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FIRST ON 3: Perdue campaign fined $30k for flight reporting errors


ASHEVILLE, N.C. (AP) - Gov. Beverly Perdue's campaign has been fined $30,000 by the North Carolina State Board of Elections for errors stemming from its failure to report more than 40 private air flight going back several years.

The board voted 4-1 in favor of the penalties. The two Republican members of the board tried unsuccessfully to raise the penalty to $75,000 or call for a larger investigation of Perdue's campaign through a public hearing.

Perdue campaign spokesman Marc Farinella called the fine a reasonable outcome to a board review of the flights. State GOP Chairman Tom Fetzer said the decision was a whitewash of Perdue campaign activities.

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State Board of Elections Decision on Perdue Campaign Violations Further Undermines the Election Process

“In the future, anyone who has a complaint to lodge involving the Perdue for Governor campaign should just file it with her attorney, John Wallace. Wallace ran this investigation and orchestrated the outcome and the leaders at the State Board of Elections have become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Governor.” Tom Fetzer NCGOP Chairman

RALEIGH—NCGOP Chairman Tom Fetzer today responded to the State Board of Elections ruling on the investigation of the Perdue for Governor campaign by furthering his assertion that the leadership at the SBOE, in particular Board Chairman Larry Leake and Executive Director Gary Bartlett, have lost all credibility.

“In the future, anyone who has a complaint to lodge involving the Perdue for Governor campaign should just file it with her attorney, John Wallace” Fetzer said. “Wallace ran this investigation and orchestrated the outcome and the leaders at the State Board of Elections have become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Governor.” The SBOE fined the Perdue for Governor campaign $30,000, but curiously ruled that they believed the campaign had “no intent of wrongdoing”.

Fetzer first filed a complaint regarding unreported air travel by the Perdue campaign in October of 2009. His assertions have proven to be true as the Perdue for Governor campaign leaked out a steady stream of unreported flights, now totaling 42. Fetzer has also been highly critical of Leake and Bartlett, particularly after the release of a heavily edited report generated by SBOE staff which documented Wallace, Bartlett and Leake’s attempts to steer the investigation away from key players in the Perdue campaign. Leake showed his obvious frustration with the negative publicity generated by numerous news stories about the elections board, ranging from a virtual monopoly involving ballot printing to Leake’s own use of taxpayer money to charter private aircraft to take him to and from interviews. During today’s meeting, Leake lashed out at Fetzer, to which Fetzer responded “Mr. Leake, your argument is not with me; your argument is with your own report.”

Fetzer noted that the Board voted along party lines to ignore their own report in favor of the Perdue campaign’s unfounded assertions that there was no intent of wrongdoing. “The fact that the most common answer given by the Perdue camp today was ‘I don’t know’ speaks volumes. Anyone who looks at this situation objectively can see there was willful intent to subvert campaign finance law, but unfortunately, Mr. Leake and Mr. Bartlett have proven to be far from objective,” Fetzer concluded.

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Gov Perdue

She needs to set the correct example and step down. We don't need continuing corruption in Raleigh.


To me it seems like Beverly won the election and totally took control over North Carolina like a communist leader. Within weeks, she had made new laws, changed the old ones, switched this around, that around, took over this and that, etc. etc. It was too much too fast. She became the owner, boss and leader over us, rather than an elected official voted by us, for us !!!! At this point I hope she doesn't win another term. She seems to be in it for the power and popularity rather than to help the citizens.

Dirty as Anyone Before Her

Just another example of dirty politicians who do illegal acts, cover it up and continue on. Is there a decent, law abiding, Christian politician in office anywhere. Why does Purdue want to be Governor for anyway? Her family has plenty of money and power comes with that money. I guess she has not finished screwing State Employees enough yet. For example, why does a secretary doing the same job in DOT make more than a secretary working for the Division of Prisons. Why does Probation and Parole make more than Prison Officers? Why is Purdue another inept crooked politician?

Why mix in Christianity?

Do you believe that the virtues of "decent" and "law abiding" are exclusive to those who call themselves Christian? Would you, (or could you) admit that being "decent" is something any other person who dosen't believe in your God could pull off?

It's been my experience that even Christians are limited to their Human nature. Have you noticed you can't hardly turn on the TV anymore without hearing about some crooked pastor or deacon with his hand in the offering plate? These are your "Christian" people that you're trying to tout as being above this kind of stuff. Right?

Point is, I do not believe in your God or anyones God and I am a good, decent and law abiding man. I've never believed and have NEVER been in any trouble. There is a seperation between Church and State for a reason. What peoples beliefs are should have no bearing on their decision making skills.

I can answer one of your

I can answer one of your questions. Probation Officers are required to have a bachelors degree. Corrections Officers are only required to have a high school diploma. These higher education standards for probation officers means they get paid more.

Glad she got fined!

Glad she got fined she deserved! Just because you some big wig hot shot doesn't mean you can get away with anything! Maybe this is the wake up call she needed!

So happy it cost her 30K take that and hopefully she will learn from you!

You can't get away with anything and everything just because you some big hot shot!


There was not that great a variance between the amounts unreported by Big Mike and her Majesty. Her campaign lied about the issue and stated the issue was tied to poor record keeping.

That was a bare faced lie. And they know it.

So, instead of making her fine equal to Big Mike's, to show they are serious about campaign reporting, they give her a slap on the wrist.

If they are serious, they owe Big Mike an apology for hanging him out to dry.