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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: 15-year-old claims Carolina Beach Police forced him to drag shark out of water

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: 15-year-old claims Carolina Beach Police forced him to drag shark out of water

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Dragged to shore and left to die. That's what happened to an eight-foot sand tiger shark at Carolina Beach last night. WWAY found it decomposing in a maintenance yard today.

A 15-year-old and his friends say police told them to drag the live shark out of knee-deep water and on to the beach. The teens say they told police they wanted to push it back out to sea and let it live, but did what they were instructed.

The sand tiger is a protected species. The shark was found at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday on Carolina Beach in front of the boardwalk. Police called a tow truck to get the shark off the beach before tourists arrived in the morning. On-lookers watched the shark hanging from the truck take its last breaths. The shark was dumped in a maintenance yard, where someone later pulled out all its teeth. Evan Pye says police just sat back at their cars and watched last night.

"They were just like, 'Sons bring it up here.' We're like 'Why? Why bring it up here?' because we were trying to make it live. 'No, you got to bring it up here. You got to bring it up here.' We're like 'We're not going to bring it up there,' and they're like, 'Bring it up right now,' and started yelling at us and stuff like that and telling us that they're going to arrest us and stuff like that," Pye said.

Experts at the Fort Fisher Aquarium think the shark was caught by a fisherman and put up such a big fight, it was tired and may have swum close to shore to die.

Carolina Beach Police Chief William Younginer said the officers were trying to keep the shark from biting someone later. Younginer said he's going to talk to the officers working last night, but he said the situation probably could have been handled better. The chief said he's going to bury the shark, even if he has to do it himself.

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This is bad no matter how you look at it

Linda Waugh: I can not get past the fact that Police say they where trying to keep others from getting a serious bite from this shark, yet found it proper to make 15 year olds, without training to stand out there and hold on to the shark to start with....Get real....where the officers scared to go out there and pull it in themselves????..This is not a good feeling to think my safety is handled by such officers. The shark should have been held in the water until a boat could be called to haul it on out to sea....very inhumane to do as this was done....if I was the Chef of Police I would do more than just talk to these...well un-caring officers.

Everyone looks bad

Police look bad.
Kids look bad.
Amount of concern for shark makes enviros look bad.
Parents of kids out at Carolina Beach unsupervised at 11:30pm look the worst.

the shark was a victim,

the shark was a victim, true. but WHAT ABOUT TELLING KIDS TO PULL IT OUT OF THE WATER?!?!?! does no one have a problem with the cops telling the kids to do what they perceived to be in the line of their duty?! those cops owe those kids...and the parents should be livid.

This is so sad, the Sand

This is so sad, the Sand Tiger is a protected species and is known as a very non aggressive species and a beautiful one at that. No wonder it was swimming in the shallows near the pier because THAT'S WHERE FISHERMEN DUMP THEIR BAIT and the shark was doing nothing wrong and merely getting an easy meal. The policemen should not have made this decision and should have contacted the fisheries department first, and now a mature shark was killed purely because of peoples' fear of the ocean's creatures. God created sharks just like he created us and when we step into the ocean we're entering the shark's domain. It's sickening to ready peoples' comments about this being a good thing and about putting up preventive measures to keep sharks out, if you're that terrified of sharks then go to the lake, don't get in the ocean! You have a higher risk of being struck by lightning than being bitten by a shark, and the majority of these instances are purely a case of mistaken identity by the shark. I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a penalty handed out in this case because this is breaking numerous federal regulations on removing a protected species, and it's too bad someone wasn't there to say something about this when it took place.

Two Sides to Every Story

I have been reading about this incident in several threads for a few months and what I am able to glean from this is that a shark may not have been afforded the best care possible, but that several young folks did make an attempt to help. It seems that general education as to what to do in a circumstance like this is not really common knowledge (and should be).

The cops in CB are the worst

The cops in CB are the worst in the county. By far the most incompetent and lazy I've seen. The kids should have ignored those bozos and pushed it back into the water. Very sad indeed.


To those of you that think the police in CB are bad, lazy or incompetent, shame on you. These guys do a terrific job protecting all of us. I have lived here for 9 years and have nothing but admiration for these fine gentlemen. Where would you be without them?

Are you kidding!?!?!?!?!?!

Are you kidding!?!?!?!?!?!

Where's the COP's! (DMF)?

Why wasn't DMF, (Division of Marine Fisheries) called or involved...?

[cite]Why in the heck did they pull it out of the water? Those sharks always come into shallow water to feed. From the photo it appears to be a Sand Tiger, one that is not permitted to be kept or killed. Tough to tell exactly from the photo though. Might not have heard the last of this, if in fact, it's a prohibited species.
also, where's their fishing license?[/cite]

Those "Officers" broke several STATE & FEDERAL Fisheries LAWS... *Ordering* these Kids to take this FEDERALLY PROTECTED SPECIES from the water...
A very BIG, NO-NO taking a FEDERALLY protected Species out of the waters, ie: it's environment, (the Ocean).. EVEN if it's "about to die", which I call BS!
Most, and best case scenario is, it was feeding on *bait*, Menhaden, (Pogies), for some of you folks,whom don't know what they are,have been running the surf in big numbers this past week,This Sand Tiger, while possibly, FEEDING/Chasing Pogies, got stranded on the sand, or Sand Bar, tiring itself out trying too get back into deeper water... Stranded by it's own WEIGHT!....
HELLO! HELLO! WHY!? wasn't DMF/NOAA, called?!
SO.....WHERE ARE THE COPS! Oh, wait they were the *cops*..
So they are "exempt"??? Because some *Tourist* ***MIGHT*** get bitten? B***S**t!, 99.9 % of Shark attacks are "Mistaken Identity"... on the Sharks behalf.. Or people swimming at times when Sharks are most active feeding, Dusk & Dawn, dirty water, OR when theres ALOT of "bait" in the water.....

What if this was a "Protected" Sea Turtle? OR a Dolphin? Would We have the same outcome?
Another word of CAUTION......
If you've seen some of the "Sharks" I've seen, (looking down from a Pier), I've seen up to 12 footers swimming in knee deep waters, un-noticed by swimmers near-by....
Remember this...
When YOU step foot into, or wade/swim in the Ocean, [b]YOU BECOME PART OF THE FOOD CHAIN[/b]......


I feel bad they killed it the way they did, however I am so afraid of being in the Ocean and it makes me sad. I wish they had nets or safty somethings we could swim. It's so beautiful and I love to bounce in the waves, but after seeing my little guys in having fun I wanted to take them right out. I didn't but my blood pressure was up and I was scared to death. My husband thought I was nuts-yes I admit I am nuts, I can't help it. I am afraid of sharks! I just don't know what to do. North Myrtle beach I hear is a bit safer, but is it? Someone tell me to relax!

This should have never happened.

"The sand tiger is a protected species." That explains why it was beached, this shark is known for living in shallow waters and was apparently feeding to close to shore, This shark had probably lived there its whole life and hadn't did any harm, why kill it now? This should not have happened to this poor shark. They are a very non-aggressive species.


If a shark came close to me, I would freak out however if this shark was a whale...a whole crew of people would be out there trying to save the whale. No more why it was so close to the shore. Sharks get a bad wrap.

All these comments are very ridiculous.

Wow, so many comments. First thing, most cops in Carolina Beach do not do a good job anyways. Why is everyone freaking out? Another thing, sharks come close to shore to feed on fish. Some sharks beach themselves by accident just from the current, this shark was probably hunting and fine. Do you see how many fish get hooked and people through them back in the water, apparently that's what happened. I know this may sound stupid but, you do not hang a shark that is BREATHING. Police Officers have no right to take on animals just the fact they have not been trained nor taught how to handle them. Someone should of called the Aquarium or Marine Control before hanging it upside down. I think its all utter stupidity of everyone commenting this like everyone died.

Every one take a deep breath

Every one take a deep breath and smile. In a few more days every one will forget that this whole thing even happened.

The shark must had been

The shark must had been really sick and weak to be so close to shore and not go back. The shark does not have bone but cartilage. I am surprised that the shark did not whip its tail nor been around and bite one the kids. Like I said it must had been very weak. If this was the case then no one should had removed the shark. Let nature take its natural course. It would had been food for other animals of the sea. A healthy shark would had not been this easy to pull ashore by its tail. As it stands I am sure this is not over with CB police nor anyone who helped willingly. There will be a investigation, for this shark is on the FEDERAL ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST. It would be like killing a bald eagle, whale, dolphin, etc for it was not dead yet.

WHAT?? does this suprise you?

WHAT?? does this suprise you?
How do you think cops act???
The kids did thet right thing by doing what they were told but Its just to bad it wasnt an adult who could have said
" come in here and move him yourself, Sir "


If everyone is so concerned

If everyone is so concerned about killing this shark so the beaches are more safe for tourists, maybe we can find a way to just drain the whole ocean. Tourists drown too, so let's get rid of that deadly water! That way there will be more land to build stores, houses, parking lots, and strip malls!

Maybe after that we can build a giant shield to block the sunlight so the tourists don't get sunburnt.

What a joke. Tourists should be more concerned about the traffic problems around here than the sharks.

I agree entirely! Elephants

I agree entirely! Elephants kill more people each year than sharks, and we're not afraid of them! We kill the sharks, not the latter! Without the sharks, there is no marine ecosystem.

Why don't you people do something about shark finning. Over 100 million sharks die each year in the hands of HUMANS.

Come on people. For the most intelligent race, we're not very intelligent.

Abuse of power

It does look like the local police handled it poorly. Why ask a group of teenagers to drag out a shark? I know I used to work in a small town as a security director and someone had hit & killed a deer. The local police told me, not asked, to handle the situation for them. I told them, "No," and I stated that it was WAY out of my scope and if they could not handle doing their own job, they needed to call the NC-HP. If you work in law enforcement and that area covers a municipality that includes a beach, you should know the laws and codes as such. Did the police even know the tiger shark was a protected species? I would have to agree with the others who posted here that said it was grossly mishandled by CBPD. My best guess at a solution is to improve the training and to make sure the police know the laws. If you have a misinformed police officer, that will create trouble.


Where are the parent's comments? I am sure they were there at 11:30 PM with their kids... No, wait, I bet they just let their kids run free at that time of the night..

Okay that was way off the

Okay that was way off the point of this entire argument. It really doesn't matter about what the kids where doing, its what the cops were doing. Just hanging a shark to dry. Yes, it may have had a battle with a fisherman or whatever. At night sharks comes to shallow water to feed, it may not of wanted to die.


A human get's shot in the head in Wilmington and 1 comment, A shark dies 40+ comment's. It seem's no one cares what happens to the people who shot the elderly man, and the people want to take over Carolina beach police dept.over the shark's death.


the man wasn't hung upside down while he took his last breaths and had all of his teeth pulled out while some cops just watched on in interest.

people aren't endangered

people aren't endangered

Endangered teen

The girl who was bit by a shark at Sand Tiger shark at Topsail was endangered. Glad her parents were with her. Where were the 15 year olds at 11:30pm in Carolina Beach.

Sadly, people in this town

Sadly, people in this town have almost become "desensitized" to the criminal acts and violence that pervades certain areas of town. It's no secret that most of the smaller streets near the downtown district see the majority of crime.

In a sick way, people almost expect it because it's been going on for so long.

wow... lucky shark... if he

wow... lucky shark... if he had ben at wrightsville he probably would have been tased!

Only if

The shark was a stupid drunken college student that should know better.

need an investigation by NC Wildlife

This needs to be investigated.
It was not handled in the correct manner.
If they did ask teenagers to pull it out of the water they endangered their lives and need to be removed from duty.
Should have called NC Wildlife and closed off the area.
I'm surprised they didn't use it for a reason to shoot something!


You think Wildlife Comission would even come out for this? They don't handle marine species. Nor do they have the officers or manpower to set up a perimeter. Nor is one even necessarily stationed nearby at nights.

Get real, the economy is in the crapper. Overtime is non-existent for any state agency. And check this... sharks are not covered at all by NC Wildlife. Alligators sure. Sharks no.

Had it been a whale UNCW's Marine Program or the Aquarium would have helped. They were both called. Both said the same thing, there is no known program to help beached sharks. It will most likely die before a single responder could get there.

The only reason this one survived as long as it did is because the Sand Tiger Shark can gulp air to increase its buoyancy. Without constant movement, it will die regardless fast.