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FIRST ON 3: Pender County Health Director retiring Sept. 30

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Pender County Health Dept.'s Dr. Griffith Retiring Sept. 30th

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- After much controversy over the Pender County Health Department and claims of mismanagement, the health director is calling it quits.

The Pender County Board of Health began its meeting Tuesday night with a closed-session discussion. Just minutes later, chair Roberta Bost announced that Dr. Jack Griffith will retire on September 30.

Bost says she does not know when the county will begin the search process for a new health director. Bost says the county will contact the state in the next few weeks for some guidance on the situation.

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What a tangled web they weave

On Monday evening, as reported in the Star News, the County Commissioners held a closed door meeting.

Commissioner Tate extended permission to address the Commissioners to retiring Health Director Jack Griffith.

After waiting for an extended period, Commissioner Tate came out of the room and informed Dr. Jack he would not be allowed to address the Commissioners.

Greast way to treat a man who has given 14 years of his professional life to building up the Board of Health.

Commissioner Tate, what a spineless performance.

Commissioner Blanchard, you Sir are leaving office; you chose not to stand for re-election. You could have forced the issue.

Commissioners Tate and Blanchard, you could have joined together; forced the issue; and allowed Dr Griffith his opportunity to address the Commissioners.

In the current economic cycle, with available revenue down and budget cuts being made throughout County Government, there is a much better use for the dollars being expended for studies, investigations, and to disprove lies which certain employees made.

I look forward to viewing how you maintain a balanced budget when you have to hire Dr. Jack's replacement at a considerable increase in compensation. Any competent replacement, and that rules out all of the existing staff as potential candidates, with the knowledge of the circus atmosphere you have allowed to develop, is going to command the compensation required to deal with the political arena you have created.

I hope, as each sitting member comes up for re-election, he is challenged and questioned over his participation in this charade.

Shame on you. You're elected to serve the citizens of Pender County. You were'nt elected to pursue personal agendas.

Reason For The Collapse of the Health Department.

I believe the downfall of the Pender County Health Department stems from the fact that the Board of Health made a conscious decision to allow an elected politician and the County Manager to dictate Health Care policy at the Health Department.

These should be two separate entities for very good reasons. I’m sure you are very aware of damage it is causing for Pender County. Please help put a stop to this before it all collapses.

Commissioner Tate's Lasdt Stand

I believe that Commissioner David Williams should come out from hiding under the sofa and get together with Blanchard and Rivenbark to put a stop to the destruction of the Pender County Health Department by Commissioner George Brown and County Manager, Rick Benton. There may still be time.

What about Commissioner Jimmy Tate? I’m feeling sorry for Commissioner Tate right now. George Brown has used Tate to be his bad guy in the local press in his attack against the Health Department. Brown took advantage of Tate because of Tate’s connection as a member of the Board of Health. Both, George Brown and Rick Benton knew Tate loves the publicity, but what Tate didn’t know then, which he knows now, is Pender County is being looked at in detail by an independent source and he has a good chance of being the fall guy for Brown and Benton when the facts come out. Rick Benton has already hired an outside Attorney for the county because he feels this situation is above County Attorney, Trey Thurman’s head.

Brown and Benton have been creating havoc in the Health Department since early April. Jimmy Tate had nothing to gain out of these attacks against Dr. Griffith other than his dislike of the Griffith’s assistant, Gwen Smith and his want to get rid of her. I think Jimmy will soon learn that Ms. Smith will turn out to be the best friend he could have right now.

Commissioner Tate’s constituents are from a lower income rural area in Pender County and they can’t afford to lose him as their representative. Nor can Jimmy’s constituents lose the services which are presently provided at the Health Department. Jimmy needs to think about them as goes through the next few weeks.

I’m not too worried about Commissioner Brown. He will be voted out in the upcoming election and Freddy Brown will be in his place. Jimmy Tate needs to go ahead and back away from George Brown asap and start marching in a different direction before Freddy Brown arrives.

Mr. Tate should also find a way to help get rid of B of H Chairperson, Roberta Bost. Then he needs to find a way to get rid of Shirley Steele and others in the Health Department who have followed Shirley’s lead. That includes her good friend over at the animal shelter, Darlene and the 70 something year old Ann Miller who has decided to file an age discrimination complaint become someone in the Health Department inadvertently describe her as elderly. They both have been causing unnecessary trouble from the beginning of this train ride.

Shirley Steele was the nurse that accused the Health Department of Drug Abuse, Misappropriation of Funds and Medicaid Fraud. None of it was proven true after an internal investigation and none of the facts stating it was all a lie were ever released to the press. Yes, she changed her story, but the local press was not interested as to what she ended changing it to. Shirley Steel’s story became, she “thought she smelled alcohol on someone’s breath a few years ago”. There was never any evidence of any Drug Abuse for those of you who keep screaming Drug Tests. It was all a lie in Shirley Steele’s attempt to destroy the good name of the man who built that place along with all the employees under him and the doctors who provide money making services for the county. Why is she still there? Who is protecting her?

Shirley Steele has created too much damage and is out of control. The county has wasted too much time dealing with her and is spending way too much too much money because of her lies. Shirley Steele has destroyed the ability of the Pender County Government system as a whole to function! Employees no longer want to put their hearts into the jobs they once were proud of and which they enjoyed showing up each day for. PLEASE GET RID OF HER NOW!

Shirley Steel feels she has the god given right to sit in Dr. Griffith’s chair and wants George Brown to put her there. Shirley Steele does not run Pender County, but she is doing her best to control the ones who do. There was a very good reason Dr. Griffith told her he would no longer support her to take over as Health Director when he retired. This is the perfect example of, “H” has no fury ……..”

Commissioner Tate is the only person who can organize enough support to get this Health Department back on the right track. Timing is a must. With the right steps, Commissioner Tate has a chance to come out of this smelling like a rose. Mr. Tate needs to make this a priority and act now. One good reason is, Commissioner Tate’s statement about how they will all need lawyers before this is all over with. I think that's a very good reason to start with Mr. Tate.

I believe

you're right about the attorneys. Dr. Griffith's will work for a % of the final award. All of the others will be billing hourly.

There's a nice thought.

And candidly, given the tasks which the employees undertake, all should be subject to random drug screening. Dr. Griffith was the first to volunteer when the topic arose a few months ago.

Ms. Steele, you probably should talk to a good civil defense attorney. Based on the accuracy of your statements, you may need one.

Remember, in civil actions, injured parties have 3 years to file an action. Sort of like a Sword of Damacles hanging over some heads.

After George Brown and Rick

After George Brown and Rick Benton wipe out the remaining two in Dr. Griffith’s office, their next move will be to get rid of the only one left ASAP with any desire to keep the doctors around. That person is Roberta Bost. Ms. Bost has sided with George and Rick so far, but the relationship will not last long. The Board of Health is already tainted with Shirley Steele supporters. (neighbors and friends). Shirley has another friend who will be sitting on the B of H soon. George Brown is already cutting deals to put Shirley in as Health Director.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to what is going to happen in Environmental Health.

Too many are scared that they will be next on Mob Boss George Brown’s hit list. I hear there is a request to rename the town of “Burgaw” to “Georgetown”.

Stay tuned………. More to follow


This Is Drama At Its BEST. The Back Stabbing The Lies DR. G Is Gone So What Who Cares? Get Over It And Just Get Rid Of The Rest Of The ADMIN Staff And The Racist Supervisor And The Other Supervisor Who Discriminated On That Elderly Woman. After That I cAN pROMISE yOU That The PCHD Would Be Back TO Normal


Umphf Umphf Umphf !!

Inside Scoop,

Everyone in Pender County should care !! If this lady gets her way and Mr. Brown, Pender County will again be viewed as a town of ignorant hillbillies. The Good Ole Boys will rule the town. So you should really evaluate the long term effects of this Drama saga. There is no such thing as normal at the PCHD.

What should be done is that all the LIARS should be lined up single file under the EXIT sign and made to march.

Thiese are just my thoughts

I really wish when this is all over said and done, that the truth finally comes out. You know that this has been going on since April, and this is August now this is taking a big toll on alot of people. I hope that the honest people just keep holding on and when the new Health Director comes in that corrupt place that he/ or she cleans house starting from the top on down.I also hope that these people know what they are doing suing each other and all this other mess just needs to stop.

Here's some

guidance. Accept Mr. Tate's resignation along with that of those other long standing members who have been there since before time began.

This week, begin the process of bringing new blood onto the Board.

Require unannounced drug testing of all Health Department employees annually. Fail the test; don't let the door hit you in the rump.

Good luck finding someone with Dr. Griffith's credentials who will work for the pittance he was paid. Conservatively, expect a 50% increase in salary.



Don't Hold Your Breath

there's a State Agency which has a lot of say in who will be appointed. They also set the minimum credential requirements for someone in this position.

A couple of phone calls and emails to certain individuals in Raleigh should ensure there is a proper search process.

Still waiting to see Mr. Tate step aside from the Board and some new Board member blood briught in. Maybe that's another issue for Raleigh to look at.

Surf city tom

Maybe You Should join the "BOC" NOT Now that Wsa A joke :) Just trying to lighten up the mood everyone is so scared of SS Running the joint.Let me state this Fact and I am going to be done.SS can run that pace better than Dr. G any day!!!!!!!!


weasel with a mindless post.

Since I don't use Public Health, I really don't give a rat's behind who runs it now that Dr. Jack is retiring.

But, given all the posts, whomever runs it better be able to do so in a more cost effective manner and provide more services.

Frankly, since his replacement will likely command a significant increase in compensation, if for no other reason to keep distemper shots current; and to put up with the political midgets who think they are the all mighty County Commissioners, those goals are not likely to occur.

Perhaps had you used punctuation, you know things like commas and question marks, your post might have been understandable. Guess you skipped a few things in school.

Mr or Ms. Mis-Guided

I really hope that you posted that as a joke (and you should really review your posts befor submitting them). Ms Steele would be the worst possible canidate for the position. She is under-handed and EVIL. She is like a little child, when she doesn't get what she wants she throws a "fit". And her online degrees surely doesn't qualify as credentials. She needs experience.

And just because Dr. Griffith is retiring doesn't mean she can just slide into the job.

I would feel sorry for anyone that would have to work under her supervision. If I had to, I would refresh my resume first before having to work one day under her.


Didn't you mean to say, "should me be Shirley"?