly scary that this county(county's is spelled this way not counties when you are speaking of one county)voted you in over and over again. Chris Angel has nothing on you. You had an illusion trick going on for years. Also, you may want to add "Forced to Retire Sheriff of Brunswick County" in the future to your title. Good luck in the future and thank the lord it will not be as a sheriff anywhere.

Chocolaty delicious

I resent the remarks you made about Sheriff Ron Hewett. I know who you are by the expression you stated in your opening remarks. Just a word for you. Ronald Hewett was THE Sheriff of Brunswick County. He should still BE the Sheriff of Brunswick County. But, THINGS happen for a reason. Ron Hewett will be the better person in the end, because he has endured. At least he is not a wantabe. He HAS held the office. Be careful of the words you spew to another because those same words will be hard to swallow when you have to eat them.


backpedaling, and blaming others to enlighten guilt and embarassment. it's over. suck it up, be a man.

MR. Hewett

Nice letter. May God be with you and your family. Hold your head up high, we know who the real crooks and trouble makers are.

I have to still say that I

I have to still say that I would rather be Ronald E Hewett on his worst day then to be.... let's just say his former friends on their best day. People do still respect the former Sheriff. I don't think you can say that about the rest of them.....


There is no way anyone could have endured what Mr Hewett did without his faith in God and a loving family who stood by him every step of the way. Perfect? There was only one perfect, and He has forgiven Mr. Hewett, isnt it time we the people of brunswick County do the same


We will always love you Ronnie, If you decide to run for sheriff again we will all vote for you again, Love you and your family

You will never get the

You will never get the chance to vote for him again after the November general election.

The people of NC will pass the No Felon for Sheriff Act and thus end any delusional dream that he has of ever becoming sheriff again.

Ronald Hewett

Thank you Sheriff, very well put. Glad this is almost completely behind you now. It was such a joy to watch the people of Brunswick county vote Gore out and end his plastic career. It's equally as funny to see the political scum try to devise laws to keep you from running again, knowing full well that if you could again run, you would win. It was also humorus to see the current sheriff change his political affilation in hopes he would defeat Mr. Mcdaniels knowing if Mr. McDaniels had made it to the main election, he wouldn't had a chance in hades to win.So you know you have this countys support and we all wish you and your family the very best in all your endeavors ! Oh yea, watch out for the maggotts, there's still alot of them around...............................

ronald hewett

my family and i support you .. we admire you and your family for your dedication to each other and your stong faith... Godspeed

Sheriff Hewett

To Sheriff Hewett:

Though many will comment on this and spread words of hate and disrespect, I know in my heart, soul, and mind that you are one of the best men in the world. I know first hand how you treat your family and how they look up to you. I want you to know that you are thought of by many as THE SHERIFF and not as a convict. In my eyes, you are a man of honor and should be treated like one.

Rex Gore is finally getting what he deserved to get years ago, along with Gene Caison, Keith Smith, and Kevin Holden. They have all had to deal with what they did to you and your family, and will continue to deal with it for the rest of their lives, and you are correct sir, they will not live this down, they will be looked down on as long as they live by many in this community.

Ronald, as you said, no one is perfect, but you are a good man and have a great family. I also believe your comment of Rex Gore threatening your family with charges, after all, he is a coward and will not stand up to what is honestly right. He went with the majority, the "GANG", because where 2 or more gather for a common cause a gang is formed.... They ganged up on you and they overtook your position, but they could not overtake RONALD E. HEWETT!

Now Brunswick County has a Sheriff that is a coward and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants no matter who it may hurt along the way! BRUNSWICK COUNTY RESIDENTS, TAKE NOTE, JOHN "BILL" INGRAM IS A LIAR AND A CHEAT.

Again, thank you for your dedicated service to Brunswick County and thank you for being MY FRIEND!

SHERIFF Ingram is a "liar

SHERIFF Ingram is a "liar and a cheat"? Do tell, please cite examples and facts. By the way, it takes 3 or more for a gang to form...just fyi

Thank you for the truth Ronald

As most of the citizens of Brunswick County thought...Rex Gore...I've known him since a child, I am now 53yoa and he has always been a crooked, deceitful, stab-you-in-the-back man. Thank you Ronald for speaking the truth, and may you, Julie & your family grow stronger from this ordeal. Keep your head up, trust in the Lord, and you will always come out a winner !!!

Thank you for the truth Ronald

As most of the citizens of Brunswick County thought...Rex Gore...I've known him since a child, I am now 53yoa and he has always been a crooked, deceitful, stab-you-in-the-back man. Thank you Ronald for speaking the truth, and may you, Julie & your family grow stronger from this ordeal. Keep your head up, trust in the Lord, and you will always come out a winner !!!




Ron, I have always believed you are an innocent man!! You are the best Sheriff this County has ever had!!! You will always be my Sheriff! I am proud of you!!!


Gotta love a man like that. Cheers!

Only If You Love Criminals and Liars

Yeah, right, love him....if you love criminals and liars then you can certainly love him as he did it with gusto!!!!!!


You got to love the criminal mind.

A Friend Always

We love you and always will, you are one good man

Ronald, While what you say


While what you say may be true about what happened to you as far as Rex Gore is concerned, what about the people and employees that you did the same way that you say that Rex Gore treated you? The employees that you fired or suspended without even a chance to defend themselves. You, at least, had an attorney to defend you, while your employees were not even allowed to defend themselves. These are the same employees that were loyal to you and would have defended and did defend you no matter what. You and your family have definitely been thru an experience that no one wants to have to go thru.
Did you lose any sleep when you fired or suspended employees based on accusations that you wouldn't allow them to defend? Maybe your employees did not end up in prison but what they went thru was tough although different, it was disturbing to them and their families. Those homes and vehicles you claimed to own and paid for, still had to be paid and food had to be bought. They had to house and feed their children. Many of them didn't have a mother and an aunt who could help keep up the bills like your family did for you when you were in prison.
Have you ever gone to those ex-employees and apologized to them for the hell you put them thru? For every wrong that you say has been done to you and your family, I am sure if you are truthful with yourself, you will find many wrongs that you did to honest hard-working people. I hope that they and God can forgive you.
I personally know one of your former employees. At first, this individual was extremely bitter towards you but this person has forgiven you. Since then, life for this person has been so much better. They no longer carry the hate and has not allowed anger to consume their life. Maybe, in order, for you and your family to move on, you really need to forgive. Have you ever considered that Gene Allen and Kevin did what they did to protect their family like you protected your family from prosecution? It is not always just about you but other people as well. They had bills to pay to house and feed their children.


Don't you mean "Disgraced Former Sheriff" Ronnie?

Then perhaps you can explain....

...something for me. If you are, as you claim, completely innocent, how could a "trusted friend" tape you? If there was nothing wrong, then there should have been no harm in you being taped, correct?

Also, if you REALLY are concerned about public safety, do the right thing NOW. You make claims in this email about current and former public servants. If these actions are being tolerated, then we the public have a right to know. So please....names, dates, incidents. Let's get it out. After all that has been taken from you and your family, what is there left to lose? If you honestly believe that that these types of actions are currently being tolerated, it is your obligation to inform the public and bring these matters to light. a citizen of our beloved us.

Exactly! When a guilty

Exactly! When a guilty person is taped, they go to JAIL! When an innocent person is taped, they wonder, why the heck am I being taped, and that's the end of it.

I think Ron simply started believing he was the god of Brunswick County and could do as he pleased. No one should be in office more than a couple of terms to avoid the "super hero" delusion that obviously consumed Removed Sherriff Ronald Hewitt.

A wise man once said, "When the horse is dead...get off the horse."

REALLY, Tell All or quit

REALLY, Tell All or quit whining!! If you REALLY care about the citizens of Brunswick County then tell the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth!! What else do you have to lose? Seems to me that you still have something to hide. MAYBE, all of your hidden deeds have not made it to the light? MAN UP.

Yes, Do

And you can start by telling the truth about what really happened on Bald Head Island to Davina Buff Jones AND who ALL did what in the COVER-UP. Anybody with a BRAIN knows - and it has been UPHELD in legal proceedings that it WAS NOT a suicide. You can NEVER in any way have suffered to the extent this family has.

Thank you

Sheriff Hewett

I want to thank you for all your hard work while you were in office and tell you I appreciate your never ending fight against crime in our county. I'm sure you are filled with anger and resentment to certain individuals but don't let this eat you alive. Before you can go on and live a happy and productive life you are going to have to dig deep and find a way to forgive those who worked against you. Don't waste your precious time defending yourself - there are those of us who know what happened and the others. . well, don't waste your time on them. They will never change and you can sing from a soap box for the rest of your life and it won't change anything.

Be grateful you are home and ready to make a great start in your new life. Just let it go. We thank you and there are many, many others who do, too.