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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Petrolino's charges don't affect her probation status ... yet


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH (WWAY) - The story about a 19-year-old woman who police say blacked out behind the wheel Tuesday morning while huffing dust cleaner ... has sparked a lot of controversy.

Last week we showed you many of Randi Petrolino's rap sheet highlights, which is about 10 pages long.

Among the citations and charges was a conviction for shoplifting. Afterwards, she was put on probation.

Some of you asked if the last week's DWI charge violated that probation.

According to the Department of Community Corrections, one only violates probation if convicted of a charge. But even then the person might not go to jail. They could be placed under house arrest, ordered to seek treatment or face a number of other sanctions.

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Will Randi be in the next

Will Randi be in the next issue of Carolina Mug Shots? I hope so. I plan to hang it on my store window for all to see.


This young woman is just misguided and misunderstood. She is crying out for help.


relative or close friend heard from.

Let her do her crying in custody so she does not repeat the offense.

Do you want to know why DWI's repeat themselves?

Then all you have to do is go and sit in a courtroom for a day to watch the ever turning, revolving door. Shuffle-in shuffle-out, shuffle the papers, shuffle the attorneys, shuffle the judges and shuffle the charges. It's the biggest cup and ball game you've ever seen. Anyone who will watch this can soon figure out why there are so many repeat offenders. Not only DWI's, but drug charges, assault charges, burglary charges, rapes, no insurance charges, rape charges...anything and everything, shuffled through the system like a deck of cards on a blackjack table in full action.

At the end of the day, the courtroom is clear. The lawyers go home, the Judges go home and more times than not, the criminals go home too and walk among us the next day planning their next activity, looking for their next victim.

Then add to that...the PROBATION and PAROLE system, and even bigger and more laughable joke! The offenders know this, work the system and snicker at the understaffed and underexperienced Parole Officers. Only the most heignous criminals get any attention at all. All of the DWI's, druggies and theives go fully unmonitored to do what they want and when and prepare themselves for that magic step through the ever-turning, revolving door.

As a follow up Joe

her probation began in January, 2009. Was her first DWI not in February, 2009?

Would that not constitute reasonable grounds for additional sanctions now?

Clearly nothing worked up to the day she flew over the Wrightsville Beach garden and hit the tree.

You folks

have the written record. Her larceny incident took place in December, 2008. I'm not certain what the conviction date was.

Has she been convicted of anything since that date, such as the first DWI conviction.

The DA needs to be much more pro-active on these cases. The fatality in Brunswick County last week; the Dairy Queen incident this past Friday. Huff and Puff Girl at Wrightsville Beach.

Unless the law changed, I believe on the second and subsequent charges, you sit in jail for 48 hours to allow the system to clear of all the alcohol and dust cleaner.

In all fairness, the DA should be a ton of bricks on the Brunswick County and Dairy Queen offenders if guilty. Same holds true for sweet Randi.

well, the DA

....Is NOT doing a very good job IMO. Randi has had 2 DWI's since being put on probation, 1 of them within a month of the probation sentence. She was sentenced to probation for shoplifting on 1/09 for 24 months as I already stated in another comment.

Putting all our lives in danger is not something that should be taken lightly. If the only way to stop these repeat offenders from driving is JAIL then so be it. DA needs to get tough on these people who really do not care about our safety.

Not DA's fault

The probation department is dead wrong about a person needing to be convicted in order to be found in violation of her probation. That is their policy, not the law. To be convicted of crime a jury needs to find evidence that exceeds reasonable doubt. The burden for a probation violation is only that the judge be reasonably satisfied that a violation has occured. Its the lowest legal burden that exist.

Most of the time the judges

Most of the time the judges won't let the officer bring up a new charge in court if the it is still pending. They dont even want to hear about it.

You are 100% correct

A PO can petition to get you sent back to the crossbar hotel because you missed a drug test or were caught in an area frequented by known criminals. I think P&P is simply trying to dodge the additional caseload because they are so horribly understaffed.

I would guess that at least

I would guess that at least 75% of offenders on probation have some sort of minor violations. But if you charged all of them with violating the terms of their supervision, you'd never get out of the courtroom and wouldn't have time to actually go out and supervise them. You have to wait until they violate enough to feel you would have a good case for recommending additional sanctions or revocation.