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FIRST ON 3: New Hanover commissioners pass resolution supporting AZ immigration law


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The hot-button issue of illegal immigration is heating up here at home. New Hanover County commissioners voted today to back Arizona's new immigration law. Commissioners voted 3-2 not only supporting Arizona's efforts, but also asking North Carolina's General Assembly to pass a bill identical to Arizona's.

Not every commissioner went along with it, though. Jonathan Barfield spoke out against the resolution saying it would lead to racial profiling.

"Having the ability to pull people over based on what they look like in my opinion is going down the wrong road," Barfield said. "I understand that it says for probable cause, but me being an African-American citizen here, I've been pulled over for driving while black."

Commission chair Jason Thompson also voted against the resolution. He's not opposed to Arizona's law. Thompson essentially wanted to adopt Arizona's law without mentioning Arizona by name.

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So the county commissioners

So the county commissioners can take time to pass garbage like this but when it comes to the Titan Cement plant says that it is now out of their control and can't pass any resolutions? Where are there priorities?

Big picture?

You really don't get it do you?

barfeild is an idiot and thompson a moron.....

aside from the dui,drug,and theft crimes the ILLEGAL invaders commit here.the money they have sent out of this county is gone forever.the seven years of the building boom with scum contractors using taco truck labor lowered wages by half.this has cost tradesmen their savings making the county poorer.what do you two not understand?or are you two so in the pockets of the dirt bag scum sucking bunch that employ these crimeanimals that you just dont care what happens to the working legal folks of new hanover county?

Immigration law supported...GREAT!!!

It's about time NHC made a decent decision. Now, let's gather all of the counties and make it a state law here as well.

I know whats coming on this forum, "racial profiling", "...they're only trying to make a better life..." comments. So before you get started, read this:

The enforcement of illegal immigrants flooding this country has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with ruining our economy, our language, our healthcare system, our social security system and taking away from the American tax base. I have to pay my way to live as a resident in this country. I pay local taxes, state taxes, federal taxes, social security and medicare. I paid $25,000.00 in taxes last year. That would've bought me a new car. Then I paid my insurance premiums and my co-pays and my dentist bill and my eye exam and glasses. The bottom line is, to live in this country, you have to pay your OWN way as most Americans do. If the influx of illegal citizens continues at this rate and uses the "free" services, this country will be bankrupt in no time. We are already on the brink. The illegals cannot continue to, "...make a better life for themselves..." at the cost of the American taxpaying citizen. That is counterproductive and that incites anger.

I welcome ANYONE to this country. Just do it legally, pay your way, pay your taxes and for God's sake...LEARN ENGLISH, that's what we speak here!!!

It just doesn't get much simpler than that!!!

Good For HH Commissioners

Glad to see that the commission is supporting some laws that get tough with illegals. If we go to their country, we have to have our papers as well as driver licenses in our pocket. What it so hard about getting natualized and carrying your green card.
They are just lazy and do not want to go through the process so they can go back home with our money.
Get Real people, Arizona had a GOOD idea. It is time to start cracking down

Immigration Law

I am all for this law, it is about time, and it needs to start now. This bull about profiling is a bunch of garbage. If you commit a CRIME,and you are apprehended,and you do not have the paperwork to support being in this country (and I don't even mean have the paperwork with you) you are deported, no questions asked! You are here ILLEGALLY! Mr. Barfield, your comment about being pulled over for being black is also garbage. Being in your position you would have had the officer reported and dismissed. I cannot believe the outcry against profiling criminals. I agree with a few previous posts, innocent people never have to worry. Think back to the gentleman who plowed into the DQ on Oleander.... 9 DWI's and still here, does this happen???

It happens because the North

It happens because the North American Union is going to happen. What would it have cost to create the Great Wall of America along Mexico and Canada when "the illegals are coming!" was first warned to the U.S.? And how long would it have taken to build...? Think of all the things that were accomplished by "our peeps" ever since the borders were drawn... Golly-gee-willackers, Beav! What HAS taken them sooo long? It was never meant to be, brother. But don't fret, the Gulf Coast death-plague will take care of many pesky consumers for ya.