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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: South Brunswick forced out of the high school football playoffs

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: South Brunswick forced out of the high school football playoffs - Update -

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) -- WWAY has confirmed with South Brunswick High School that the North Carolina High School Athletic Association has kicked South Brunswick out of the state playoffs. This means Havelock's football team has advanced into the 3-A Eastern finals without having to play a third-round game this week due to South Brunswick having to forfeit their playoff privileges. South Brunswick had three players ejected during Friday night's win over Southern Wayne.

The NCHSAA ruled Monday that, in accordance with the ejection policy, the team is disqualified from the playoffs. Teams that have three members of its team ejected for fighting are disqualified from the postseason.
South Brunswick principal Wayne Price told WWAY the altercation occurred directly in front of the South Brunswick bench. "During this actual incident the players that were ejected, we as as a school feel that one of the players was not involved in the incident and we plan to appeal in order to try to vindicate the one young man who was not invloved." Price actually filed a written appeal to the NCHSAA Monday afternoon. Terrell Stanley, James Price and Tyquan Cox were the South Brunswick Cougars that were ejected by the game officials.

South Brunswick High School defeated Southern Wayne on Friday night in the North Carolina High School Athletic Association state 3-A football playoffs, but in the game South Brunswick was assessed three ejections for fighting.

Late Monday afternoon the NCHSAA released the following statement. "By NCHSAA rules teams in the following situations will not be allowed to participate in the playoffs: --a team whose players or coaches accumulate three or more individual ejections for fighting...if a team hits either threshold (total ejections or ejections for fighting) during the playoffs, it will be disqualified from further participation in the playoffs."

South Brunswick is appealing the decision based on that rule to the NCHSAA Executive Committee on Tuesday morning, so there is no resolution to the situation yet. We will keep you advised of further developments.

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Even their rivals support SBHS

The rivalry that has existed between West Brunswick and South Brunswick has been long standing; with that being said as a graduate of West Brunswick High I strongly support the idea that South Brunswick be allowed to compete in the playoffs. I agree that some type of disciplinary action should be taken, but to disqualify the entire team seems a little unfair. With the season that South Brunswick has had I can only imagine that if allowed to compete it would be a pretty interesting games, as this has been one of the best years South has ever had. Go Cougars!


Who cares if WBHS supports them. If you want to act like a bunch of punks you can pay like a bunch of punks.

South Brunswick Football Disqualification from High School Footb

It is unfortunate for this to happen to a very good football team but DISCIPLINE has been a factor all year, just look at the penalties per game they had. I can honestly say however that in the case of Friday Night's affair I blame the Referee's, you do not let players gang up on a running back both sides were called the same way and on a dead stop let the play continue until somebody falls to the ground, come on now when a play is dead it is dead not sometimes up to 7 seconds before a whistle was ever being blown. I as many other fans at the game that night were honestly yelling for them to blow the whistle on situations like this as from experience the more you let that kind of play go on the more the likely tempers are going to blow up.
It's not an excuse but just a Supporter of the school and it's Athletes is all. I would refrain from using that group of Referee's in any more of your games as well, that is if you want to see a Championship Game in Raleigh.


in the case of Friday Night's affair I blame the Referee's
lol! wat?


you shouldn't blame anyone at all.