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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: McIntyre campaign says ad pull was miscommunication


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Congressman Mike McIntyre's Campaign emailed TV stations in Wilmington and Florence, SC today to pull the candidate's TV commercials ASAP.

The campaign called us after reading our on-line story and said their TV buyer was confused about the plan this weekend. It isn't pulling ads, just starting new ones this weekend.

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who a candidate advertises with and when is there own business

this is not news and unprofessional to present as such as it indicates some issue not present. but then it is your station...implication central. go figure. incredibly unprofessional. I pray they never advertise with you again.

I'm going to hazard a

I'm going to hazard a guess... his ad about Pantano favoring a 23% national sales tax was found to be full of s**t. The so called 23% national sales tax is intended to re-define federal taxation and to replace the current Internal Revenue Code. The McIntyre ads are a false impression.

Mike Mcintyre

Pantano had a melt down in Iraq, do we want someone who did what he did representing NC in congress. He has resigned all his jobs, has not had a job in three years, disgraced the US and USMC by his actions. No real Marine would have done what he did. You do not shot prisoners in the back and place signs on their dead bodies. Pantano does not have the character to representative NC.

McIntyre meltdown and deceit

McIntyre had a meltdown in DC--he is a deceptive phony who supports pelosi & reid two mental midgets who embarrass their office and our Nation. McIntyre like the other good ole boys-Caster-Jones and that crowd of mediocrity are in no psoition to cast judgemnt on others.
Pantano would be a big improvement over McIntyre and stand up to Obama -the worst President we have had. Arrogance by Mike and other Dem leaders is no substitute for leadership. Pantano is a leader which is why Mad Mike and his band of phonies posted this misleading comment. Let's throw this crowd out on election day. Vote for change

I Like Mike......

I would like Mike if he found a job in the private sector ! He is a CAREER POLITICIAN .