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Lindsey Shaw to reign as Queen Azalea

READ MORE: Lindsey Shaw to reign as Queen Azalea

WILMINGTON, NC -- Actress Lindsey Shaw, star of the ABC Family show "10 Things I Hate About You" will serve as Queen Azalea at the 63rd Annual North Carolina Azalea Festival next week. She will be crowned during a free event in Riverfront Park in Downtown Wilmington on Wednesday, April 7, at 5 p.m. You can watch it live on WWAY NewsChannel 3, your official NC Azalea Festival station.

Festival organizers announced other celebrity guests at a Tuesday afternoon news conference:

-CDR Douglas Kunzman, commander of the Navy's new destroyer Gravely, which will be commissioned this fall in Wilmington.
-Robert Pine, an actor best known for his role of Sgt. Joe Gertraer on the TV show "CHiPs" and more recently for roles on the shows "Castle," "The Office" and "Big Love."
-Kate Linder, an actress who has appeared on "The Young and Restless" for 27 years and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
-Reid Rosenthal, a realtor in Philadelphia, who was one of the eligible men on the ABC show "The Bachelorette."
-Kristen Dalton, the Wilmington native who currently reigns as Miss USA.
-Katherine Elizabeth Southard, the reining Miss North Carolina.

Tune in tonight to WWAY NewsChannel 3 for more details on Queen Azalea and the other Azalea Festival celebrities.

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who cares !

As a lifelong resident of New Hanover County, I have never been a big fan of the Festival. It is an opportunity for the Mayberry socialites to have a little party and mingle with second rate soap opera stars and celebrities. The parade is boring and the live entertainment is over priced. If you like high calorie , high priced junk food and arts crafts , then the street fair is the place to be. I usually leave town on this particular weekend.My disposable hard earned income will be spent elsewhere. The only thing I have ever enjoyed was the military air shows . As for the race card , the black community over plays the race card too often. The blacks are more racist than the whites in this community.


They are and always have been more racist than the whites. So sick of them and this "poor me" bull**it they keep throwing out there. I agree about the festival, overpriced little "flower party" but some people love it. To each, his own I guess. So, guest 450, go play your race card elsewhere, no one here cares.

Exactly who is the festival cater to?

I mean really..not one african american or latino celebrity or event for this festival..Years ago, they use to have a broad scope of people and events for the festival but now its very clear that only White people are welcome at these events..i ask all my fellow African and Latino Americans to boycott this festival..when they start seeing the dollars shrink in their little festival, then maybe they will listen and start thinking of the entire community again and not just the white population...

Race card

Never fails, every year the same post by someone who feels slighted. It is all in your mind that the festival is for white people but, if you feel that way you have the right to stay home and pout about it.

Here goes the RACIST crap again.....

It seems there always has to be "one" in the crowd to make an ignorant, race inciting comment such as this just to stir the pot up. Who the hell really cares what color she is? Next year we'll color up the queen to look like an Easter Egg, then everybody will be happy!

Can't any of you just enjoy the festivities and stop your whiney-butt chin music? It's easy, if you don't like it, don't go, leave town, pick fly crap out of pepper, go to a blueberry festival, do something you enjoy. Just stop the belly-aching for a change!

Why I got to be a racist

Why I got to be a racist because there arent any events geared towards the African or latino is what it is..I have no problem with the Queen being white but lets have some diversty in the festival..I said celebrity and events..none which are black or latino..I am not stating untruths..dont get mad because I called your festival out for what it is which is bias and cater to white people only..PERIOD!!!!! DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE RIVERFEST HISTORY EITHIER..

There is a rap group

There is a rap group performing at the Rox on Friday the 9th, same night as the country singer playing at the college. There is also always a section of the festival devoted to Hispanic food, dance, and crafts. Granted it is not in the middle of everything but seriously this is an event to celebrate spring not promote cultural diversity so get over yourselves and just enjoy the sunshine.

I agree with the comment

I absolutely agree that there is not enough cultural diversity in most of these events and I am white. Most events like this festival do not equally represent all races. Argue all you want but historically speaking that is a fact. Sometimes it is simply due to geographical population and interest. I haven't been in Wilmington long enough to know if that is the case here but to deny it is just silly.

Why play the race card?

Why does someone always play the race card? If you look back at the queens there have been several African American Queens. Just last year the Queen was from India or Indian decent I think. So that shows diversity. I guess there is always going to be someone in the crowd who cant be pleased.

Descent dosent count..LOL

and how many years ago was that when the Queen was African American?? Phyllica Rashad was the last black queeen we had and thats when the Cosby show was on..Um..1990ish..thats over ten years ago.get real people..just become someone has some ethncinity in their race lines from generations ago dosent make it right..and the someone in the crowd happens to African American..


the last Black queen was Tanisha Lynn in 2006

What happened

to the proposal that Carolina Beach's Kim Munley be the Queen?

Year after Year, it seems the Committee picks some barely known actress.

azalea queen??

Kim Munley snubbed by snubbed by Azalea committee for queen.. If you go to the parade..and when Kim rides by...listen to the crowd's reaction... It will be deafening.. when will the Azalea committee listen to the people of Wilmington?

What Kim Munley did...

was her job. She said it herself.

At least..

She is the Grand Marshall. That's a position of more esteem than the Queen anyway. I'd love to see a hero as the Queen over a C-List beauty any day, but come on the list of past Queens doesn't hold much prestige (beyond a then unknown Kelly Ripa).

She's still recovering from what I understand, probably best that can do it from a more relaxed position anyway.

Wow....sounds exciting...yawn

Wow....sounds exciting...yawn

Azalea Quenn

Once again, Who?


People. Chill. Just go with the flow is life. The people in charge of this event arent thinking abour race or religion when putting this together. They may subconciously being sticking with their "tribe" so to speak but big deal. Doesnt everyone? Stop playing the race cards and maybe next year you can make a few suggestions. Do your research and find out who is in charge and call them. Its as easy as that rather than just commenting useless comments on here.