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FIRST ON 3: Hinnant in trouble again; WDI's "Park(ing) Day" shut down by cops

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Hinnant in trouble again; WDI's "Park(ing) Day" shut down by cops

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - John Hinnant's Wilmington Downtown, Inc, planned to highlight the lack of green space downtown this morning by plugging a parking meter and decorating the space as a mini-park.

Not so fast said the parking manager from Park Wilmington. Parking spaces are for cars, not for people, he told Hinnant. And after six police officers pulled up, the parking manager gave Hinnant 5 minutes to pack up or be arrested.

The slot quickly turned back into a parking space. Hinnant told Ramon that he was warned this might happen, but he was able to get his message out anyway.

Hinnant was in some hot water earlier this year when he was caught charging groceries and cigars on the WDI credit card. The City of Wilmington helps fund WDI.

See how it all went down later on WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 5.

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Park Wilmington are a bunch of idiots as it is

These morons sent my wife a nasty collection notice saying she owed them for a ticket at the cotton gin downtown. Problem is the idiot working for them obvious wrote down the wrong tag number. They had a tag number she had reported stolen/lost from 2005 on a type of car she never owned. After dealing with an idiot on the phone and sending them a copy of the notice from the NCDMV we thought it had all been eliminated only to get another even nastier letter threatening legal action well lets just say they got a very nasty terse letter in return from a lawyer friend with a cease and desist notice attached that we would happily sue them for harrassment if they took one iota of action to try and illegal collect on a ticket that never was hers/ours ever (we've never even been downtown once since we moved here cept for the Azelea festival). Park Wilmington is need of some new management and their corporate calltaker out in California needs to be fired as well they need some serious training across the board in proper customer service period. Oh and Ill be more then happy to provide details about there practices to anybody who cares. They care only bout trying to be bullies and then never admit or appologize when they are in the wrong as they were in this case and then have the nerve to claim were the ones who were rude.. uhh yeah ok...

Gracious, little ole John

Gracious, little ole John needs 6 officers to stop him? Where are they on Friday and Saturday night when people are causing real mayhem.

What a joke

Perhaps Mr. Hinnant should have put the "make believe park" where the benches are downtown, oh, thats right he can't due to the fact the park benches are covered with homeless, and people pandering for change. Thats one of the main reasons I would not like to see more parks downtown, more places that taxpayers fund, and are not able to use. I am glad to see that WWAY is exposing Mr. Hinnant's constant poor decision making. How many more chances will this "public official" get to misuse funds, and waste time? CITY OF WILMINGTON, PLEASE ACT.


Why didn't the article mention he was cleared of everything and that the audit was clean. No mishandling of funds was found.

If you don't know what the job entails or how many hours it requires you should keep your negative comments to yourself. Maybe you should try to work the many hours it requires and see how much money you can raise to make downtown and nicer place to visit.

I guess it would have been okay if a homeless person was sleeping there.

What part of "unethical" confuses you?

How about "unproffessional." Does that one trigger any comprehension?

I don't care who you are, you do NOT float a loan on your employer's credit card. You most assuredly don't do it when it's taxpayer money funding the operation.

If Mister Hinnant worked for the military, he would have been court-martialed. If he worked in private industry, he would have ben fired.

The man obviously has some serious shortcomings relative to ethics and judgment.

If you read

prior articles, they did report on those issues. And he was not exactly given a clean bill of health. He has yet to explain why it took 2 months for the credit card charges to be repaid.

This was another issue.

Frankly, if he was feeding change into the meter throughout the day, there would have been no loss of income to the owner of the meters.

But then, the issue becomes, whose money is he feeding to the meter.

& he admits he had prior warning not to do that and was not surprised when the Police arrived.

Let's not forget the bus shuttle to the Tall Ship nearly sank until he agreed the funds to pay the bus would never be handled by he or his agency.

Does that sound like a clean bill of health.

Why not identify yourself? Are you he, his spouse, or his assitant? You would have to be one of the three to know so much about his activities.

Maybe you could volunteer his services to the Police to help with the downtown issues on Friday and Saturday evening.

are you serious?

Whether the audit was clean or not, HE USED THE THE BUSINESS CREDIT CARD FOR A PERSONAL PURCHASE, NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. That sounds like mishandling to me.
And if you think a homeless would be sleeping in a parking spot on the street, you serioiusly should get checked out.

Just curious...

Why does WWAY have it out for WDI, Inc. and Mr. Hinnant, particularly? Do you people TRULY not see it as Mr. Hinnant's position to help promote the idea of GREEN SPACE for downtown Wilmington? Really?

There is "green" space downtown...

it's what's leftover after the drunks get done puking after the bars close.

If the Board of Directors had any ba**s at all, they would have fired Mr. Hinnant as soon as the misuse of the credit card came to light.


Where does he suggest we put in a large park(green space)downtown?

good message

what a fun idea and good message for downtown...sometimes it takes a crazy idea to get attention to some issues that tend to get ignored. I think the intent to get out the word that our downtown needs a good park is noble and courageous!

exactly how does this

exactly how does this promote attracting and expanding businesses in downtown Wilmington? WDI funds were probably used to pay the parking meter. Someone please get this clown out of here

parks are good business

great parks downtown = people wanting to live and work downtown = better for businesses. it's that simple. look at NYC, Charleston, Boston, Savannah, etc.

Was there

some relevance in his act to promote downtown Wilmington?

Given the economy, and his compensation package, one would think he might have found a better use for his time.

Maybe he was planning to pass out resumes.

Is it time for a change?

He should have brought along

He should have brought along that guitar player who was arrested in CB a couple weeks ago.

Stay in Surf City! no one is

Stay in Surf City! no one is interested in your opinion. You cannot vote in New Hanover county and your comment for change is not influencing anyone. You may want to find a better use of your time.

Do some research nit wit

if I own real estate in Wilmington and New Hanover County, I have a vested interest in how government operates.

But then perhaps you are Mr. Hinnant trying to attract attention from his management or lack there of.

Too bad you can not pontificate on how this effort enhances or promotes downtown Wilmington. Because, after all it does not.

Not even a good try Mr. or Mrs. Hinnant.

Contrary to your comment, I do have influence on how business and government conduct themselves. I no doubt contribute more to political campaigns than you charged for cigars and groceries on a WDI credit card. & I like so many others would like to know why it took you 2 months to repay the charge. Care to address that one?

Hope you're putting some resumes out. Good Luck. It's tough in the real world and private sector.

I welcome his opinion

He's one of the few posters on this board with an IQ above the average hat size.