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FIRST ON 3: New Hanover commissioners pass resolution supporting AZ immigration law


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The hot-button issue of illegal immigration is heating up here at home. New Hanover County commissioners voted today to back Arizona's new immigration law. Commissioners voted 3-2 not only supporting Arizona's efforts, but also asking North Carolina's General Assembly to pass a bill identical to Arizona's.

Not every commissioner went along with it, though. Jonathan Barfield spoke out against the resolution saying it would lead to racial profiling.

"Having the ability to pull people over based on what they look like in my opinion is going down the wrong road," Barfield said. "I understand that it says for probable cause, but me being an African-American citizen here, I've been pulled over for driving while black."

Commission chair Jason Thompson also voted against the resolution. He's not opposed to Arizona's law. Thompson essentially wanted to adopt Arizona's law without mentioning Arizona by name.

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Barfield is RACIST!

Barfield is a racist idiot! I hope the deputy's that this idiot is suppose to be representing pull him over evey time they see him!

"DWB" is not imaginary. My

"DWB" is not imaginary. My husband has been pulled over for DWB on multiple occasions, not only in NHC but in surrounding counties, also. I guess that based on the way he LOOKS (long dredlocks, baseball cap), he's not the type of person that would save his legally hard earned money to buy the type of vehicle he drives, and there MUST be SOMETHING illegal in/about that car....but this is just something we have learned to live with. IT HAPPENS. And as long as there are officers that prejudge, it will continue to happen. I'm personally still on the fence as far as this law is concerned...but you can't deny that it sounds a little like slavery. "where's yo walkin papers, boy?!"
....some people give a stray, rabid dog better treatment than an illegal hispanic... #rant complete. :0)

Well you said the key word

Well you said the key word illegal. Try going to another country and get what they get and not be a legal citizen. It's not going to happen!

Councilman Barfield ..

Councilman Barfield .. Please give the media proof that you were pulled over for DWB... Or apologize to our brave men and women in law enforcement. Per federal law all traffic stops must be recorded and turned over for patterns of racial profiling.. Google it.

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much!!!!!

I am so sick of illegals and racist blacks that I really do not know what to do. I really don't. I am so sick of them that I gave up my 20 year best friend because he was black and cried race - it was like listening to a child. A dumb one.

Am I racist now? Oh yeah - with a conviction I have not felt since the Marine Corps. I can't even say what I think we should do with all you people. So I support Arizona finally standing up to the hundreds of thousands of illegals in their state. I support and am so proud of our county commissioners. And when the time comes I will do anything you can possibly imagine to remove these surges from our community. There is nothing I will not do! You could had just been cool, but you had to push it. Say what you want, do what you want, but soon it will be our time to push back. Soon..

Semper Fidelis

They will go back home

They will go back home if there is no work here in the USA for them to do. Our problem is the Americans that are hiring them. Our law makers should make and enforce a law where if any business or individual is caught hiring an illegal person, they will be fined an ungodly amount of money on the first offense. The second offense should be the loss of their business license and jail time. Have any of you ever researched the laws Mexico has on anyone moving there? Does Mexico enforce their laws? What the heck is wrong with the USA that it won't enforce the laws they already have on the books? The answer is democrats. They know that because of the terrible job they are doing during this administration they are going to need a new crop of voters to keep them in power. Just watch and see, the illegals will have the right to vote by the next election, if not 2010, by 2012 for sure. I think they should pack up the democrats and the illegal mexicans and send all of them south of the border. If the illegals want to be a citizen of the US, then they should go about it the legal way like so many others have already done. I will not support any business in this country that hires illegals and you shouldn't either.

Utterly stupid and racist

Barfield as a county commissioner is a joke. He has voted for tax increases, supports illegals and is a lackey for Jason Thompson. Whatever Thompson supports Barfield supports. His interest is not the county, it is his real estate business. Ask anyone whom has been in the real estate business for awhile and they can tell you of some violations he has been involved with. Barfield can claim he was pulled over cause he is black, so can I cause I violated the law. The race card is the only thing black politicians can use. Common sense, common decency, interest of the county not personal interest is what needs to be practiced. Barfield was elected, not by the black population only, but by whites and hispanics also. His next reelection is in jeopardy because of his stupid comments and ignorant actions.


Who's the raceist? "The race card is the only thing black politicians can use" says it all.


You're completely wrong, because that statement is completely true.

Case in point: Jesse and Al will defend someone who "did nothing wrong, simply (and only) because they are black"

Completely and Utterly Stupid

Jonathan Barfield is a racist moron. He plays the race card as if he has been denied something because he is black. He won the county council seat did he not. He did not win it on the black vote alone. It really does not matter because whatever Jason Thompson does he agrees with, his lackey. Barfield's interest is improving his real estate interest, not the county's interest. He is in politics for himself. He will not survive another election because his votes on tax increases and support for illegals. Barfield keep up your shennanigans and there will be a prison cell ready for you next to Thomas Wright.

I am a Hispanic male that

I am a Hispanic male that was born in America. My parents as well were born in America. I personally dont feel like being pulled over and asked for documentation of citizenship based on my color and last name. Bravo Barfield! This is ignorant and the only people that agree with it are WHITE people who dont have to deal with these kind of situations. There are other ways of dealing with illegals than this. I pay my taxes (dont recieve a refund like most of the trailer trash on here) therefore I help pay officers. I dont pay them to harrass me about my citizenship status.

Everyone who gets stopped

Everyone who gets stopped by a police officer has to show proof of identity. I don't see what the big deal is. If you aren't breaking the laws then you have nothing to worry about.


When someone is pulled over by a cop they are asked for drivers license and registration, those are our PAPERS. If you do not have them then the trouble ensues. If you are in a foreign country and get pulled you are asked for the same but also your PASSPORT. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL??? The only people that need to worry are the illegals that do not have them.

YOU will be asked for license and reg. If you have them then it not a big deal is it? Carrying an I.D. is pretty simple and the safe thing to do unless you are hiding which is illegal in EVERY country. duh.

You're the one playing the race card.

You have jumped to the conclusion that you'll be harassed unnecessarily. It's not YOU they are after, it's the trailer full of 20 latinos who don't speak english, have no form of ID, and DON'T PAY TAXES.

Put on your big girl panties, sit down, shut up and think that for once things aren't just about you. Not everyone is out to get you because you aren't WHITE.

Get a hobby

They can not

pull you over without just cause. Drive carefully and within the law, no problem.

Injest a few coronas or tequilla or smoke a little weed or huff some dust cleaner before driving, you have a problem. But then so would any other driver regardless of race or creed.


"dont recieve a refund" you either A) are VERY uniformed on US taxes or B) HAVE NEVER FILED....THE MAJORITY of Americans get a "refund" on taxes when they the form of YES, YOU DO get a refund just like the majority of us!

Second...NOBODY is going to harass YOU about YOUR citizenship status. I don't think it's fair that I get pulled over at midnight for a DUI check when I don't drink...but guess what...I get pulled over and have to submit my drivers license and registration....

The bottom line is this...this ISN'T A color thing...if you say it is..YOUR the racists and obviously only YOU see color....EVERY FLIPPING ILLEGAL needs to be rounded up and tossed back across the border they crossed to get here...if they come back whats necessary to protect our borders...if they boycott...USE THAT to target them and round them up!...I'm SICK of the freeloaders...most Americans feel the same way at this point! If you don't like our Constitution and borders....LEAVE!

yes I do get deductions but

yes I do get deductions but I do not recieve a refund. Not everybody gets a refund. I have to pay at the end of the year thank you.


your deductions ARE a refund from the government..whether you have to pay extra or not...thank you...if your paying at the end of the need to adjust your withholding during the year....thank you.

I believe you have the emphasis on the wrong syll-ah-bel...

This law says nothing about pulling anyone over and raking them through the coals because they are hispanic. The law does allow a 2nd tier investigation in the event of someone being caught in the commission of a crime. If you do something wrong and the police get involved, they have the right to confirm your identity and your immigration status if suspicious. If you are a legal citizen, there is no problem, if you're not, action is taken. This is very simple and basic. This can be for anyone. Mexican, Chinese, Russian, Chilean, Islander, Japanese, African, Middle Easterner, whomever...

This isn't about, "Let's find a hispanic and pull him over...." It is simply a manner of taking control of the existing laws of our country and an effort to get our economy back in check. We simply can't afford to feed, medicate, birth babies and provide social security for those massive numbers that that don't contribute to the tax base or pay for health insurance coverage. Our hospital emergency rooms are totally overrun 24 hours a day. Free clinics suffer from lack of supplies being a hard working, tax paying, self-sustaining American citizen of hispanic decent, I'm sure you understand and sympathize with this concept.

It just isn't about race. It's about cheating our system and America putting a stop to it. It is no different than what any other country already does, (where people WANT to live, that is...).

Well, Mr. Hispanic Male...go

Well, Mr. Hispanic Male...go to Mexico. You won't look out of place there.

wow, not all hispanics are

wow, not all hispanics are from Mexico. Stupid!


WHO CARES..send em ALL back to Mexico and let that government sort out the mess!

Well said!!!!!!

Well said!!!!!!

They're not GOING to question you

You speak English. You write English.

When a police officer stops a van carrying twelve Latinos, none of whom have a driver's license or can speak English, it's a whole new ballgame. The officer has every right to question the legality of their presence.

You're an AMERICAN, they're not. Why are you sticking up for ILLEGAl criminals? It's like you're in a union, where race trumps patriotism.


durham city council just voted to boycott arizona due to this law. can we vote to boycott durham because they support this law??

thank you new hanover county! it's time we crack down and let immigrants follow the legal steps to work and the path to citizenship instead of ignoring it all and have illegals get DWIs!

Who goes to Durham?

Who goes to Durham?

No need to worry about me boycotting Durham, NC.

I had to live in that craphole of a town for 2 years. It is an entire world of it's own, with a different population, a different agenda and full of angry mobs of the criminal sort.

I wouldn't be the least disappointed if I never even passed through it again!

Jonathan Barfield

Can you please stop playing the race game? Oh pleasE wah wah wah, I've been pulled over because because, Blah blah blah...I don't have a problem with being pulled over if I'm innocent, I'm glad for the law enforcement doing there job when they can. And it just blows my mind when an illegal mexican hits me with no insurance or drivers license and the cops says its out of our hands. WTF


I think this is the first thing the county commissioners in a long while. Of course Mr. Barfield is going to jump right to the race card; it isn't the first time. It's also not surprising to see that he, like Obama and Holder have completely neglected to actually read the law that Arizona passed. People cannot be pulled over for looking "illegal", but say if they get stopped for speeding, are found not to have a drivers license or speak a word of English, there's enough probable cause to further inquire of their documentation.


DWB or 'Driving while Black' is a term that blacks use to try and devert the attention away from any criminal activity and it only applies if a white officer stops them. If a black officer makes the traffic stop, they are just S.O.L. and have to accept the charges and hope for the best. LOL